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  1. Something I’ve dreamed of for yeeears. Partly just because I love that name for some reason but it’s also the perfect middle ground of ‘common knowledge but probs not for casual listeners’ to suit a secret gig/tour pseudonym. I’d almost love it more if they didn’t even announce it, just start seeing the name pop up on club events schedules and maybe make a social media account for hints. We’d all have to search early venues from their career to piece together a tour... But none of it’s happening so let’s all break it off now while our hearts don’t mind too much 🙃
  2. They’ve not been to Japan either tbf 🤷🏼‍♀️ Could do Trnsmt I guess. Festivals before gearing up for a new album aren’t unheard of. Or it’s the last time Muse will perform for a while... ...but Rocket Baby Dolls are just about to start rehearsing
  3. Can’t remember the exact quote now but it was something like “it’s good to be back home, it’s gonna be our last time here for quite a while”. Personally got the impression it’s the ‘end of an era, time to work on a new album’ kind of “quite a while”. Boring Roadie also tweeted not long ago about having nowt on next year. Could do some sparing festivals or dates for places they missed but I think that’s what we’re looking at 💔 they haven’t really stopped since early 2015 though tbf to them
  4. Jobby

    Birmingham Arena gig

    Apparently they were handing out a lot of London night 2 sets at Birmingham for some reason, guessing that’s where the confusion of TV being on some came from. I’m just relieved as anything they didn’t play Blockades 😂
  5. So there we go, the end of ST. Feels like a lot but also short at the same time...idk. Not a whole lot to update since we all know what sets were like but here we are. 25 shows, 1/4 of the way towards 100, 5 countries, 71(ish) songs seen. Bugs ya to miss some stuff like Uno, Falling Down, Explorers, Eternally Missed and Defector which you feel like you should've really seen and probs won't get the opportunity again but just didn't get your arse in gear soon enough or cruelly missed out on tickets. Guess it'd be boring if none of us ever missed out on owt though. Full play | Partial play | Instrumental/Riff | Playback Showbiz Sunburn | [1] Muscle Museum | [1] Showbiz | [2] Unintended | [1] ------------------------ Agitated | [1] [2] Ashamed | [4] Host | [1] Nishe | [1] Yes Please | [2] Origin Of Symmetry New Born | [5] [11] Bliss | [8] Space Dementia | [1] Hyper Music | [2] Plug In Baby | [24] Citizen Erased | [6] Micro Cuts | [2] [1] [13] Screenager | [1] Darkshines | [1] Feeling Good | [4] Megalomania | [1] ------------------------ Dead Star | [4] [1] Execution Commentary | [1] Futurism | [1] [10] What's He Building? | [1] Absolution Intro | [1] Apocalypse Please | [1] Time Is Running Out | [24] Sing For Absolution | [1] Stockholm Syndrome | [9] [11] Interlude | [20] Hysteria | [20] Blackout | [1] Butterflies & Hurricanes | [2] ------------------------ Fury | [2] The Groove | [1] Black Holes & Revelations Take A Bow | [15] Starlight | [23] Supermassive Black Hole | [24] Map Of The Problematique | [4] Assassin | [3] [11] Knights Of Cydonia | [25] ------------------------ Assassin (Grand Omega Bosses) | [2] Easily | [1] Glorious | [1] Man With A Harmonica | [25] The Resistance Uprising | [24] Resistance | [6] Undisclosed Desires | [8] United States Of Eurasia | [2] Guiding Light | [2] Unnatural Selection | [1] [10] Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) | [1] ------------------------ Back In Black | [19] We Are The Universe | [2] Who Knows Who | [5] The 2nd Law Supremacy | [1] Madness | [19] Panic Station | [1] Prelude | [17] Survival | [1] Follow Me | [1] Animals | [1] Liquid State | [1] Unsustainable | [1] [11] [1] Isolated System | [10] Drones Dead Inside | [8] [Drill Sergeant] | [17] Psycho | [21] Mercy | [19] Reapers | [7] [11] [4] The Handler | [7] [11] [JFK] | [6] Revolt | [1] The Globalist | [6] Drones | [11] Simulation Theory Algorithm | [11] The Dark Side | [11] Pressure | [11] Propaganda | [10] Break It To Me | [11] Thought Contagion | [11] Dig Down | [2] The Void | [2] ------------------------ Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) | [10] Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version) | [10] Interstitial 1 | [10] Interstitial 2 | [10] Interstitial 3 | [10] Pray | [10]
  6. This comment is indeed NOT allowed on the basis that it makes my emotions unstable. I was enjoying myself too much in London to even think about asking crew 😩 I did mention it in a letter I wrote and hopefully got through to the band though, so if it happens I’m afraid I’ll have to take credit
  7. Oh, nah not quite but with something like Agitated the riffs basically are the bulk of the song tbf. Just missing a few lines of Matt going “yulalamelayela” and summat about his yeah yeah. Overall, now it looks like I’m finally done with the ST tour, I honestly think it might’ve been my most fun touring era so far. It’s defo hammered home that a lot more than setlist variety can bring you enjoyment at a gig. Brill album, fantastic production, pretty much perfect runtime, couple of great performances, TAB a staple + Bliss rotating. Lotta sentimental stuff too like interactions with other fans new and old, finally breaking the barrier of starting to become familiar to the (so far) universally lovely crew, going to a bucket list venue in RAH and a nostalgic one in the O2, a successful happy bday sign for Matt as well as a couple of picks from the big boi (you wait nigh on a decade for one and get two back-to-back like it’s nowt 🤦🏼‍♀️) and my first time at a filmed show. Sad it’s over but ngl am ready for a change of pace.
