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  1. I like that idea, but Pray does seem super Musey still. It's not far off. But if it provides inspiration, then I'm all for it.
  2. I merged your thread with the existing topic. Which shows won’t have early entry?
  3. Hi all! Unfortunately, the message board staff isn’t involved with ticketing issues, but do try to contact uk-customerserviceteam@wmgcustomerservice.com for further assistance.
  4. We're deleting them. There's quite a few. I wasn't around the past few days as I was on vacation and I was not going to spend it deleting spam. @matthijs is currently busy with work things and should be back soon, and @james90 is around and assisting with battling the spambots as we speak.
  5. JessicaSarahS


    Hi! What show is it for? Is it a VIP ticket or a ticket through ticketmaster or other vendor?
  6. I really hope they do a second leg with this setup-- it really is my favorite yet! But looking back at the Drones Tour, there was never truly a second leg. It seems they went straight into festivals and other shows afterwards.
  7. Definitely the middle. I feel like you'll miss a lot if you don't have the B-Stage or the background in good view, and the middle allows just that.
  8. Photo 1 & 2 were ones that I found floating around on FB. Not sure of the source. #3–close up on the cute tote bag logo that I got. #4—My shitty photo that I didn’t take for posting reasons. 🤣 My friend that couldn’t go wanted a plain-ish shirt. Shirt G was the closest thing that I could find, but I needed confirmation that it was plain enough—hence the choppy zoom. 😂 The most unusual/unique shirt was the baseball tshirt with blue sleeves. All of ST’s song names are on the back in 80s hair band logo fonts. 😂🧐 There’s also a huge banner/poster/flag with the ST cover for $30 that I thought was cool, but I don’t have room to put that up.
  9. I usually don't sit either, but it took forEVER to get into the venue for us at Mandalay(something must have happened at security) and the line wrapped all the way around the casino floor and all the way to the back of the venue. It took us so long to just to get in -- probably the longest entry line that I've ever experienced in my concert going history-- it was really ridiculous. My old ass was tired once inside. 😂 I stood on the floor to photo for the first few songs, but I was so thankful that I had a seat to go to after and sit. So I sat for the rest of the show, only getting up a bit during the medley. 🤷‍♀️ I stood up for the next two shows though and bobbed around a bit.
  10. I doubt it. Now that the kinks have been ironed out with VIP vs GA, I’d say you’re pretty safe to line up in the afternoon. Oakland’s VIP line was only 10-15 people at 6pm.
  11. I suppose it would depend on the tier? If you're tier 1, there's no point in lining up as you'll go through the games/preparty thing beforehand. Tier 2-- might be good to line up a little early, but not 10am-- that's a bit silly. From what I've observed at the last two shows (Sac and Oakland), they did have a separate GA line for the VIP package holders. And they held the regular GA line for 15+ minutes after doors at 7pm so the VIP peeps could get in early. Why they don't do actual early entry and let VIP in at 6:45, instead of delaying regular GA til 7:15pm and causing frustration with arena staff? Who knows... But the VIP GA line was super short on both occasions when I passed it late afternoon-- like 10-15 people in line. But check in with the VIP booth/attendant for more info in case it changes.
  12. Whaaa? I loved both performances of Algorithm. Maybe I'm a sucker for the visuals.
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