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  1. Tough choice between BITM and Algorithm for me, with TDS also up there.
  2. T2L had Survival, Madness, Animals, Big Freeze (it's fun) and Isolated System at least. Drones had Dead Inside and The Handler. And many of their most boring songs. It's a clear Drones for me.
  3. As much as I enjoy The Void, it frustrates me a little bit. It builds up nicely in the "It takes a leap of faith..." part, and then abruptly changes back to the quiet intro style. I feel like there could have been a better transition there. The song ends up feeling a bit rushed. Could have had maybe 30 more seconds to flesh that part out more, and it would be a top tier Muse song.
  4. Tim59

    Best Album

    I think this is pretty much me at this point. I especially love Matt's voice on OOS . And by extension on Showbiz.
  5. Tim59

    Best Album

    I think I'm about the same, though I have an on-off relationship with BHAR.
  6. I find Reapers quite unlistenable, sadly. The verses are so boring. The production throughout is weird. The solo is annoying until the last bit. The outro is underwhelming. The Handler is great but the bridge could have more going on.
  7. Best to worst Algorithm BITM The Dark Side The Void SH Pressure Propaganda Blockades Get Up and Fight TC DD TDS and DD alternate versions are my favourite of the rest.
  8. Fair enough. I'm sure they must know what it is. For the last few days I've just realised that a few of my friends don't know a few historical facts that I took for granted as common knowledge, so I was in that frame of mind when I suggested they might not know it. But yeah I can see how it makes sense in that context. But the brace for it bit does stink, and it's still hard to listen to.
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