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  1. mine: OoS Absolution BH&R Simulation Theory
  2. Loadius, I'd like to apologize to you on behalf of the entire board. Embarrassing what goes on here.
  3. The second verse is such a disappointment...
  4. The guitar solo is nice, and it works because the light guitar is featured throughout... but it's only just better than some rap group's bog standard garageband loop guitar they throw in now and again
  5. I oddly don't really like most of this album, but it feels a lot more genuine than Drones/T2L. So, I am not angry about this album. And if I am not angry, everyone else can live comfortably.
  6. Weak track with some nice riffs. Something you'd expect on the side like Who Knows Who... the chorus is just revolting as well...
  7. yeah, it's the production that's the problem
  8. I'm 3 months old and I like exogenesis no excuses
  9. Matt with no guitar in Uprising is just appalling.... how pathetic can it get?
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