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  1. FAWY was one of the more requested live songs from people like us before...T2L I think? Just below stuff like MM, CE, Dead Star, etc. I was shocked when it wasn’t voted in at SBE ‘cos of how much people went on about getting it played live for years. Think the main drive of that was it being the only album track that’d never been played though, as opposed to quality, so maybe as we got more and more of those (Cross-Pol, Redemption for a time, Big Freeze, Aftermath) it lost its significance.
  2. I guess it’s time they go back towards a more serious (by their standards) album, since that seems to be a rough pattern they follow. No idea what sonic landscape that’ll take the form of though and I’ve given up wanting/guessing tbh 😂 Would quite like some more ‘weird’ stuff, whatever they go for. More experimental combinations of genres/instruments/tones that they’re not used to. Always refreshing to hear them strip things back slightly and make a song or two that’s less ‘busy’ as well, whatever the genre.
  3. Sad as it sounds, I genuinely do not know what I’d do with myself if Muse went on a hiatus like that. Maybe listen to some other bands, find new hobbies and save up enough money to move out. Christ, I’d be lost. Don’t think it’d have much of an effect on the ‘quality’ though anyway. They pick whatever vibe they’re feeling and put it out. You’ve just gotta hope it’s a vibe that you’re into. Course, you can like the vibe but not how they tap into it but I don’t think that’s ever a product of rushing themselves. wtf
  4. Yeah I’ve backed that idea before but I’m struggling so much atm after just 6 months without them sooooo nah, not for me thx. So starved of Muse stuff but constantly have them on the brain atm 😩 even if we just had announcements about Global Goal or RAH to look forward to but nope...tumbleweeds atm
  5. TAB would be the most likely to me. Other than that, maybe The Void or even PIB if they feel that’s been on more than enough films at this point.
  6. I think it’s a combo of this and the tour tbf. There just wasn’t really owt to talk about after a while of every show being the same and with people also having to get used to the new software (which I’ve not been keen on either but maybe I’m grumpy and don’t like change), being logged out every week, etc. there just ain’t much incentive to drop in. People had been noticeably dropping off since Drones but that one-two punch was hella effective. Part of me wonders if it’s just the way online music discussion is going - why have one account per band forum rather than just an account on a mass site (e.g. reddit) where you can flick between whatever interest you want. This board did well to last so long imo, don’t have much experience with others but, from what I’d see, other band forums would be a lot less active. Be interesting to see what pickup there is when the next album’s buildup hits, or if it’ll just be too late. I suspect the latter though tbh 💔 might have to actually nut up and get a reddit account after years of slagging it off fml
  7. ffs alllllways awkward aren’t they ”more announcements in the coming weeks” hmm some speculation it might be The Who though, which make sense tbf but why not announce that straight away?
  8. “we might have two shows later this year” “might be one other thing we’re doing at the RAH” but then I’ve just realised he also says they ‘might’ do Global Citizen so I think he’s just using it flippantly 😅 we’ll see today
  9. Well plus there’s the extra link of that original Meg performance being for the TCT too. Would reeeeally love some kinda nod to OOM, obviously...a Showbiz b-side, demo PIB...but not gonna get my hopes up. 😁😁😁😁😁 that said, coulda done with an even longer break before bloody queueing up at 5am again lmao Edit: though, then again, depending when that interview was filmed (seemed v recent), why would Matt only say it was a maybe if they’re literally about to be announced? 🤔 guess we’ll find out tomoz, if it’s not TCT then I’ll be vvvv curious
  10. So we’ve had our first crumb of news! ...buuuut unfortunately it makes this thread likely redundant for a good while since work on LP9 is apparently gonna start towards the end of this year, meaning we probably won’t see a release until mid-late 2021 💔 Anyway, let’s get this in early to quell the absolute torrent of posts I’m sure are just around the corner. Other than that, seems like we’ll be returning to the traditional album release format as opposed to the staggered one for ST but that’s all we know so far. No hint of a direction yet. I’m excited at least 😁
  11. Yeah, March/April is usually when the TCT shows happen. Would make sense I guess, been a long time since they’ve done it and a charity show is worth stepping off a break for as a one off. Doubt they’ll do a ton of rehearsal for it though so wouldn’t expect much special. Maybe organ Meg as a throwback at most.
  12. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Teenage Cancer Trust 20th? (also v cute about the 2nd baby)
  13. Ikwym and thought that myself but when I say ‘good enough to make the album’, I sorta mean ‘an’ album, if that makes sense. B-sides have a kinda distinct ‘yeah we’re kinda throwaway/inconsequential’ vibe to me, even if they’re not bad. So while Showbiz isn’t as strong as Origin, I’d still only take the same few of its b-sides on the album ‘cos they’re the only ones that feel like they should be on an album.
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