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  1. I don't know, they've been throwing the US a few bones (Dead Star, Assassin, Hyper Music, The Groove, Bliss) during the T2L tour and the Psycho tour... I try to stay optimistic (Seems like part of the secret is to go to a gig in LA or NYC though... They tend to get the special stuff more often than anywhere else!)
  2. Personally, I love Apocalypse Please being a regular now It was unplayed for way too long! (And yes, Madness has to go, especially if Matt's voice isn't up to those high notes anymore... Though it DOES offer a nice break from the rough crowd to have songs like Madness or Starlight come up )
  3. Love that version of SS! They were on fire that gig! In terms of fairly recent SS performances, I think ACL is one of the best too (I'd have to listen to both multiple times to figure out which is "better" though ). And the Freedom outro vocals are epic in this one too... That last scream is killer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9BfVN18YJg
  4. If this helps at all, I remember back when the Microcuts thing happened, people on the barrier had signs asking for Fury (if I recall correctly. I think after Dead Star in Toronto & NYC, they moved on to asking for a different song haha). I believe what happened was he saw the Fury requests, saw the MC sign, and then handed it to them like "look, guys, we'll play this one instead". I am friends with people who know the guy who got the MC sign, and from videos I've seen and what I've heard from them, it sounds like that's why he gave the sign to a different fan (not entirely "random" though)
  5. See, and I've only had it at 2/11 (and I didn't get it at all until my 7th gig, which was not even in my country haha). I still think location plays a big factor... I noticed both of you guys live in the UK, whereas I'm in the US. I would classify it as a rarity here... Since 2007, it's been played here about as often as CE. Not meaning to get into a debate or something, just pointing out that what may be a fairly regular setlist staple in some countries may be a rarity in others.
  6. Suppose it all depends on perspective. I didn't attend my first Muse gig until 2010, and I got Dead Star once and CE twice before I ever got Bliss at a gig (and I had to go to England to do so! Though I have since gotten Bliss one more time in NYC last month). I think a lot of it depends on geographic location and luck of the draw In big-picture terms, it's not a rarity, but it's still 'rare' enough to qualify as a personal rarity for some people (myself included!)
  7. I agree, I've always been under the impression that Matt does the true composing (hence why he's the only one who gets writing credits, minus Chris' T2L stuff), but Chris and Dom contribute in-studio by making suggestions and helping to tweak/fine tune things. So I see it as Chris and Dom making valuable contributions that affect the final sound, but Matt being the real "mastermind" behind the majority of the music. I've gotta agree that the bass is wonderful in this song, and is a real highlight of the album as a whole. I'd say kudos to both Matt (for writing!) and Chris (for fine-tuning and performing!) for the awesome bass on Drones
  8. I just realized that no one posted the stream here! I'm going to assume that almost everyone caught the stream and/or were able to watch it later... But just in case... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhKraoWr5EA :D :love:
  9. I noticed that too Practice makes perfect? I did think his vocals were very good, and I'm so glad he belted the "Let me go, let me be" part, instead of using his head voice like he did in the soundcheck version of the DVD. Can't wait to hear it live myself!
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