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  1. So we’ve had our first crumb of news! ...buuuut unfortunately it makes this thread likely redundant for a good while since work on LP9 is apparently gonna start towards the end of this year, meaning we probably won’t see a release until mid-late 2021 💔 Anyway, let’s get this in early to quell the absolute torrent of posts I’m sure are just around the corner. Other than that, seems like we’ll be returning to the traditional album release format as opposed to the staggered one for ST but that’s all we know so far. No hint of a direction yet. I’m excited at least 😁
  2. Yeah, March/April is usually when the TCT shows happen. Would make sense I guess, been a long time since they’ve done it and a charity show is worth stepping off a break for as a one off. Doubt they’ll do a ton of rehearsal for it though so wouldn’t expect much special. Maybe organ Meg as a throwback at most.
  3. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Teenage Cancer Trust 20th? (also v cute about the 2nd baby)
  4. Ikwym and thought that myself but when I say ‘good enough to make the album’, I sorta mean ‘an’ album, if that makes sense. B-sides have a kinda distinct ‘yeah we’re kinda throwaway/inconsequential’ vibe to me, even if they’re not bad. So while Showbiz isn’t as strong as Origin, I’d still only take the same few of its b-sides on the album ‘cos they’re the only ones that feel like they should be on an album.
  5. HCM and Futurism are fantastic, true, forgot. Nature_1 pretty average though, and that’s still only a really select few you could argue are good enough to make the album, compared to Showbiz’s long list. The rest aren’t bad for the most part, just definitely ‘b-sides’ if that makes sense.
  6. OOS is a fantastic album but has pretty average b-sides tbh. Shine, I love. The Gallery, Bedroom Acoustics, Shrinking Universe and Map Of Your Head are good/decent. CTMEOY maybe? But Host, Spiral Static, Twin, Recess, Con-Science, Do We Need This and Forced In are all “how did this not make the album” tier. Coma, Agitated, Nishe, Minimum and Yes Please aren’t a bad second rung either. Abso and Black Holes have a couple of great ones but obvs very little.
  7. Mad how superior Showbiz’s b-sides are to any other album era. It’s already my 3rd fave album without some of these on it, too much greatness to fit on one record. Literally all of ‘em would be my answer. Would be such a fun time to see a Showbiz themed gig, we’ve already had an Origin one.
  8. Hard for me to say. They have different festivals in different places so it’s all kinda spread but they’re usually in September tmk. Think I remember reading that Muse’ll be in Europe as well which at least narrows down the continent lmao. I’ve stocked up on points for tickets
  9. Could be wrong but I don’t think it’s uncommon at all for the crew to work other jobs between tours. Pretty sure Morgan does anyway as well. Doubt the break’ll be much longer than others, if at all. We already have Global Citizen this year and know they were thinking about the next album last year.
  10. Still gets me dead nostalgic watching it though. Drones is in that weird limbo of feeling like a long time ago whilst also being relatively recent for me. Maybe ‘cos it’s the first tour where I started going to more gigs.
  11. Global Citizen Pressure Psycho Good News Uprising ~Close Encounters~ Supermassive Black Hole The Dark Side Map Of The Problematique Thought Contagion Interlude - Hysteria - Vuilstamen ~Unsustainable~ Supremacy Apocalypse Please Cross-Pollination Explorers Dig Down (Acoustic) Madness ~Prelude~ Starlight Time Is Running Out Plug In Baby ~Guitar Noise~ Metal Medley Knights Of Cydonia
  12. Damn I remember hearing about the ‘muddy/blurry’ (dunno the technical wordage) faces and colour but...damn
  13. Only just getting round to the Showbiz Live CD now (new releases of old stuff messes with my bootleg collection blah blah) and I’m gonna be kinda petty and say it’s a shame it’s just 2 chopped up gigs that were already out there in full. Woulda been better to get stuff from the last Astoria gig in June, which was actually their own headline show. Or, if they were going for a kinda sandwich of early vs late from that era, something from the last Cavern Club gig in ‘99 or Cardiff Uni from the same Radio 1 tour. Though I guess I really don’t know what they potentially did or didn’t record at the time or kept a hold of over the years even if they did. But still, specific examples aside, woulda been nice to get some gigs we haven’t heard from before.
  14. It was originally meant to be on Showbiz but they just couldn’t get it ready in time (Matt’s vocals iirc), hence why it ended up on PIB and the Japanese edition. So it’s the only one I kinda ‘get’ when people include it on the album.
  15. Guessing you mean Vuilstamen at the end of Earthquake, it’s also at the start of the hidden track for that CD too. Yeah, nice to hear it finally on a studio recording. For some reason, I’d never made the direct tie to Nature_1 despite knowing both ended the same.
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