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  1. Did you hear the epic Bohemian Rhapsody singalong? That was my doing :chuckle:

  2. I have been Yeah! I live in horwood so it takes me all of 30 seconds to get there :p


    I didn't go last night however, had an early night due to pesky illness. I could hear it though. I will be sure to go next week!

  3. Hi! Have you been to KRAP yet? (the Keele rock appreciation posse :chuckle:) If you were there last night then we might have met... I was doing a DJ set and quite a few people came up and said hi to me. If you haven't been yet then I recommend it because it's full of awesome music and people :)

  4. What a fine quality.

  5. I like to treat my girlfriends well. baby gurl.

  6. You make me feel so super special.

  7. you look okay after about 10 pints

  8. no am not -hic- *flails arms* you just want me to be drunk so you can have your wicked way me you dirty son of a bitch

  9. What? You're always drunk.

  10. Well it's a good job that I rarely get drunk then.... and have sex..:(.

  11. But we are already!


    That's why drunk sex is not fun. :LOL: Well that sucks.

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