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  1. "Matt's fetishes" pretty much falls in the category of the "personal lives of band members," which is an area that is not allowed to be discussed on this forum. Therefore I'm closing this thread. But good luck in your research elsewhere!
  2. IBTY is GREAT. And I also like Sober. Both are fun to sing to. I don't feel guilty though.
  3. Furygirl

    Dig Down

    Wow, I haven't heard it yet (I'm at work), but since I'm not a fan of Madness or Dead Inside I don't think I'll be getting my hopes up. I'm guessing it's pretty dire. Luckily I'm a pro at keeping low expectations where Muse is concerned.
  4. I'm confirming what I found out from the venue. They will indeed remove seats in sections 101-103 for the "large pit" configuration. Pit tix and lower seating will be $100. Higher up seats will be $60, and lawn are $30. Add fees on top of that of course. I'm thinking I will likely pass because I can't take time off to queue, the cost of decent seats is ridiculous, and I have to work early the next day. Meh.
  5. Yeah, same! I was bummed that they didn't come here last time, because they always do.
  6. Based on that I would kind of figure this configuration is Level 100/pit. Guess we'll find out on Wed.
  7. How do you know? I have found two different map configurations, one with a small pit that doesn't have a section number, and sections 101-103 are seats. The other shows a small pit AND sections 101-103 as being pit. The map on that link looks wrong. It looks like it is showing the three seated sections and NO pit.
  8. Can't wait for the pre-sale ticket clusterfuck. There's nothing like wondering when or if you'll get a presale code sometime on the day of the actual presale. What could go wrong?
  9. I pretty much feel the same as the OP. I've kind of lost interest in them, and many other bands have eclipsed them as favorites. But I can't imagine ever reaching the point of NOT liking them, period. I'm still a fan. I'd just really love it if they released an entire album of good songs, not just 3 or 4 and no b-sides. They're just a band now, as opposed to an obsession or way of life. The thing I miss though due to my waning interest is traveling to see them and meeting up with friends/fans. I just can't justify doing that anymore because I'd rather travel for other bands.
  10. Would you even consider doing another elaborate treasure hunt like you did with the USB keys before The Resistance was released? It was fun, and really successful in getting the fans hyped up for the album. If so, what kind of ideas have you considered?
  11. I don't know of a mailing address for Muse, but if you contact help@muse.mu, perhaps they can point you in the right direction. Probably the most you can expect is an address for someone at Warner.
  12. My next to last Muse gig was Pittsburgh a couple of years ago where they played Fury! So I went out on a high note. Well the next night was Philly and that show was boring. I decided during that trip I'd probably never travel for Muse again. But I was assuming they'd come to Atlanta since they always do! The Musers group is so full of ridiculous n00bs and beef that I dropped out several months ago. I guess the N. American Tour group is pretty active, but also has a lot of shit stirring going on.

  13. Hi Ian! How's it going? :happy: I haven't been on the board much either, lately. #badmod :chuckle: Same old, same old. Have you seen Muse on this tour? They avoided the entire SE US, so no gig for me! Pfft.

  14. I don't see much point in keeping this thread open, and I don't care about looking like a fool.
  15. Dear original poster, don't let those "mean girls" or whatever bother you! From the conversations you were describing, THEY are the ones that have a problem, and they sound like very immature bullies! It makes me sad they said those things to you, and made you feel crappy about yourself. There are jerks in all fandoms and in all walks of life, but for the most part, even on this forum, Muse fans are a very welcoming group. YouTube commenters are some of the worst! Sure, there is drama in every fandom, but I have truly met some of my closest friends through Muse and other music. While they started as "internet friends," now we are "real" friends and see each other irl when we can. So no, of course you should keep listening to Muse! And it doesn't matter HOW you found out about them, or how long you've been a fan. Everyone was a new fan at some point. I discovered them through Twilight, haha! And I think Dan and Phil are adorbs. Perhaps your post hits close to home because I have a daughter who is 12, who ALSO has severe anxiety problems. It hurts to see how hard things are for her sometimes. I wish she liked Muse! I know it's hard at your age, but try not to let those assholes get you down. You're better than they are. (((hugs)))
  16. In my house, I'm the one with the good music taste, while my 12 year old listens to absolute crap! Maybe she'll come around. Welcome to the Muse board!
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