  8. The O2 gigs were actually advertised as having no early access to VIPs, that was only something that was added at the last minute. The enhanced packages have also never mentioned going in 2 hours early when it has been active or getting to see backstage so I don’t understand why you’d be angry and expect compensation because that they didn’t deliver them?
  9. I mean, I was just jamming out to it not 10 hours ago... 😂 post-Supermassive
  10. AGITATEEEEDDDDDDD what a show, that’ll be the one in cinemas
  11. There wasn’t right up at the front of GA queue that they cut off from everyone else, that’s all I know.
  12. Early access IS still a thing btw, confirmed on tickets and apparently emails. Just not obvs in the advertisements.
  13. Reasons I originally suspected, I imagine. Got the initial version of the show set up and orchestrated then waited for a break to be able to add more on. Blockades now. This weekend. It’s comin’ 👀
  14. Someone should find that post where I said Blockades and TV were likely to appear on this short arena leg so they can point and laugh and call me a fuckin’ idiot cos tbh I deserve it Edit: oh shit nvm I’m a fucking genius
  15. I see what he’s saying tbh, the vast majority (if not all) is stuff that was already out there in one form or another. Ideally it would’ve been nice to hear some more stuff we that was totally new (though I guess we still don’t technically know what songs these new titles belong to yet so who knows). Woulda loved the heavy MOYH myself. But it’s still a great package, can’t complain. Even if tapes of this stuff had leaked before, I’m assuming this’ll be much better quality, plus lyrics that we were unsure of, early setlists and I’m looking forward to this 90 min interview. More than anything, it’s just nice to see them embrace pre-Origin stuff this lovingly. The way they’ve talked about it at times in the past, you’d think they’d practically disowned it. Now club tour it ya frauds
  16. They’ve worked on it a fair while tbf and it’s not really like them to rush out some half-arsed release just for cash. I’d expect it all to be good quality stuff. Curious about the Origin remaster. My favourite album of all time and one I’ve listened to the songs of literally 1000s of times for 10 years...can’t imagine it sounding different. Showbiz is different ‘cos it’s something I’ve actively really wanted. Doesn’t seem to mention if the b-sides are remastered, or is that just me? Would be a shame.
  17. Newton Abbot... No Falling With The Crowd, Rain or Forameus but: Connect The Kettle Lead Earthquake Good News Wonder which is which...woulda thought Earthquake was Nature_1 tho.
  18. Origin mostly sounds fantastic, didn’t need a remaster at all imo (though i’ll listen out of curiosity). If they can bring Showbiz up to the level of post-TR stuff, I can’t even imagine 😍
  19. The mix/master is awwwful, like criminal offence stuff. I’m no audio tech but there’s rarely a minute on it that doesn’t sound like it’s playing through a fluffy pillow or tin can on a string. Abso’s not great either but defo not as damaging as some of BH. Nah, can you really imagine Muscle Museum on this setup? though I guess they did say they’d play Showbiz in Mexico so maybe. I would put more money on them just going all out on a really short tour in November/December though.
  20. Black Holes alright??? 😂 In a perfect world, I’d love them to do a short chronological stint of old landmark venues for them at the time. Start with early Showbiz stuff at the Cavern Club and end with more Origin somewhere slightly bigger. Shame stuff like the Astoria is no more like 💔 but I’d take just a standard club tour Be still my beating heart What, it was so tough for them to listen to they just got the bare minimum out of the way? 😂 hope we all realise this means they’ve 100% relistened to HTAILY multiple times tho
  21. Black Holes #1 priority but yes Touring schedule free after November 15th 👀
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