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  1. What were the signs actually for? I saw something about VIP’s on them
  2. Ahh, must’ve had a quick chat with the guy that got the other drumstick then!
  3. The medley was fun, though it did feel somewhat underwhelming afterwards. People around us were saying about how during reapers all they could think about is how they could’ve had full assassin instead lol
  4. Stockholm, assassin(riff), reapers, handler, dead star, micro cuts(outro) and new born
  5. I honestly feel bad for the people that feel they HAVE to have the barrier for gigs
  6. Same problem here. Hoping it’s how it was in Wembley 2010
  7. It was in the section where you choose which area you want to be placed iirc
  8. I think that’s what the “collectors ticket” option is
  9. Something I find sad is that I think this album might be their first since OoS to not top the UK album charts. Both Imagine Dragons (ew) and Olly Murs (more ew) released albums today. A shame considering this is the first one since TR that deserves it
  10. Rankings after listening properly: 1.Algorithm 2.TDS 3.BITM 4.Blockades 5.GUAF (it’s not that bad!) 6.Propaganda 7.The Void 8.Pressure 9.TC 10.SH 11.DD Rankings 4 through to 8 are constantly changing, though I do think the initial tracks we heard are my least favourites (with the exception of TDS,) which is the opposite of what happened with Drones. I do agree now (after a couple tracks grew on me) that this is probably their best album since BHAR.
  11. Top 5 on first listen (not including alt versions): Algorithm DS BITM Blockades Pressure Not too keen on Propaganda but might grow on me, prefer the acoustic version. The void isn’t bad but I think I expected to enjoy it more. Probably a 6/10 overall, maybe a 7 if some of the tracks grow on me a little.
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