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  1. Moved to Other Muse Topics. The bassline of Hysteria. I heard about 2 seconds and I was in love.
  2. Hi there, That’s strange. Could you please provide a picture of what’s going on?
  3. I finally figured out how to log in! Still not over this album My opinions have barely changed. GUAF has become skippable, but TDS, Prop, BITM, Block, Void are still top tier Muse.
  4. I think you mean mp_vacant ;)

  5. Yeah and TBE have basically died since the new guy joined. Their Facebook page is dead, Glenn has started his own solo career and tours with Clint etc. The crap about him holding the band back makes no sense.

  6. Where'd you hear that? Glenn plays in Clint's solo shows and I swear he had a side project with Ben. I think it was mostly Kurt who had the issue with him.

  7. Just saw your post! I don't get the early TBE hype, I love all of their tunes but definitely prefer the more melodic stuff on Imago and FCoK. The latter took a long ass time to sink in before proceeding to ruin most other bands for me. :LOL:

  8. These comments though

  9. Greetings. You have wished me happy birthday on two separate occasions. I wish to express gratitude for these sentiments!

  10. You shall forever be known as Sippe /sʌɪˈp/ to me.

  11. Welcome back! :awesome:


    I give it a week before you get a perm.

  12. how i become monerreator????

  13. Happy birthday mate :)

  14. I approve of this user. :)

  15. Nice, so that's (B1-)G2-D#5(-E6). :D

  16. Might I ask who the guy in your signature is? :)

  17. Haters gonna hate. :noey:

  18. What's that supposed to mean? :erm:

  19. Yeah, haha. Listening to TBE and sipping caffeinated beverages to keep myself awake.

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