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  1. Is this the final mix? I think they forgot to edit in the instrumentals in post.
  2. Fuck you. No really. Why. I can't.
  3. Reapers Live > The Handler > Reapers Studio > Dead Inside > Mercy = Psycho Song standings for me right now.
  4. Wow, just listened too it. I don't know what to say. This was like my favorite song off the past two albums from the live recordings but I don't know if I even like this much at all. Holy shit how did they fuck this up so bad. Its Waaaayyyy overproduced. The lyrics sounded way better in my head. Also the lyric videos are so cringeworthy. Sorry for cynicism, but damn, shits got me salty. EDIT: Alright second listen calmed down. Song is better without watching the godawful lyric video. What I don't like: Still a bit overproduced. The background voices in the chorus. The lyrics.
  5. Hellfire You're wiping me out Crossfire Sounds so disjointed It sounded much better when I thought it was Hellfire You're walking in my - Drone Fire Or at least anything else that would carry into the last line instead of just disjointing it like that.
  6. DI followed by Psycho followed by This is still such a lackluster opening though. I mean ignoring whether they are actually good or not its just a dull opening to the album.
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