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  2. Posting this here, as it‘s related : BBC 6 Music gonna play OOS in full plus an interview from those days!
  3. MUSE Chart Positions at iTUNES as of 3 June 2020: France 44. The Resistance 64. The 2nd Law 95. Drones 278. Absolution 367. Black Holes and Revelations 434. Origin of Symmetry Russia 94. Drones 177. The 2nd Law 265. The Resistance 378. Absolution 385. Black Holes and Revelations 494. Origin of Symmetry United Kingdom 317. Uprising 439. Starlight 911. Supermassive Black Hole 919. Feeling Good 1005. Knights of Cydonia 340. Absolution 683. The Resistance 779. Drones 783. The 2nd Law 795. Black Holes and Revelations 970. Origin of Symmetry United States 1291. The Resistance
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  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CA53eeDFCc9/?igshid=uu25e85hqqpa
  6. Riots in L.A. 😕 Rich Costey and Matt cleared out a studio and saved some of his important guitars !
  7. My life feels so confining after this coronavirus scare which actually reminds me a lot of "Thought Contagion" video/song. I want to go out to a nightclub, isn't it funny that the goth clubs have been "social distancing" forever??? Notwithstanding- I can make stuff, I would love it to have at least some spikes and perhaps chains- post apocalyptic stuff. But, I don't want to go full on gas mask yet--- perhaps that's all our future anyway. ;) I wouldn't wear this sh** at all if family/ friends weren't in health care. Any new merch possible? Or, perhaps a template with Muse Thought Contagion plus contagion symbol plus spike placement you can suggest? Sometimes this feels like a culling or "final solution", but perhaps that's my mind going to dark places. Thank you.
  8. One year ago today 😭 take me back please!
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  10. MUSE Dans Les Charts D'Album Français - Longévité 81 weeks after its release on 9 November 2018 ST spends another week on the France Top 200 Albums Chart dated 29 May 2020 compiled by SNEP and GfK: #192(+6) Simulation Theory (Sales + Streams) - #91 (+13) Physical Sales Album Chart Albums Ranked By Weeks Spent on France Top 200 Album Chart: 220 The Resistance (#1 Peak) 163 Absolution (#1 Peak) 145 Black Holes & Revelations (#2 Peak for three weeks behind the #1 album from French singer-songwriter Laurent Voulzy) 96 The 2nd Law (#1 Peak) 66 Drones (#1 Peak) 66 HAARP (#3 Peak) 64 Origin of Symmetry (#2 Peak) 57 Simulation Theory (#3 Peak behind the #1 album from French legendary rocker Johnny Hallyday and then #2 album from French rapper hip-hop artist Soprano) 50 Showbiz (#59 Peak) 28 Live At Rome Olympic Stadium (#7 Peak) 28 Hullabaloo Soundtrack (#9 Peak) Total Weeks: 983 MUSE - 2013 TOKYO ZEPP VIDEOS - YOUTUBE VIEW COUNTS AS OF 30 MAY 2020 740K 'Futurism' 225K 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' 210K 'Starlight' 165K 'Panic Station' 155K 'Supermassive Black Hole'
  11. Actually one of my favorite things about Muse and what really sets them apart from most other bands for me is just their attention to detail. Even in the early days they always had the sense to leave in a lot of the little noises and feedback bits and random stuff that would give the songs extra flavor and you would find on your like sixth listen. And even though they don't have a ton of that "live in the studio" sort of stuff anymore (although I can't help but think the count off to The Dark Side is a little nod to that), they're so meticulous about adding interesting easter eggs and a variety of layers to every song that it doesn't matter. That and Matt's innate ability to write engaging arrangements are possibly the two biggest factors that keep even Muse's most by the numbers material interesting for me.
