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Maybe Chris and Dom will sing too, thus creating the full three man choir Queen effect Matt's been perfecting for years.


Dom can't sing for shit apparently so that's a no. Also, it's been confirmed that it's only Matt's voice.


I'm fairly sure it's four-part harmonies that Matt uses in songs like Assassin and USoE.


Could well be quite a bit more than four. Reviews have said that there are 'many' harmonies, enough to sound like a full choir.

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finally heard this - love love love it. seriously. Matt took a huge chance with this as the album closer and i think it pays off really well. i dig the juxtaposition of the religious sounding music with the lyrical content, ala Megalomaniac. not to mention Matt's incredible vocals.


i will admit that if chant/polyphony is not your thing then this would be a headscratcher of a track, but i happen to love that music so this song got me more excited than any other on the album. after a really weak 2nd half I was actually left feeling really enthusiastic after hearing this one.

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Wow, this is so haunting, I feel like you HAVE to listen to this as a continuation of The Globalist, its really one big song. I get why they split it up, but man this really works for me as a closer. So weird and different but thats usually when I like Muse the best. Stunning how amazing his voice is because you know that less than 1%-2% is any kind of auto tune/added production unlike a lot of singers these days.

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