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Hi! I made a video showing the voices Matt does during 'Drones'. Hope you like it (and sing it)! ;)


Hey mate, I watched this video when it was available ages ago and loved it, but now it's gone :(

I'm trying to transcribe the song and realised this video would've been an awesome resource. Any chance you still have it? Could you send it to me somehow? Or at least your transcription of the song?


I've run into trouble at around 1:15 in the song. There's one beat that's really confusing me: The tenor part (I'm pretty sure) is finishing the line "fingers and thumbs" at B, middle C, B, B. At the second B though it sounds like the tenor part also starts another line with "Our lives..."

I'm trying to work out what voice this part could be, but the bass is slowly going from G to E, and the alto is towards the end of its phrase. So I'm pretty sure it's the tenor. Just seems really odd that he'd just overlap two words using only the tenor voice :s


I can only hear 3 voices for this little section, and the G below middle C should only be for tenor or bass, but they're both busy singing their lines... Did they cheat here? Really struggling to come up with a musical explanation for this.

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Well i've laboured over this for a while now in my spare time, and so here is my interpretation of the music in score form.


Unsure if sharing this is a no-no, but I've just done this for fun (and to learn how to use sibelius haha, pretty sweet program) and am not seeking to profit from it in any way.


Thought it might be interesting to see what others think in terms of accuracy and whether I've made any mistakes worth changing (cbf with the volume changes i.e. pp, mf, etc.). Some sections required SO MANY listens and re-listens to work out what was going on for each voice, so I wouldn't be surprised if there's one or two errors, but I think I've done a pretty good job just using my ear.


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