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  1. Adore it ❤️ one of my absolute fave setups, criminal how little pro-shot material there is of it
  2. Yeah it’s defo better than Drones. Of arena productions to make a film of, this might be the best? Certainly from a theatric standpoint with the set pieces.
  3. Got my first ever (and last I imagine) pick last night 🥳🥳🥳 and a set, should’ve had the harmonica as well but it bounced out of my palm and security inevitably gave it to the person next to me instead That’s me done ‘til September then I think. Thank god ‘cos I need a break. Will post up a mini review/pros and cons of the tour from my POV at some point when I’m home, washed, fed, comfortable and generally not fooked.
  4. ‘Cos the ST tour has really been one big ‘moment’ done some...30-40 times Tom Morello coming out for BITM was v cool tbf I warned peeps to appreciate the Drones era to it’s fullest ‘cos there’d almost defo be a comedown after. We’ll get there though, it’s still relatively young and you’d think they’ll wanna loosen up from this crazy rigidity eventually.
  5. Sorry yeah, with the gigs being so thick and fast I sorta thought of RW as the ‘current’ one and the Etihad as the last. I’m a bit swept up with this week’s gigs to reminisce properly about some oldies atm, hopefully next week I’ll be able to reflect better. Agree on the TR stadium setup though - was amazing to look at, if a bit impractical in person. Shows were reeeeally solid set and performance-wise as well.
  6. Ah that’s a sweet idea, there’s so many I could’ve made posts about over the years, especially Black Holes and Origin gigs. Might try and do one before I set off for Zurich tonight, main one I’ve been thinking about lately is only the last one I went to (Etihad) though so that might be a bit too recent to ‘rediscover’ 😅
  7. Can’t believe that about not hearing them, it’s pretty much a carbon copy 😂 I hope they get better, I know they’re young. Hits a level of unoriginality atm that I can’t defend personally though, and the last 20-30 mins of their Werchter set was awful. Just one continuous, aimless jam of generic wankery and solos with the singer doing the same scream like every 30 seconds, sometimes horribly off-key. Gave me a pretty banging headache by the end, people around me were begging for it to stop. One p chill member of the crew said it was one of the worst things he’s stood through. Arena set, most the frills. Some technical problems too, kinda meh. Impressive for casual festival-goers though I guess.
  8. Spoilers: it said “incredibly average/just below average kinda disappointing set” folks so I was right, hurrah Also, are Greta Van Fleet like a parody or social experiment? If so then maybe it’s impressive. Put it this way, I’ve never seen crew actively celebrate (we’re talking hands and knees) an act being over before.
  9. Y’know what, like a feckin idiot, I used to think the same. But when you get off the “merrr tappin’ = wankin’” (part of which may be fuelled by envy of the ability to do it ) high horse, you can appreciate that the sudden burst of flash and flourish is just supposed embody the uplifting, empowering purpose of the song.
  10. Aye, I think it’s by far one of if not the easiest thing to get jaded by with live Muse since it’s always exactly the same, always in the exact same spot and it’s so long. I’ve never thought it was bad at all but you grow to resent it quickly. BUT this last stretch of gigs has started to make me accept it a bit more. MWAH is an incredible piece and it’s hard not to be impressed when they crank the volume up for that last 10 mins. Knights is a great song too tbf, it probably deserves the status it has. Just need to let go that maybe we ain’t getting Bliss closing again at this point (and maybe that only really works in a sweaty theatre/club anyway)
  11. Invincible Y’all know I always love it but I feel like I’m ready to say it’s actually a masterpiece of a space rock ballad, paced to perfection. The payoff and burst of life and colour in the solo after such a gradual build-up is comfortably one of the best moments in their discography. Every single performance of it ever was incredible and the fact that it died so soon and was actively slagged off during its time is possibly the greatest Muse related tragedy going.
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