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  2. Oh how I wish I could hear Fury live one day. I've literally dreamt about it, haha. And wow I'm glad I'm not part of that mess anymore. I haven't had Facebook for several months and I think I'm better off for it!

  3. My next to last Muse gig was Pittsburgh a couple of years ago where they played Fury! So I went out on a high note. Well the next night was Philly and that show was boring. I decided during that trip I'd probably never travel for Muse again. But I was assuming they'd come to Atlanta since they always do! The Musers group is so full of ridiculous n00bs and beef that I dropped out several months ago. I guess the N. American Tour group is pretty active, but also has a lot of shit stirring going on.

  4. Yeah that's pretty lame of them. This is the first tour since my first gig in 2009 that I'll miss, sadly. I just can't justify the price at the moment, especially because the set lists have looked really uninspired. If Webster Hall was the last time I see Muse (hopefully not), then it was a good show to go out on I guess. Is Musers on Facebook still a thing?

  5. Hi Ian! How's it going? :happy: I haven't been on the board much either, lately. #badmod :chuckle: Same old, same old. Have you seen Muse on this tour? They avoided the entire SE US, so no gig for me! Pfft.

  6. Hey there, long time no chat. Just decided to browse the board again for the first time in forever, thought I would say hi. :)

  7. Hi,

    I went on saturday 17th of October to listen to Muse in Buenos Aires and I was completely dissapointed with the concert because the sound was really low. Most of us in the back field were singing "we cant hear" (in spanish), which means this was something that really bothered a lot of us.


    I do not say this to offend anybody. I just think that in a proffessional concert where you pay that much money to listen to a band, at least I could expect to listen well to the music. And if not, at least the people in charge of that should now that there was something going wrong.


    I hope it is useful for the next time! Regards!

  8. I am so in love with that show! :awesome:

  9. OMG, your avatar!! <3

  10. Congrats on your win! :dance: xx

  11. Hi. Congratulations on winning Best Mature Muser in 2013 and in being on the final list for 2014. I'm assuming 'mature' has nothing to do with age as your profile doesn't show what age you are?

  12. Thanks, dear! <3 ^_^

  13. Happy Birthday! I <3 U!

  14. Happy bday! I <3 U!

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