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  1. I’ve not stopped thinking about it 😂 glad we’re so close now, a small tour’s out of the question I’m p sure but a very tiny part of me hopes some mad, teeny one-off show is still plausible What are y’all looking forward to most? For me it’s stuff like Cave, Sunburn, MM and maybe Hate This where you can tell there’s a lotta smothered details in the mix. Space Dementia could sound interesting as well, and I’m excited to hear them talk in-depth about that time in the interview.
  2. Ah that’s a bit of a shame, one of the best bits of Bliss live for me is being able to go mad and lose yourself with the people around you. Having Showbiz dangled in front of you would also not be the ideal way to experience it 😂 (though Bliss is the better song imo) The falsetto is pretty pale in comparison to its younger days anyhow, I think Matt’s best just singing the last chorus normally nowadays.
  3. Everything you’d hoped? Criminal to wait 10 years for such a signature live song (rare as it is over yonder).
  4. Spiral Static (big time) and Unintended are new features in my list for this. SS is one of those that I’ve just casually slept on for a decade before realise “oh shit it’s actually maybe one of their best songs”. Unintended also maybe gets written off a bit ‘cos it’s old and a really conventional ballad but the sentiment and vocals are gorgeous.
  5. Origin ——— Drones Resistance ——— Sim Theory Showbiz ——— Black Holes ——— The 2nd Law Absolution
  6. My thoughts since Knights finished on the 15th of September 😂 Feel sadder about leaving this era than the others I’ve been around for, ludicrously strict sets aside. I like that we’ve not had any real hints for their next direction yet though, would love it to stay that way right up until the first single.
  7. Lovely send off from Matt: ”Performing on stage isn’t just being in the now, it’s also my childhood dream visualised into reality and my life flashing before my eyes in old age, all transcending time and converging into the present moment, to the most important thing, to connect with you, you wonderful people. I’m so lucky to have shared so much with so many.” ❤️ So that’s it I guess...into the lonely void of silence while we wait for the next LP build up. Aside from that Global Citizen gig (which I’ll try and get to), wonder if they’ll maybe do stuff like Fuji Rock and Grass Is Greener to catch up with Japan and Australia as well.
  8. Had a feeling it might get developed into a full song for a while now, not sure why. Could just see Matt go from initially messing about with it to something clicking and him increasingly enjoying it, trying to get the band/fans involved etc. My only thing is it’s a bit Psycho/Uprising but hopefully they’d try and do something different with it if they do flesh it out.
  9. Mentioned it a couple of times this year but this weekend has officially been the 10 year mark for me as a fan Feels strange, like it’s not a huge number but feels aaages ‘cos of how much has happened. I won’t write some big soppy post but I’m just really thankful I found this band during their pomp and the fanbase has been a joy to be part of. Finding them at 13 means they shaped a huge part of me growing up until now, genuinely can’t imagine how different I’d be otherwise. It’s given me most of my favourite memories - my first gig, favourite album in full, SBE, the Psycho Tour, semi meeting the band, album build-ups/leaks, the O2 Assassin saga, camping outside venues and meeting all the different fans with their own stories, setlists/picks/drumsticks - that I think about fondly almost daily So hopefully they keep going for a good while yet ‘cos if they can squeeze all that into 10 years, I’m only excited for the next 10.
  10. Honestly god knows, it’s bizarre imo. I think Live At Rome sold pretty poorly, wonder if that’s contributed to Matt thinking literally 11 people on planet earth buy DVDs. Tbf they did say they were gonna do it a fair while ago, sometime around when the gigs were announced iirc. Most places also don’t really give it a good enough reaction to warrant doing it regularly.
  11. The fact Matt’s suggested they resort to a gofundme for a Drones DVD kinda smells like they’re done with that format to me. Also if they play Blockades at even one of these last 5 gigs, I will literally take it as a personal slight and offer Matt out.
  12. BITM would be a brill thread to follow More v strange fusion stuff. Take the ‘unafraid to be ridiculous’ mindset as usual but apply it to the nth degree to some more unconventional song structures and genre combinations.
  13. I think Dom said a little while ago they were already thinking about the next album, doubt we’ll see it ‘til 2021 like (💔). At this point, I honestly don’t know. Said in another thread that I’d find it refreshing if Matt went back to the writing style/influences he used for Showbiz but that’s just not gonna happen if we’re honest. We had a pretty focused rock album in Drones and pop/electronic experimentation on ST so they’ve sort of covered their main bases well recently. They could do some more orchestral stuff but that’s always been their least interesting element imo. If there was an area of their sound they could realistically explore more, I’d be interested in them maybe delving into the prog a bit deeper.
  14. I think that’s more the general consensus than controversial 😂 I haven’t watched any fan vids tbf, saw enough actual gigs, but I kinda know what you mean. It wasn’t easy having a couple or few in a row that felt exactly the same. There were a few that stood out though, Manchester in particular. Matt seemed to be having a lot of fun there to me.
  15. Showbiz, as an album/era ❤️ I don’t dig any of this “they sound young/naive/still developing” blah blah. It’s fucking incredible. Read through a list of songs from that era and it’s literally hit after hit, maybe 2 or 3 rusty tunes in the whole bunch. An indie garage/rock and blues/jazz mix fuelled by raw emotion. 3rd best album. Dying to hear it remastered. Sorta think it’d be really refreshing if Matt attempted that style of writing again for a record - less hook/riff based with big themes, more focused on feeling and jazz/blues influences. Go back to ripping off Jeff Buckley basically, it’s been long enough, I promise no one’ll mind.
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