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  1. Daaamn, I'm in love. The first listen made me burst out laughing because the propaganda part is just so damn ridiculous. But I love it more with every listen and it makes me want to do a ridiculous dance to accompany the song. This is going to be a blast live.
  2. Miss T


    Well, Neutron Star Collision didn't get a very warm welcome either. Not sure how big mayhem was caused in Main Muse though, didn't really happen to step here.
  3. Miss T


    It's funny how "yes" and "no" votes are nearly equal, with only three "maybe" votes. Shows how this song creates very split opinions. Eh, it's fun and dancey and I bet it's going to be a hit at live gigs, complete with ridiculous moves to accompany the lyrical cheese. Better than NSC anyway.
  4. So, Muse has gone and joined a church choir ...a medieval church choir.
  5. Aftermath sounds quite nice musically. Definitely some U2 vibes, which is okay by me since I love U2's music ...these impressions are based on just the general sound though, as I intentionally ignored lyrics as much as possible. So I'm not looking forward to finding out that the lyrics are a pile of steaming horseshit that will ruin my liking of the song
  6. Ok, the use of "baby" in lyrics can gtfo. I was so happy that Muse was one band that didn't seem to be infected with this crap. I'll have to listen again and compare tomorrow when I'm not giddy with laughter and liqueur
  7. I got a few lovely shots as well, though somehow I screwed up the focus for half of my photos
  8. Excellent, the photos are working Yusss! Seriously, I'd feed you all the foods ever. All healthy and stuff
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