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  1. Don’t get me wrong, ‘less is more’ is never completely irrelevant, but has excess not always kinda been a big part of Muse’s pull? Don’t really understand the idea that a synth should only be used to back the instruments they’re more known for either, making it the primary instrument for a change seems like it’d be way more likely to result in something new. By the sounds of Matt’s current solo stuff and how he’s described the stuff he makes alone, I think there’s a decent chance he could make something quite different - more heady and less bombastic. With Muse, I do think ST was probably their ‘synth’ album tbh and it was a decent step up from what they’d dabbled with before but I’d like something that really went all in. You never know though, if they wanna avoid repeating themselves I can’t think of many other places they have left to go.
  2. ^ add Algorithm to this conversation also please I’ll be honest, in terms of compelling piano usage, I don’t think the balance has been that different between the 2 halves of their career. I’d like a deeper dive into synth stuff personally, feels like that has the most untapped potential.
  3. Jobby

    Origin XX

    They also say “the reissue is definitive” though, soooo I find it amazing that they point out New Born’s drums specifically as something that improved, when to me they stand out for exactly the opposite. Nah in all seriousness, I relistened to it all last night in super quality with headphones and honestly some of it is incredible, enough to make me a bit emotional even. Futurism is one of the best mixes I think I’ve ever heard, full stop. Hyper Music is comically blown out to fuck, there’s a weird hiss at the start of Bliss and a few songs have weak drums in spots but, other than that, the mixes themselves are great. Just wish they’d been able to hold back in terms of tampering with the original, it keeps songs like Space Dementia/CE/Micro Cuts from being my new go-to versions. Black Holes next with Futurism treatment and personally consult me with what to re-add or take away and I’ll cry. Edit: also, got a response to my support email, says they’re unaware of the Micro Cuts issue 🤨 doubt, but they say they’ve forwarded it higher for now
  4. Literally spent the entire second half just repeating “go on Matt lad” at increasing volumes Shouldn’t really be a surprise that he can still achieve that in-studio tbf but I guess you get used to hearing it in a live environment so much that you think that’s all his voice can do. The last harmony was gorgeous as well, was wondering how he’d pull that off as the song went on.
  5. Jobby

    Origin XX

    I mentioned in my email from the off that I didn’t think sending new copies would solve anything since, by all accounts, it’s a universal problem with this pressing. Followed that up by asking if things would be fixed with a future pressing and if there was any idea when that might be, so we could get a copy then instead (either sent as a replacement or with refund money). Fingers crossed they’re working something out 🤞
  6. Can’t tell how I feel about GL 😅 in theory, it’s gorgeous….but that’s just because I love Jeff Buckley and this *is* a Jeff Buckley impersonation in every way. Which I can’t tell if is a sweet ‘full circle’ type thing for Matt, or just kinda creepy. Needs some ponderin’. Fucking humongous respect for the vocals on TAB though.
  7. Shame about the delay, was really looking forward to going in and picking it up on release day 💔 in other news, our Bellz has inevitably dipped into NFTs but I’m just glad it was at least for this and not Muse (though would absolutely not be shocked to see similar tomfoolery for LP9 either) if it was intentionally silly, I’d love it but, alas, I am doubtful and so my enjoyment must remain ironic also only like 30% of Drones isn’t quality, I’ll have less of that slander
  8. Jobby

    Origin XX

    Haven’t tested my pressing yet, but yeah the Micro Cuts thing seems to be standard. Personally really doubt that sending another copy now would be any different, imagine it’ll be the whole batch. How long it’ll be before another one, god knows. Guess people with the coloured variants are just stuck with that as well. I’ll test mine and also try emailing though. On the scale of Muse fuck ups, this is pretty up there. How does something that glaring make the final product?
  9. It says #recordingsession sooooo? Thunderbirds are go?
  10. Jobby

    Origin XX

    Nah, Black Holes in particular is practically begging for this treatment imo. Such a messy and uber compressed record that would really benefit from a more modern, open clarity. It’s always a risk to start adding in extra stems that were originally cut though, I agree. But I’d absolutely foam at the mouth for a faithful remix. (…though I wouldn’t mind dancing with the devil and bringing back the piano for Hoodoo’s intro and outro) Is this available on CD? I’ve only seen vinyl.
  11. Jobby

