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  1. My next to last Muse gig was Pittsburgh a couple of years ago where they played Fury! So I went out on a high note. Well the next night was Philly and that show was boring. I decided during that trip I'd probably never travel for Muse again. But I was assuming they'd come to Atlanta since they always do! The Musers group is so full of ridiculous n00bs and beef that I dropped out several months ago. I guess the N. American Tour group is pretty active, but also has a lot of shit stirring going on.

  2. Hi Ian! How's it going? :happy: I haven't been on the board much either, lately. #badmod :chuckle: Same old, same old. Have you seen Muse on this tour? They avoided the entire SE US, so no gig for me! Pfft.

  3. I am so in love with that show! :awesome:

  4. Congrats on your win! :dance: xx

  5. Thanks, dear! <3 ^_^

  6. Oh I see you have a new name. I don't like change. But whatever.

  7. That vid is on my wall now. I think you will be able to view it. If not, friend Mandy. :)

  8. Well you're one of many. :chuckle: I'm sure I would too.

  9. Isn't he amazing? :love: Yes, it's a good one. *fans self*

  10. I remember seeing that on Twitter I think. Bummer. :/

  11. I think it was the day of the London protest gig. He's so perfect. :happy:

  12. On the topic of fangirling, have you seen this?



  13. It's interesting that to you it seems so much time has passed in 3 years, but to me it's just a blink of an eye. :LOL: I know what you mean, though. Maybe I'm the weird one. I used to not want to hardly post because I felt too old, but then I said fuck it. I certainly don't feel or act my age. Or look it. :cool: And THIS is why I have nothing in common with my "peers."


    Does your band have a FB page or anything?

  14. Good news about your social life and band! :happy: Can't say the same about my social life, but the older I get, the less I give a fuck. I get to see my "internet friends" from time to time, and I have way more fun w/ them than any irl friends. Going to see Muse 3 times in Sept, so that will be a huge fun meetup. I've kind of gone off Muse a bit, but it will still be super fun. I still love them and all, but not really in the same way. I was gonna get tix for a festival here for Sept (mostly to see QOTSA) but then heard Biffy is coming to the states sept/oct and I will cry forever if I don't see them, so now I'm holding off on tix to anything else. :facepalm: Oh, and Melvins in August. :awesome:


    Get studying! :fear::chuckle:

  15. Hi! Good, how about you? I've had a good summer so far, mostly sitting around on my ass not doing much. :awesome:

  16. How do you know about Biffy on the 26th in Italy? I know Sigur Ros has said they're co headlining something w/ them but did they say that gig specifically? Some Italian Biffy fan in a Facebook group I'm in is dying to have more details. You know someone who knows someone, right? :p Thx. :kiss:

  17. A little something special for you:



  18. You're so sweet! Thanks for not saying "the mods are shit". lol :LOL: You have a great holiday as well! <3

  19. Aw, Miranda in your signature! :awesome: That show almost makes me pee myself. They don't show it often enough here, though.

  20. Mpls is set for March 7. Tix on sale 10/13. :)

  21. I haven't had any trouble in a few hours. I think the FB gremlin has moved up your way. :p I'll be interested in hearing what Ted thinks!

  22. :LOL: It took me a minute to remember that Goat's Arse was. I forgot all about that. Probably! It was really acting up for me earlier, and yesterday. I couldn't get on at all using Chrome, only with Firefox. Kept saying the address didn't exist. :wtf:
  23. Dammit, Sammy stole my thunder. :mad: Oh well, here's a cake instead.




  24. :D I've had the best Musetastic day! I <3 T2L! :dance:
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