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  1. “Matt has officially started writing LP9” “It’s about protests again” 😴
  2. Huh, I was also under the impression we only had Fury and Meg for footage. Nice to have the update anyway, whoever picked the choons is a real one.
  3. More talking about Matt specifically, course anyone can do what they want however old they. Just doesn’t seem in his character anymore (would be interested to be proven wrong tho) and iirc jumping around with his old heavier guitars understandably wrecked his back (not permanently but y’know, wasn’t nice) and that’s why a lot of them are lightened nowadays.
  4. SO I've not been able to get on here in like 2/3 months (have they changed the url? I feel like that's what was going wrong), soz boys, though it still looks dead on here anyways. I've actually been forced to subject myself to the Reddit page. Major shudders and it is a hellscape, please send help asap. Really liked the film tbh, surprised to see y'all not liking it. I'd have preferred just straight footage as usual, since it looked and sounded great imo, but at least it was something different. Not exactly Citizen Kane but it was always just gonna be a goofy, light-hearted bit of fun. No Knights or TIRO is one of the biggest wins for humanity in recent times. Could've done with some more shots of the crowd imo, that weren't cut from different songs to make things look more moshy as well lmao. Just felt a bit distant at times, like you forgot they were there. Good camera work, didn't mind the occasional slo-mo at all, certainly nowhere near as annoying as the black and white from Rome. Adored Sim Theory and really enjoyed the tour so it was a nice send off for me. Oh and the boxset is daylight robbery and even I won't be suckered into paying for it. Can things really be cringe if they're not even slightly sincere though? The whole thing seemed very self-aware and tongue-in-cheek from the beginning to me. Surprised you think the show/tour was so shit. Muse have been a band going for visually impressive shows for almost 15 years now and this setup was one of the best in that regard. The dancers weren't intrusive at all imo, unlike the weird and out-of-place actors in 2013, thought they added a cool and fitting visual element when they were present. Think that's harsh on Matt's stage presence as well, he's always been a 'less talk, more visual flair' frontman and that's still the case, just in a different way since he can't really throw himself around or dye his hair mad colours at 40+. More hands-free stuff is nothing new so I'm not sure why that'd still be a complaint now and I actually think the barrier walk's a really nice moment, as someone who's been on it a bunch of times at this point. Security is also pretty necessary from some of the crazies I've seen who take things too far.
  5. Nah, not at all. It’s his song at the end of the day and this recording didn’t involve either of the other two so it’s not weird. I guess, even if being reminded of thag still saddens me a bit. But, to me, when your voice changes, you’re best off adapting what you sing when you record to suit. Not that Matt hasn’t done that over the last 5 years or so but he’d have been better off leaving a song like this alone for me, or at least using a mixed voice instead of trying the falsetto. The mixing/editing really doesn’t help either though tbf. Ah well. Interesting that he said on Twitter that it’s more relevant now than ever before. Or am I being stupid and does he mean for his new baby rather than, like, wider world stuff? (literally in middle of writing this sentence and realising it’s almost certainly that lmao, nvm)
  6. Maybe my least favourite vocals I’ve heard Matt record tbh 😕 The falsetto in particular is really weak, like his voice just isn’t able to go up there reliably without putting power into it.
  7. Aye but that’s once, and it sticks very closely to the latin/Spag Western theme of COD and Knights. Abso does it 9 (NINE) times. And we’re talking abrupt switches from fecking nu-metal (Stockholm) to soft/folky acoustic rock (FAWY) or industrial alt. rock (Hysteria) to an orchestral waltz (Blackout). And don’t even get me started on TSP > Endlessly > TOADA > RBS as an ending quartet of ‘fuck it, we give up’. Oof, massively disagree. I mean, yeah, Matt’s not gonna touch what Jeff made with that guitar, we’re talking about one of the most talented artists of all time and an iconic record. Sadly, a lot of Matt’s nuance has been lost in effects, bombastic riffs and walls of noise over the years and Muse have always been rough around the edges in comparison to Jeff’s more silky smooth tendencies but Matt’s more than capable of capturing a hell of a lot of emotion and tenderness in his playing/singing if he lets himself.
