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  2. Normally I’d agree with the performances vs variety thing, and Abso had a really good standard of performances dgmw, but idk...when you can start at one end of a whole 2 and a bit year tour and feel like everything’s pretty much exactly the same by the end, that’s a bit blegh imo. To say they only had 3 albums to represent, they got pretty poor coverage. And everything just looked the same and sounded the same and played out the same....eeeehhhhh. You can find a lotta the same fan favourites on other waaay more interesting and exciting tours as well, even if the performances for some don’t hold the same level. The tours as a whole are still miles better imo.
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  5. Claudia O

    Austrian Muser Thread

    Lol hab grad den Anfang des Threads gelesen.. Soit ma leicht wida in Mundoart schreibn 😋
  6. Effin_psycho


    Hi to my muse family It's my birthday and I've had a ticket brought for me by my partner, but it's in her name .(she didnt realise it has to be in my name for me to get in) It says to bring 🆔 . Any idea how we would get around this? Thanks in advance
  7. muse samuse

    Chart history stats for Muse

    MUSE Arena Gigs Box Office Comparison: Sacramento, CA (January 2013)- Avg Ticket Price $45 Gross $274k Sacramento, CA (March 2019) - Avg Ticket Price $81 Gross $468k TM and a few A-list touring acts starting with Taylor Swift are now employing a 'slow ticketing/dynamic pricing' model to reduce the inflated prices charged in the secondary market and instead benefit the artists and promoters by selling Platinum and VIP tickets to fans Simulation Theory - Latest Album Chart Positions for Tracking Week Ended 14 March 2019: #23 USA Billboard Top 100 Current Albums - 18 consecutive weeks on chart* #26 (Re-entry) USA Billboard Top 100 Album Sales with another 3,500 copies sold and 110k+ sold release to date - 14 weeks on chart #36 Portugal Top Albums - 16 weeks on chart #41 France Top Downloaded Album Sales - 18 consecutive weeks on chart #44 Belgium/Wallonia Top Albums - 18 consecutive weeks on chart #62 France Top Physical Album Sales - 18 consecutive weeks on chart #83 Canadian Albums (Re-entry) - 12 weeks on chart #85 France Top Albums (Sales + Streams) - 18 consecutive weeks on chart Drop offs below Top 100: Switzerland and Spain (17 weeks on chart) and Italy (16 weeks on chart) *Chart Run: 5-9-17-56-77-59-38-34-39-63-88-42-22-24-77-10-89-23 UK Trilemma: Remain, Soft Brexit, Hard Brexit (No Deal) USA Trilemma: Impeach/Convict, Indict, Vote out of office in next election Love is merely a madness... - 'As You Like It' (WS) What is it [love] else? A madness most discreet... - 'Romeo and Juliet' (WS) Our love is madness - 'T2L' (MJB)
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/Muse/comments/b2zno3/from_mansons_facebookcould_these_be_matts/ Dunno mate. I still haven't figured out what the yes/no switch on the floyd rose guitars does. 🤔
  9. james90

    Playing Unsustainable

    It might have the wrong program change CCs. I know the whammy 4 and 5 don't match what's in the manual (at least mine don't) and I have to subtract 1 from them, so I did the same for the DT. Maybe that's not the case. Does it start on -2 octave?
  10. It's all about the performances. Even the Black Holes songs (Assassin and Exo-Politics) are generally favored in that tour. It's also a bunch of fan favorite songs even if they were staples at the time so that influences things looking back.
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  12. Purely observationally speaking, the Abso Tour is vastly overrated and easily one of the lesser Muse touring eras. V little variety (performance and set wise), only a handful of standout shows, too much vocal distortion, samey tones and pretty dull aesthetics. Respectably consistent performance levels but so much of it just blurs into one in retrospect.
  13. Anyone from the DMV area attending the Philly Show on 04/07/19?
    I'm heading to Philly to catch the show and I'd like meet fellow Musers...

  14. frutiger75

    2019.03.23 - Austin, TX - IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas

    is anyone here going to this gig? high probability of rain all day + loud cars + shortened set (likely tailored to the masses -- half of which get automatic entry merely by being ticketholders to the race) are making this a tough sell for me to attend...
  15. nerd herd

    Playing Unsustainable

    DT, but I'll try it with the 4 later.
  16. Charlesyoung39

    MuseBay - Sell or Swap Unwanted Tickets Here!

    Number of Tickets: 2 Type of Ticket(s): Seat Date of Show: March 26th, 2019 Venue/City: Atlanta, GA State Farm Arena Available For: Sale Price for two Tickets: 237 US total for two tickets. That's 100% of my original cost, incl fees. Section 107, Row W Payment Options: Paypal or Venmo
  17. Jobby

    Simulation Theory tour discussion

    I’d p much agree with that. General concensus from what I’ve seen seems to be that set length is great, song choice needs more rotation/freshening up and the production is either v impressive or way too much.
  18. james90

    Playing Unsustainable

    Which whammy are you using? I've tested it with the 4 and 5, but don't have a DT. Only difference is the program change CCs
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  20. Crowella

    Human Gear Animato

    Getting to work on the Humster clone, but shh! Still designing it.
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  22. plastic passion

    2019.03.26 - Atlanta, GA - State Farm Arena

    Someone on one of the Muse forums said they lowered the price of GA since it was not selling well and probably did not take down the original price. Pretty sure there is no difference.
  23. 01FromFinland

    Simulation Theory tour discussion

    So I haven't really been on the board a lot, what's our current consensus on the tour/setlist so far? Personally I think the visual side hits it even further out of the park than previous tours, if that's possible. Also the setlists have been pretty banging considering it's the NA leg, but then again someone who doesn't rank ST as highly as I do probably isn't enjoying the sets so far.
  24. JessicaSarahS

    Which is the best location to watch the show?

    Definitely the middle. I feel like you'll miss a lot if you don't have the B-Stage or the background in good view, and the middle allows just that.
  25. 01FromFinland

    The Selling Thread 2: Sorry, #NotForSale

    My Rick is still underused as hell so I'm willing to listen to trade offers. Not really looking for cash. 2004 Rickenbacker 4003, fireglo, original case, paperwork and everything included. Pickup cover is off right now but will of course be included. I'm looking for another bass in exchange. Mostly looking for a 4-string, brands I'm mostly looking for incl. Pedulla, Status, lower-end Alembic, Sadowsky or Fender. Only JB bodies/wirings from Sadowsky/Fender though. If you have any other high-end 4-strings you could offer, do it. Also if someone is willing to do a Manson guitar for Rick + cash, I'm listening, but I can't pay more than a few hundred euros to even out so that probs limits the options.
  26. nerd herd

    Playing Unsustainable

    It is. I can't get the whammy parts to sound the same as your video though. Cubase shows the automation as a solid line like that picture, so I'm not sure what's causing it to sound glitchy. Maybe some MIDI setting deep in a menu I haven't found yet/don't know how to use.
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