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  1. Hi there, That’s strange. Could you please provide a picture of what’s going on?
  2. I finally figured out how to log in! Still not over this album My opinions have barely changed. GUAF has become skippable, but TDS, Prop, BITM, Block, Void are still top tier Muse.
  3. Yay! Best of luck for a smooth transition.
  4. I'm surprised there are votes for Showbiz. Sure, it's a step below their best albums, but not by much.
  5. I have to say, forcing myself to take breaks from the album is definitely paying off. Even songs like SH and TC are randomly popping into my head and nagging at me to listen to them. I only wish I'd had this level of self-discipline for the LP 2-4 trifecta, they might still excite me the way ST does now.
  6. The vast majority of Muse songs are either good, or so bad that they’re good. The traditional good-bad quality gamut doesn’t really apply to Muse. Muse are basically the musical equivalent of shitposting.
  7. I just noticed Matt changed the lyrics to “it’s not so easy for me.” Dead :'(
  8. T2L was 6 years ago though. Does that mean opinions of it are now accurate?
  9. Alright folks, let's get this party started.
  10. Eh, I give up on ranking albums. I just group them into tiers. Great Origin of Symmetry Hullabaloo Absolution Black Holes Simulation Theory Good Showbiz The Resistance Decent The 2nd Law Drones They haven't really done a bad album yet.
  11. This song will be played every night, closing the pre-medley set with an extended Bliss outro-solo cum big rock ending, or I'm dropping this band.
  12. Muse could drop every political song over the past four albums and I'd be happy. Their most compelling material occurs where Matt finds new and honest ways to explore his condition. SH is an exception only because it's missing the point. The band didn't enjoy touring Drones because on some level I believe they knew it was nonsense. This is also why they need to stop playing Psycho, the epitome of Muse's hamfisted 8th grade politics. Don't get me wrong, Animals is a great song, but it becomes unlistenable once you've processed and memorised the musical ideas. All that's left are some platitudes about how bankers are evil and should commit suicide. Same applies for Uprising, Unnatural Selection, Supremacy, Explorers, and most of Drones. Matt writes significantly better songs when he takes himself seriously as a lyricist, not as a politician.
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