    Origin XX

    Though, speaking of Abso and Black Holes re-releases, what would people want? I’m assuming off the bat that AP’s strings would be restored, which I wouldn’t be against. Maybe combine the album and guitar mix of B&H too. If there are recordings of the early Soldier’s Poem and Endessly versions, they’d be nice. With Black Holes, all I can think off is including some of the Miraval material.
  12. You think we’ll get the first single nearly a year before the album releases? :S
  13. Jobby

    Origin XX

    Obviously Muse have always been an over-the-top band, it’s one of their biggest draws, but I don’t think there’s much room for denying that they have still lost some sense of restraint and fallen deeper into the tunnel-vision “more = better” mindset over the years. You can’t really get a more textbook example than these XX interviews. 2001 Muse openly admitted to cutting elements because they were too much and didn’t fit the song or album, 2021 Muse can’t fathom why they weren’t used and throws everything back on without question. Similarly, even by Black Holes, they were still rejecting songs like Soaked for sounding too cheesy and going too far, then by the next record that became their standard piano ballad. Drones was relatively stripped back in comparison to its surrounding albums but that’s largely because they went out of their way to hire a strict producer in Mutt. When they have more control, like normal, you get a TR, T2L or Sim Theory. That’s not inherently a bad thing for me, I still love them like I’ve said (well, one of those 3 at least). But they have changed and their more modern mindset doesn’t mesh well with something like Origin’s charm at all, and it ends up being really telling is all I’m saying. Not just in the additions, but the mixing in general imo.
  14. Jobby

    Origin XX

    Yeah, honestly this whole vibe made me chuckle a fair few times throughout. I still love Muse now, Sim Theory’s my 4th favourite record, but I guess we do now have an answer to the old hyposthesis of “how would x album sound if Modern Muse made it?” and it’s pretty on-point. Obviously the whole ‘less is more’ being a non-existent concept is a big part of that (I mean, who wouldn’t have bet their house on every shred of unused strings coming back with extreme prejudice?) but even just in terms of the overall mix as well. After hearing CE, I thought it was gonna be a lot worse though ngl. In the end, it’s not excruciating and I’m not mad it exists. Some people are very keen for it and fair play to them but I don’t think this will generally be taken in as the ‘intended’/definitive version of Origin by any means. There are a few nice additions to hear, even if not all of them actually work, and the odd song is mostly better off. It’s just a shame that even those (bar Screenager and maybe Bliss) also have something that frustratingly drags them back, for me at least. Really doubt it tbh, pretty sure they always planned 2021 to be an album recording year and they seemed pretty definitive about the 2011 shows. Matt also kinda waved the idea off when he was asked about it in an interview a while ago iirc. It’s something a lot of people started to talk about again coming up to this year but I never really liked the idea at all tbh, for a bunch of reasons. They already did it with all the bells and whistles at L+R 2011, around Matt’s peak vocally, so anything else would inevitably be a step down. It’d also set a pretty awkward precedent to have only celebrated 1 album’s anniversary, and then to have played it in full each decade since release. Like, do they just keep playing Origin every 10 years until they retire? Then there’s the fact that, after the 2011 shows, they purposefully didn’t do any other anniversary shows that decade because they didn’t want people to start expecting it of them - so if that happened again, I’d rather at least see a new anniversary than an old one repeated. I get that I’m speaking from the POV of someone who was around for and lucky enough to see the 2011 show though, if I hadn’t I’d almost certainly be begging for it as well. But, trying to be objective, it’s best that people move on and the band leave those shows to remain special imo. #BlackHoles2026 bayBEE
  15. Jobby

    Origin XX

    Ultimately, even seemingly odd choices/mistakes aside, Origin was always the album that needed a new, updated shiny modern mix the least anyway. If any record benefits from sounding raw and harsh at times, it’s that. Releasing the stems would’ve been nice as part of the package, to make it stand out a bit more. The main thing I’m taking away from this project is that it’s hopefully the start of a few updates to other records that could actually do with the treatment this decade. Cough cough we all know which I mean cough. …or maybe they’ll just continue to exclusively obsess over different Origin-related anniversaries :’)
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