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  1. Hey dude, if you liked that Textures song they just released the album :)

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q4X2vDRfRk

    This is what I meant. Abrams is a Spielberg acolyte so I suspect these crop up quite a lot in his work.

  3. Computer engineering. I'm also unofficially studying the Fabrian Muse board posting style.

  4. Hey Kueller. What are you studying atm? At university.

  5. Tim59

    Oh nice! :awesome: enjoy :)

  6. LiT

    Yeahh, it's good, in fact I'm seeing them live this Thursday!

  7. Tim59

    Yeah, the guitar parts are really great :)


    Have you heard the new Russian Circles album?

  8. LiT

    Yeah, and it has a pretty good solo as well!

  9. Tim59

    Icarus is definitely my favourite on the Monkey3 album. Just so powerful!

  10. Tim59

    :) can't wait to listen to it
  11. LiT

    No probs:)

  12. LiT

    Check newalbumreleases.net

  13. Tim59

    I still need to listen to the full album :( dunno where to find it but what I've heard so far is awesome

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