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  3. It's been a year and a half ,a pandemic ,furlough ,week and weeks of sitting at home , so which Muse album has got you through this ? which Muse dvd ,you tube content has made you sit up and take notice , myself the making of 2nd law and watching the numerous Muse music videos has got me through this .
  4. You can now win one in Guitar magazine Win! A Manson Meta Series MBM-1 https://guitar.com/news/competitions/win-a-manson-meta-series-mbm-1-worth-569/
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  6. Oh joy more content trapped behind a purposefully limited release £100+ package. The marketing at WB really love artificial scarcity these days. Sigh...
  7. looks wicked, i'd have preferred some standard CD of a show mind but this is definitely cool. Not so cool that i've accidentally ordered two of the damn things😂
  8. How many are they going to allow in the cinemas ? have to wear a mask as well
  9. Properly devastated the north of england seems to be getting the shaft. In Newcastle, looking like I have to go to York or Leeds to see it, and with a 6 mo kid at home, it's going to be a hard sell to my missus. Never have kids!
  10. Simulation Theory 三难困境 Sān nán kùnjìng reflecting the current difficult times we are experiencing globally and the hard choices we have to make to survive and effect positive social and political change in the world Top ST tracks ranked by total global video views on YouTube as of 11 August 2020: 22.5 million - Thought Contagion 19 million - Dig Down 18 million - Pressure [Most played track on Spotify with over 59 million streams] 16 million - Something Human 16 million - The Dark Side 7.5 million - Algorithm 3.5 million - Propaganda 3 million - The Void 2 million - Get Up And Fight 2 million - Break It To Me 1 million - Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
  11. Streaming Update Two more MUSE tracks reach the 200 million mark on SPOTIFY as of 12 August 2020: 316 million - Uprising 200 million - Supermassive Black Hole 200 million - Madness 193 million - Starlight 140 million - Psycho 119 million - Knights of Cydonia 110 million - Time Is Running Out 105 million - Hysteria
  12. I agree. I hope if it's just more of an expansion of some of the intermission/in between moments of the live songs with a bit of film... if that makes sense.
  13. Trailer looks interesting! I knew it won‘t be a concert film when Matt said it is their „The Wall“ ... I‘d prefer a normal concert-film, box is really expensive I think, not sure if I‘ll buy it. I just want the Blu-ray ...
  14. I just hope that there's some room in this for a few straightforward performances of songs. I mean, I watch a concert film because I want to see the songs performed like at a gig. This is obviously not that but the trailer makes me think it's the total opposite, more of a movie with just pieces of performances spliced in. I guess we'll find out soon...
  15. 🤩 I've already put my preorder in. The trailer looks amazing! I wish I could see this in theaters. Stupid COVID.
  16. Erm, guys.... https://store.muse.mu/uk/simulation-theory-deluxe-film-box-set.html Hope there's a standard edition of it too
  17. For Muse's sound during the showbiz tour, I read that one amp is used for feedback on the wiki. How do u do that?? Also, I got a marshall DSL 15 and a pac120. Could I nail that kind of sound with that? 😄
  18. Leave it to Muse to do the most illogical, irresponsible thing possible and not only release it in theaters, but likely ONLY in theaters.
  19. Looks like you can now book in the UK at a limited number of Cineworld cinemas for 17th August
  20. This appears to be the only address I can find for the band which I find odd as I assumed they would have a British management address. I intend on writing to them too. I send things off to the states to be signed quite abit (I'm also in the UK). For an international SAE for US to UK you would need something called 'Forever Stamps'. Unfortunately they arnt cheap to buy online (lucky for me my mum lives in the US and sends them to me). You can find them on ebay if it's something you wish to persue. Hope this helps.
  21. Looks like it‘ll be in IMAX - cinemas 🙃
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  23. New song guys:
  24. Interesting .... https://stageverse.com/
  25. Apple iTunes UK Top Songs - Rock Genre on 31 July 2020 Peak Chart Positions #17 We'll Meet Again - The Jaded Hearts Club (featuring Matt Bellamy) - [Vera Lynn cover] Roger Waters referenced her on Pink Floyd's The Wall. Other notable cover versions by Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, The Byrds, Perry Como, Peggy Lee, Anne Murray, the Turtles, and Julie Andrews on a television special in 1974 43K Spotify global streams and 15K YouTube global views as of 11 August 2020 #60 Reach Out I'll Be There - The Jaded Hearts Club & Nic Cester (featuring Matt Bellamy on bass guitar and Dom Howard on drums) - [Four Tops cover on Motown with Holland/Dozier/Holland songwriters] - Reached #1 in 1966 on the both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles charts 86K Spotify global streams and 64K YouTube global views as of 11 August 2020 We'll Meet Again has also entered the iTunes top rock songs charts in Slovenia (#1), Italy (#31) and France (#62) while Reach Out I'll Be There also charted briefly in Italy. Video shoot locations: Los Angeles California and Milano Lombardia Italia
  26. I hoped for a longer version of „We‘ll meet again“ it sounds so unfinished ....... but I enjoy „Reach out I‘ll be there“ , always loved this song, not so sure about the vocals ..
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