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  1. Oh I haven't seen the film. I think OoM just blinded me to anything new Muse for a little while, lol.
  2. Oh that's weird. I probably noticed this when I first got it but I didn't remember. Something Human is listed as being the last track on Side Gamma of the alternate reality LP in my deluxe book / record case, but its actually the first track on side Delta. Very strange.
  3. Even the Break It To Me remix is surprisingly good. This one is probably better on the first record, but I've heard much worse Muse remixes before.
  4. You know, I just listened to Simulation Theory for the first time in a little while yesterday, and today I thought I'd put on the alternate reality mix for the first time in even longer. I think a lot of the alternate reality versions are actually better than what made the record, and I love what made the record! Algorithms especially is just so much more dramatic as an alternate reality mix, and Pressure with the USC band is so much less stiff than the studio version. I also really appreciate that Muse mostly stayed out of the way of the band on that version of the track because they knew the USC band could carry it so well on their own. The Dark Side is also very HCM like with just Matt and the piano.
  5. I'm still amazed at how excellent the Origin Of Muse box is. You can really tell Dom, Matt, and Chris put a lot of effort into crafting a loving gift to their fans and a testament to their beginnings. Every page is unique, the various posters hidden within are wonderful, the volume of music contained on the 9 discs is like a dream come true, and the vinyl records are extremely well done. I really hope they do more boxes like this in the future. Maybe one in 5 or 6 years for the Abso-Black Holes era?
  6. Hyper Chondriac Music almost certainly. Not that they don't have other dark stuff (looking at you Space Dementia), but HCM just gets to the darkest corner of their sound and builds on it until it a black hole couldn't suck any more light out of it.
  7. Dang, the sheer quality and quantity of the B-sides from Showbiz and OoS practically add two whole really good albums to their catalogue. Why did they ever stop doing B-sides?
  8. Actually one of my favorite things about Muse and what really sets them apart from most other bands for me is just their attention to detail. Even in the early days they always had the sense to leave in a lot of the little noises and feedback bits and random stuff that would give the songs extra flavor and you would find on your like sixth listen. And even though they don't have a ton of that "live in the studio" sort of stuff anymore (although I can't help but think the count off to The Dark Side is a little nod to that), they're so meticulous about adding interesting easter eggs and a variety of layers to every song that it doesn't matter. That and Matt's innate ability to write engaging arrangements are possibly the two biggest factors that keep even Muse's most by the numbers material interesting for me.
  9. Here's some! -The second guitar riff break in SS when Matt does a different pattern of distorted noises than the first one -the morse code in Dom's snare pattern on Starlight 😂 -the high pitched violin fall right at the start of Unsustainable -the outro chord progression on Mercy -the wree-eerw sound and the panning back and forth on the soloed guitar riff at the end of Micro Cuts just before the bass and drums come back in for the last time
  10. They can take as long as they merry-well please on even thinking about making a new album if they're working on that!! Holy cheese, I can't believe I never imagined Muse doing a Wall-type film before, it makes so much sense for them! Very excited!
  11. Late to the party. Immediately downloaded it from iTunes before I listened and was not disappointed. Matt can whisper "bad" uplifting lyrics sincerely to me all day if the music is this good! Seriously that piano riff is just so deliciously off kilter and the chords are so Musey, and the orchestra fits so perfectly! This is what I love about Matt's songs.
  12. woah I was not expecting that! Yes, please let Matt score a film, that would be epic! And not some stereotypical romance, only the grandest and most outrageous with moments of sincerely touching heartache could be worth Matt's time. lol Love any time Matt does symphonic work, it always sounds great!
  13. Very cool about the guitar bits though! Matt is my favorite guitarist of the century so far, so I'm always excited to hear what he has up his sleeve!
  14. Darn, I was hoping a new album would drop earlier next year, but maybe winter 2021 is still in play. I'm sure the pandemic must have set at least a couple gears back.
  15. I loved the Panic Station video the day I first saw it and I still love it now. I'm not sure there's any content Muse have released in the past decade that more perfectly embodies their hyper-imaginative brand of focused silliness. The making of videos are great. I'm not huge on gig releases, I stick mostly to studio stuff. If they're going by their usual pattern of two studio albums followed by a live album, it does seem about time for the next one though.
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