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  1. Just spied that. So it is a MB ‘solo’ piece after all, nice to see him branching out more in that area. The International and this are a solid start, someone should give him a shout at a full soundtrack. Would be dead exciting to hear him try something more horror-tinged or sci-fi.
  2. Blockades, SH and TV’ll come to stadiums in some capacity. Really doubtful for GUAF unfortunately, context/subject matter aside it’s just insanely hard to sing. Kinda interested in this new Amsterdam date, wish they’d bloody announce what’s happening in Asia like
  3. Ok even I’m a little weirded out by the fact that the tour’s consisted of literally one set for 14 shows straight now. Gotta be the first time that’s happened? Unless they’re really, really just using this NA leg as a testing pot for the setup to make sure they get it as tight as possible before they start mixing it up elsewhere. Either way, I’m starting to eye up these bloody 8 summer shows with some trepedation now...
  4. I have no tattoos yet but “Do it on your own, it makes no difference to me / What you leave behind, what you choose to be.” ”All the scars on your skin - post no bills.” These will be on me somewhere someday. Even set aside from analysing ‘good lyrics and bad lyrics’, I love these two as quotes and they stand out above everything else for me in that sense. They both hit a really touching level of intimacy that’s rare with Matt’s style imo, like something only someone very close to you could say. They float around my head all the time, whether I’m on a Muse binge or not.
  5. Eh the red coat was alright, but even then we’re talking two coats he wore once across two years as the fashionable highlights. Black striped blazer? Yawn, my friend - yawn. We’re talking about a band that’s used to having spaceship stages, floating acrobats, drones, giant condoms hanging from the rigging, rose-covered equipment, flashing drone orbs, shifting towers, flaming chimneys and backing it up with bright red suits, Beetlejuice suits, LED suits, ripped up halloween gear, gothic shirt robe things, glitter pants, afros, handlebar moustaches, Spiderman costumes, and all the hair and jean colours under the sun. Then Abso was just ‘oh we got a flashing piano I guess and here’s some greyyyyyyyyy’.
  6. After idk however many years, I think (whisper it) Bliss has finally been usurped as #1. Guys, it’s PIB. The choon that started it all for me, which is the same reason I think I always forgot to give it credit. I think we all just need to recognise that it’s a masterpiece of hyper pop rock and the definition of lightning in a bottle. Literally perfect in every way.
  7. I thought I was gonna get slaughtered when I posted that so these thoughtful responses are quite a relief 😂 Can’t deny the tour/era was a big turning point in their rise to the top, I think I was more taking it out of historical context and just looking at it purely as an isolated tour. Over the years you see a lotta people who’re unhappy with a current tour (usually ‘cos of sets and rotation) refer back to Abso’s as the ultimate when I think, bar performance level, nigh every aspect of it falls short of the others. Idk, basically saying that nostalgia makes it seem more glamourous. Someone who was around at the time’d be able to tell me better but I can only imagine people not being happy about 90% of Showbiz and half of Origin being completely naffed so suddenly + the relatively bland stage design and wardrobe I was gonna make a comparison with ST saying that they’re doing p much the same, which some people bemoan, except now they’ve got an incredibly impressive production and more varied set sonically but we’re only a month in so we don’t wanna compare it to a whole era yet.
  8. Normally I’d agree with the performances vs variety thing, and Abso had a really good standard of performances dgmw, but idk...when you can start at one end of a whole 2 and a bit year tour and feel like everything’s pretty much exactly the same by the end, that’s a bit blegh imo. To say they only had 3 albums to represent, they got pretty poor coverage. And everything just looked the same and sounded the same and played out the same....eeeehhhhh. You can find a lotta the same fan favourites on other waaay more interesting and exciting tours as well, even if the performances for some don’t hold the same level. The tours as a whole are still miles better imo.
  9. Purely observationally speaking, the Abso Tour is vastly overrated and easily one of the lesser Muse touring eras. V little variety (performance and set wise), only a handful of standout shows, too much vocal distortion, samey tones and pretty dull aesthetics. Respectably consistent performance levels but so much of it just blurs into one in retrospect.
  10. I’d p much agree with that. General concensus from what I’ve seen seems to be that set length is great, song choice needs more rotation/freshening up and the production is either v impressive or way too much.
  11. The wee distorted backing vocals eachoing the lyrics in the Dead Star chorus Yoooou used tooooo be Eeeeeevery thiiiiiing to Meeee now Iiiiii am Tiiiiiiired of fiiiiiiiighting Freaked me out when I first noticed them back in the day ‘cos I didn’t know what they were saying and thought it was some secret thing but now it’s just neat to singalong to.
  12. I was pulling that stuff back at my first show, HAARP and Glasto were almost all you needed to watch. I still get surprised sometimes though - Host in Belfast, Assassin at the O2, Bliss gets me a fair amount for some reason. I think it’s understandable that a lotta those little ques becomes habit after a certain number of years. I’ve championed a stripped back/piano Starlight a few times but, at the same time, when I’ve rocked up to other gigs as a casual and the act’s played a weird rendition of one of their biggest tunes, you’d always prefer to hear it normally. I’m soooooo looking forward to finally laying my crusty eyes on this show. It already looks like their best ever setup through pics and vids so hearing it’s even more impressive in person is maddd.
  13. Hello There

    1. Jobby



  14. A Break It To Me collab is calling Or bring back the Freedom outro and have him play that at the end of the medley while Matt writhes around on an amp screaming 😂
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