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  1. Eh, 10 people voted. I think T2L might win out with a larger sample size.
  2. I say if you can't hear the difference, then it doesn't matter. Personally I think the idea that colored vinyl can't sound as good as black is a myth. Black is just another color of plastic to melt and press, why should it be any different? But yeah, the plastic sleeves are a little safer long term. I've always appreciated what Radiohead did on the OK Computer vinyl record I bought years ago, where they included plain sleeves with plastic lining, as well as laminated paper sleeves with artwork on both sides. I keep the records in the plain ones and use the decorated ones as posters in my dorm room.
  3. At least I can't miss their American leg because I'm in Europe, then their European leg because I'm in America if they aren't touring at all. How is it I've been a Muser since 2012, I've gone to concerts since 2015, and I still haven't managed to catch my third favorite band, Muse?! Oh this is the optimistic thread...I'm optimistic they will tour again (eventually) and I will try again to find a time to see them.
  4. I've found a ton of brand new records are super static right out of the sleeve. It takes a good while for that to go away mostly.
  5. Also this is definitely not all the pressings as I'm finally playing mine now and it sounds incredible, with just some crackles and pops here and there as one will have with vinyl. The guitar solo in CE was magical!
  6. Do you think you'd ask for a replacement copy?
  7. T2L is easily the worst. It's the least focused, has the most instances of Muse just mimicking other groups, is the least consistent in terms of quality, and has the worst flow of any Muse album. That said I still enjoy it a lot. It was the new record when I first got into Muse and it's grown on me quite a bit over the years. I've even been kinder towards Follow Me. I loved Drones when it came out and I still love it now. Heavy as heck in places with guitar solos galore, some truly excellent songs, and interesting mutations of normal song structures (mainly some sick outros). I've never fancied Matt much of a poet anyway :). ST has a couple tracks I don't care too much about, but most of it is great Muse pop!
  8. I read some Amazon reviews of people having those problems. :( I think my vinyl discs are all fine quality and don't have any glue or anything on them. One of the things I've heard since getting into records is that there are so few operational record factories anymore, that demand often far outweighs supply and corners get cut in the record making process. Either that or the new factories that have started still don't have the process nailed down perfectly yet. I think I heard about this in an interview with someone from Jack White's Third Man Records.
  9. So I got the box for Christmas and I'm super happy with it! Especially since I didn't previously have Showbiz or OoS on vinyl (nor OoS on CD). Anyway I've just finally gotten around to comparing my old CD os Showbiz with the one from the box, and I really didn't notice much sonic difference, though the new one does have Spiral Static (and it's in the middle like on the records rather than tacked on the end) and there was definitely a different vocal in Falling Down. Wondering wether I should bother replacing the Showbiz files on my iPod with new ones ripped off the new CD. I think I'll at least add the new Falling Down with the different vocal take, label it a bonus track or something to differentiate it. Has anyone noticed any sizable improvement in sound with the new CDs? Not that Showbiz (or especially OoS, which I've yet to get to) really needed much remixing/remastering in the first place, but I'd be curious to know if any more attuned or trained ears had picked up any significant differences in sound between the new CDs and any older editions.
  10. It's been a while, but I got a whopping OOM for Christmas and I'm a happy Muser! Gonna enjoy pouring over it all for the next few weeks while I'm home. Anyway that's off topic, figured I'd do an update on this thread since I saw it. Showbiz (2 listens today!): Showbiz Spiral Static Muscle Museum OoS: New Born CE Futurism Abso: TiRO (favore Muse song, bite me) Hysteria FAWY BH&R: MotP Starlight KoC TR (my fav): USoE Exogenesis (all three parts) UD T2L: Madness Prelude/Survival Supremacy Drones: Reapers Revolt DI ST: BITM SH Pwopopopopopaganda
  11. Matt should do string arrangements for other projects on the side, and a lot of them.
  12. This song is excellent. Just realized I wasn't paying much attention to it on first listens, but I'll put it on par with City Of Delusion now.
  13. I go back and forth between T2L and Showbiz.
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