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Do you like Drones (song)?  

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This will end up being a 40 second field recording of drones flying overhead.


To be honest, I'd never actually seen a drone until about a week ago, but jeez, they're fucking annoying, like a really loud mosquito! :LOL:

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He mentioned things about the song repeatedly and people ignored or thought he was full of shit lol. He never came out and said hey guys its got the 030503 riff but he dropped plenty of info along the way.

No people were just tired of his desperate attention seeking.

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It's just tough wanting to say things when you're not supposed to say anything, I tried to drop hints and people just basically said nonstop "wow stop pretending u know something" or "stfu" rather than listening


You can tell me things im secretive

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Some more magazine interviews would be nice too. And maybe an exclusive fan/press only listening session. Those are always good for some fun buzz.


I'm trying to make the latter happen. Very slim chance now but I haven't completely given up yet.

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My official prediction is that the "follow the yellow brick road" instagram snippet will either be the intro for this track or for Revolt, as it seems to be a secret message within the context of the album towards some sort of ideal utopia. Also, the outro feedback from Defector as per the making of seems as though it would mesh in with this clip, and seeing as Revolt is the next track that would make sense too.

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