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  1. I think it's the brass which is making it a bit tricky for them. Hopefully they'll work something out.
  2. Pressure is a decent song, commercial, and once they get the hang of it will probably be pretty fun live. In the past it's always been songs like Dig Down, Mercy, Madness, and Starlight, so this is actually a nice change imo.
  3. That's fine. I don't have any problem with people having different tastes. There are songs Muse have made which don't appeal to me at all but others seem to love. You're still able to appreciate what Muse were going for, so I wouldn't include you with the people I was talking about.
  4. I don't really get why old Muse is only associated with heavy rock songs tbh. Do I love those songs? Sure, but what really got me into them and has stuck with me for all these years is the strange dark atmosphere they're able to create. Their best songs imo are the ones which can capture that mood regardless of the genre they use. A lot of people act like the direction they went in came out of nowhere, but I can see a definite link between the songs on ST and songs they made in the Showbiz-BH&R era.
  5. I remember when the old Muse board was posted here years ago, there were several comments where people clearly weren't fans of OoS. lol
  6. I love Matt's vocals in the acoustic version so much. One of my issues with recent albums has been his tendency to go for heroic sounding vocals and a lack of sincerity in his voice. This takes me back to the menacing tone of old Muse, and it's genuinely soothed my soul. haha
  7. From what I've seen reactions on twitter have been positive. Weirdly I think fans might appreciate this album more than critics because even though it's not exactly OoS, it's refreshing and has more spark than their last few albums. Especially with the alternate versions.
  8. These songs are much more fun than Madness. More along the lines of SMBH and MotP. They're not exactly rocking, but they're done in a way where I don't think you'll mind. ETA: Actually, Blockades might fit what you're looking for.
  9. This is the first album in ages where I feel like every song is more enjoyable when you listen to the whole thing rather than listening to them individually. It makes me really happy to be able to say that because I thought at most there would be a few I'd love and the rest I'd ignore. Muse making a song like GUAF is something I've always dreaded, but at least it isn't another Guiding Light or Mercy I guess. I love weird and sleazy pop Muse, so I really like Propaganda and BITM. Also thought the use of piano with the synthwave sound was great, and I wish they'd explored that more. Well done Muse!
  10. Have a lot of people from muselive gone to reddit? I always wonder what happened to them. I'm glad .mu is still going -- sadly other forums I used to frequent are flatout gone. While I miss the days when it was super active, it's definitely more relaxed and balanced than it used to be. I never feel worried someone's going to bite my head off like I used to. Something which bothers me about reddit in general is that between the interface and repeated memes, everyone just blurs together rather than having distinct personalities. The smaller subreddits are about as close to forums as I guess you can find these days, but I miss real communities like this.
  11. Yeah usually if they want to go for a "natural" approach the photoshoot will reflect that. There's still a lot of photoshop going on here, and the lighting makes Muse look worse than they probably do irl, so it's just like the person had no idea what they were doing.
  12. I appreciate that Matt is taking a more personal approach with some of these songs and the general idea of the album. It's refreshing. I think a lot of people are having that feeling of wanting to escape and revert to being kids. I see that as being part of why all these 90s sitcoms are coming back, and the growing desire for comforting entertainment (i.e. shows with a Bake Off feel).
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