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  1. Normally I’d agree with the performances vs variety thing, and Abso had a really good standard of performances dgmw, but idk...when you can start at one end of a whole 2 and a bit year tour and feel like everything’s pretty much exactly the same by the end, that’s a bit blegh imo. To say they only had 3 albums to represent, they got pretty poor coverage. And everything just looked the same and sounded the same and played out the same....eeeehhhhh. You can find a lotta the same fan favourites on other waaay more interesting and exciting tours as well, even if the performances for some don’t hold the same level. The tours as a whole are still miles better imo.
  2. Purely observationally speaking, the Abso Tour is vastly overrated and easily one of the lesser Muse touring eras. V little variety (performance and set wise), only a handful of standout shows, too much vocal distortion, samey tones and pretty dull aesthetics. Respectably consistent performance levels but so much of it just blurs into one in retrospect.
  3. Jobby

    Simulation Theory tour discussion

    I’d p much agree with that. General concensus from what I’ve seen seems to be that set length is great, song choice needs more rotation/freshening up and the production is either v impressive or way too much.
  4. The wee distorted backing vocals eachoing the lyrics in the Dead Star chorus Yoooou used tooooo be Eeeeeevery thiiiiiing to Meeee now Iiiiii am Tiiiiiiired of fiiiiiiiighting Freaked me out when I first noticed them back in the day ‘cos I didn’t know what they were saying and thought it was some secret thing but now it’s just neat to singalong to.
  5. I was pulling that stuff back at my first show, HAARP and Glasto were almost all you needed to watch. I still get surprised sometimes though - Host in Belfast, Assassin at the O2, Bliss gets me a fair amount for some reason. I think it’s understandable that a lotta those little ques becomes habit after a certain number of years. I’ve championed a stripped back/piano Starlight a few times but, at the same time, when I’ve rocked up to other gigs as a casual and the act’s played a weird rendition of one of their biggest tunes, you’d always prefer to hear it normally. I’m soooooo looking forward to finally laying my crusty eyes on this show. It already looks like their best ever setup through pics and vids so hearing it’s even more impressive in person is maddd.
  6. Hello There

    1. Jobby



  7. Jobby

    Simulation Theory tour discussion

    A Break It To Me collab is calling Or bring back the Freedom outro and have him play that at the end of the medley while Matt writhes around on an amp screaming 😂
  8. Jobby

    Simulation Theory tour discussion

    lmaooo Honestly I’d just move the confetti forward to the climax of TAB in the current setup, then have Matt go back to using Starlight for the barrier walk so all the fallen confetti can be a nice backdrop. I agree Mercy doesn’t really seem hot among any circle of fans though, I get the vibe Matt just really likes it. Bit of a modern Guiding Light, but heavier.
  9. Jobby

    VIP/CID - Early Entry Disaster woes

    Because while VIPs are now getting what they paid for, they’re back to being screwed. It’s p understandable. Ideally the complaints would’ve resulted in offered refunds and an explanation that the early access has been diluted because of backlash but I always feared that the most likely outcome was just gonna be “let them in earlier”.
  10. Jobby

    VIP/CID - Early Entry Disaster woes

    Yeah, unfortunately they’ve backed themselves into a situation they really can’t win with now. Change it either way and you’re fucking off one side, now the GA fans are pissed again (understandably). Hopefully the hassle will indeed persuade them to avoid it in future. Think this coulda worked out perfectly if they’d just addressed it online when (assuming this is true) the decision was made. I get that they’ve always stayed quiet publically when it comes to any remote controversies but something as simple as “Look, we’ve heard complaints from hardcore fans about the early access and we understand so we’re gonna scrap it. Anyone who bought VIP solely for the early access can swap to a normal GA ticket and have the price difference refunded.” would’ve settled it fine.
  11. Jobby

    VIP/CID - Early Entry Disaster woes

    What’s the source on that though, or is it just speculation?
  12. Jobby

    Simulation Theory tour discussion

    Tom Morello is such a cute pull for them, you can imagine them giggling like wee kids over it 😂 hopefully he plays a bit of Rage Got my holidays booked for the UK shows, Zurich, Paris and Madrid. Just need to get all the tickets and flights now, so excited 😁 still waiting on these bloody Japan dates, like....
  13. The melody and progression had potential despite it being a p typical piano ballad but, like a lotta T2L, it just ends up tying its own shoelaces together and falls flat on its face with goofy shit like the sleigh bells and enviro-lyrics.
  14. Hysteria/Resistance has been happening since T2L I think tbf. It’s not exactly like-for-like but I guess I’m just used to it and can understand them always wanting Resistance in the picture. I’ve always championed a TIRO rotation instead since they’re both similar in popularity, age and style but hey ho. Don’t mind BITM/Blockades, makes sense flow-wise in that spot for me and they’re both good, rocky new songs. But then I’ve already seen one and am going to multiple gigs in the summer so if you’re only going to one like a normal, sane person and like both songs then it’d be a bummer. Same for SH/Propaganda.
  15. Guys chilllll, I swear these posts get made at the start of every album tour 😂 yes, they’re start gonna rotating at some point. We’ve already seen the schedule sheet showing the planned rotations so far, they just haven’t been used. Yeah, there’s been a few ‘planned’ to be played that have slyly disappeared before so it doesn’t necessarily hold much weight that said, it tends to be at least partly down to how a song’s received and there’s a lotta (rightful) love for TV. Maybe waiting for the stadiums.