  8. That’s it right now, I think. Still quite a way out from them starting work on the album so they don’t have much of a solid idea yet, exciting threads to build on though, especially with the extra time. Matt seems to suggest they won’t get back to it until a decent amount into next year, so I guess that almost solidifies a 2022 release. Plus him also mentioning that they weren’t planning to tour until then anyway.
  9. I’ve listened to it. Nowt special tbh, we’ve heard the most interesting parts of it already. Most of the hour is just a selection of songs and Matt briefly explaining why he picked them. Little bit of chatter about Jaded Hearts. Y’know what IS interesting though??? Matt has recently bought the Telecaster Jeff Buckley used to record Grace and is planning to use it on the next Muse album. THIS MAN is fully back in 94-99 mode if you weren’t already a believer. (I was originally kinda joking about Showbiz 2 but 👀)
  10. Ahhh, see, I saw that suggestion coming. I’ll issue you the challenge of finding a shuffled re-ordering of that record, even including b-sides if ya fancy, and finding something that works. I have seen countless efforts in my 11 years, even from myself, and none have properly achieved it imo. Part of me doesn’t even blame the band ‘cos you just can’t win with it (though I do think they couldn’t have done much worse). For me, TSP, RBS and FAWY’ll happen some day, probably S4A as well for those who want that. Drop Endlessly in at some point and that’ll do. No need to faff about with this full album nonsense. I agree, my first reaction was obviously remembering Drones but I think the mindset seems different. With Drones, they always emphasised (as they had for years) making it rock and guitar-based. This seems like more of a general ethos - move back to Tinny and approach things with a blank slate, forget what we’re used to or known for. If that’s accurate then I’m veeeery excited by that. Part of me kinda lazily hopes he’s looking to the ‘less riffs, more vibes’ approach of Showbiz, but given that they just reiterated that that’s the element of Showbiz they don’t really identify with anymore in OOM, that’s obvs doubtful. Still very exciting just from a creative standpoint though.
  11. S4A > Stockholm > FAWY Hysteria > Blackout TSP > Endlessly > TOADA > RBS This is anti-flow. I’m talkin’ WHIPLASH tracklisting. It’s bad enough on the album, I can’t remember the last time I even wanted to listen to Abso in full, but imagine being at a gig where you’re constantly shifting between fast/heavy and soft/slow on a song-to-song basis like that. Naaah mate, ur alright I would legit rather see TR in full live purely because it’d make some sense
  12. I knowww and I’d get people who couldn’t go at the time or weren’t fans would wanna see it but it’d just seem kinda...trapped in the past. Like, they did an Origin anniversary in pretty much the best way possible, let’s all just move on. I agree though tbh, I got the impression he was referring to OOM, most seem to assume it’s Origin because of the interviewer’s question and the article’s headline. Now thaaat would be what they call a different kettle of fish, mon ami. But y’know what? Honestly, hype aside (and I am bad for it), I don’t think either’ll happen. They’ll be in the middle of making a new album and, if it gets rearranged, they’ll have this other ‘secret’ show that could potentially involve a lot of rehearsing/arrangement if my theory is correct. Matt just saying he “wouldn’t be against it” is pretty inconsequential to say the least. Also big nah to an Abso anniversary, fight me. My opinion of the album aside, catastrophic flow alone would kill so much of the novelty.
  13. Just gonna leave this here... ”I would like to do a concert with an orchestra in somewhere like the Albert Hall. I think it would be unfair to ask all the musicians to come at such short notice for April, but it's something I would like to work towards in the future.” Matt, 2008 Literally just worked with the BBC Orchestra on Tomorrow’s World. No album to promo. Unusually long planning time for them (first mentioned in Jan for not until the very end of the year). Seems like more than just Muse involved if Matt’s not allowed to talk and unsure whether it will be rearranged.
  14. Am I being a twat by saying but we’ve already had it If he means OOM then big YES but ehhh. Leave the R+L shows as is for just Origin, I’d rather see other albums get their first anniversary gig first. (blackholesblackholesblackholesblackholes)
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