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  1. y’all seen the comp for free vinyl + guitar? here if not oh yeah wotp is goated btw, confirmed as owner of the thread
  2. So a general sum up of gig info: Won’t Stand Down - Matt did screams, some big harmonics during the chugging before the last breakdown Hysteria - crowd sang the main riff, School (or another Nirvana riff) + Back In Black outro Pressure - Matt got a bit loose and did some variations of the verse riff Compliance - guitar very similar to Dark Side live, Matt played the Knight Rider bridge, lovely A4s at the end, seemed v happy with how the crowd took to it Supermassive - Foxey Lady outro Assassin GOB Edit - holy fucking shit lmao Psycho - outro for either this or Assassin (can’t remember which) was a riff that so far nobody has said they recognised, the band were smiling at each other while playing it so wondering if it might’ve been something from WOTP PIB - got a bit emosh Bliss - also got a bit emosh, keys were a backing track, Matt did a similar whammy sustain intro to the 2017 performances Knights - Dom played keys during MWAH in Morgan’s absence, thought I couldn’t escape it as a closer UNTIL Stockholm - Execution Comms outro Agitated - immense, Matt tried to smash his guitar against the roof at the end but just unplugged his wireless pack a couple of times lmao, gave it away at the end, whole band stayed on stage for quite a while just shaking hands/signing stuff/giving away anything they could from the stage Probably played for about an hour or close in the end, which isn’t bad for a free promo gig. Energy didn’t stop either so I was pretty ruined by the end anyway. Best experience of my life, hopefully getting their signatures tattooed later today 👀 had a lovely chat with Chris outside for a while as he had a smoke, Matt’s reaction to the Jeff Buckley bootleg and our chat made my life Footage will be released on Youtube, Compliance first then “hopefully” more later, production company said they’d try to put the whole thing out if they can.
  3. idk how you’ve managed to make that connection or how it’s spreading like it is but yes! 😅 was a really cool moment, he told me a story and we had a proper chat about it, everything about the last 24 hours was so surreal
  4. Thankya! There was at SBE as well but the band’ll usually come over to say hello if you’re waiting. As long as it’s not like other venues where you can’t even see where the buses go. from what I’ve seen counting in photos, you’re probably only fitting around ~45 people across the whole barrier probs don’t have to camp overnight but I shall anyway ‘cos I just wanna know I’ll be ok
  5. Can anyone who’s been to the Apollo before say what it’s like for being able to meet the artists round back after? No go or yes go? Also you KNOW ya boy got standing both nights and will be on that sweet tasty barrier
  6. Seems to just be London/SBE for the stencil and stickers, feel like more woulda been found by now if there were other cities. But they can’t just be playing *one* gig between now and the festivals, right? Maybe they’ll play SBE, then you’ll start seeing stickers next to a venue in Paris/LA or something. I’d say By Request tour but there’s no way they’ve rehearsed enough for that lmao
  7. There may be more logos elsewhere but I refuse to believe a sticker right outside that venue doesn’t imply “gig” 👀
  8. Someone please be arsed to go back and quote every time I’ve said PSYCHO TOUR 2 because we have a WTOP sticker right outside Shepherd’s Bush 👀👀👀👁👁👁👀👀👀🧠🧠🧠
  9. I’m more worried about it being T2L 2 so far, with Matt and the press release saying every song is a different genre and “best of” a certain version of Muse I love Compliance and don’t mind WSD though so even if it flows like oil and water, maybe I can still enjoy the individual tracks.
  10. ….yeah, but like…there was *some* logic behind it
  11. The amount of Muse’s discography that is 5+ minutes progressive rock is very minimal. It’s not really ever been ‘what they do’. Why anyone would still go into a Muse record expecting that after all this time is beyond me, especially when there’s been no suggestion of it. Time between releases doesn’t equate or correlate to the amount that’s gonna be produced on the next one either. Plus, let’s be honest, even the saddest among us have lives and haven’t spent the last 4 years waiting for a new Muse record. There’s a difference between waiting for something and time elapsing. Not wrong, acknowledged exactly this at the end of my post. These things aren’t mutually exclusive but the last few ~55 minute Muse albums all had songs that people said should either be trimmed down or cut completely. If those records had done that and gone with a shorter length, you’d get complaints like we are now about it being too short. Each album is what it is, you’re either gonna like a certain amount of it or not. We can’t moan about extra minutes of music without knowing what those extra minutes would’ve been.
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