  12. Here's some! -The second guitar riff break in SS when Matt does a different pattern of distorted noises than the first one -the morse code in Dom's snare pattern on Starlight 😂 -the high pitched violin fall right at the start of Unsustainable -the outro chord progression on Mercy -the wree-eerw sound and the panning back and forth on the soloed guitar riff at the end of Micro Cuts just before the bass and drums come back in for the last time
  13. I have a copy of OoS in 5.1, as a DTS-CD, and I have been looking for others with no real results. I purchased the Limited Edition box of The Resistance, which should be here in a couple weeks, and it contains a 5.1 mix. I found a download of Absolution in 5.1 but it did not work, and I found another of BHaR in 5.1 which was a dead link. If anyone knows where to find these, I'd love to find out. I must admit that the OoS 5.1 mix is not particularly good, but I would imagine The Resistance will be awesome, considering it's an official release. From my understanding, OoS, Absolution's 5.1 mixes are upmixes made from isolating individual tracks from the stereo recordings, which would explain why the OoS one does not sound like Muse-quality engineering. To be fair, for one of my favorite bands, the engineering wasn't stellar on OoS or Showbiz, but they're still amazing albums. I really want Absolution in 5.1 most of all.
  14. Hi Everyone, I have been a fan of MUSE since 2000, and the first time I heard Muscle Museum on the radio, went and bought the cd, then listened to the whole albume and fell in love. At this same time, I can't remember where I saw this but, I am pretty sure there was a computer screensaver on the album. with the intro to Cave. Does anyone else remember this, and know where I can see it, or available to download? Thanks in advance
  15. I don't think Matt is incapable of expressing emotions in his music, but that doesn't constitute "soul", however subjective that term may be. He used to do anger pretty well, and a sense of alienation or angst. That certainly connected with me on an emotional level. But it's soul that made even Buckley's saddest songs have a hint of sexiness. He made his guitar sing. I'd say Falling Down is the song that comes closest to Matt successfully approximating that idea of soul. And I love the song, he almost pulls it off. I'd love it if using Buckley's guitar puts him back into a spot of trying to convey his emotions through good songwriting and honest three-piece playing. For me though, the question is if he can get close enough to his own emotions to do that, or if his current emotions are interesting enough to share, since his life and songwriting have gone a bit Hollywood.
  16. New interview, talking about that guitar again, plus other things 😎 https://www.guitarworld.com/features/matt-bellamy-as-long-as-the-guitar-can-keep-up-with-making-interesting-sounds-it-will-always-remain-relevant
  17. I've redone my peddle board! The stomp boxes haven't really changed since my GAS died long before this forum did. But I do have the new Atomic modeling amp to the left. Mostly since I work full time now and can't crank tubes late at night with wall-to-wall neighbors. It's super convenient though and sounds pretty good. The board itself is a templeboard which happened to be just the right size to fit everything. The repetitiveness of making patch cables was actually cathartic. Lockdown is getting to me clearly.
  18. I mean that's kinda the thing though right? He's not a robot but he, sometimes literally, acts like one when it comes to the records. This is especially there in more recent albums such as seeing the acoustic Something Human compared to how it ended up on album. I'm not using this as criticizing though, Muse to both its casual and hardcore fans is known and loved for just being extra. There's times when Matt does strip things back but it usually ends up in a kind of playful (or sad) awkwardness. It's very endearing but it's not the 70s style deep emotion from Buckley that we call "soul". But at some point it doesn't really matter. You're not obligated to play a guitar the same way it was played before. But then also why else would you go to such lengths to buy that guitar? I don't really know what he'll pull off. I don't even really know where he is in life right now besides content and with land.
  19. Aye but that’s once, and it sticks very closely to the latin/Spag Western theme of COD and Knights. Abso does it 9 (NINE) times. And we’re talking abrupt switches from fecking nu-metal (Stockholm) to soft/folky acoustic rock (FAWY) or industrial alt. rock (Hysteria) to an orchestral waltz (Blackout). And don’t even get me started on TSP > Endlessly > TOADA > RBS as an ending quartet of ‘fuck it, we give up’. Oof, massively disagree. I mean, yeah, Matt’s not gonna touch what Jeff made with that guitar, we’re talking about one of the most talented artists of all time and an iconic record. Sadly, a lot of Matt’s nuance has been lost in effects, bombastic riffs and walls of noise over the years and Muse have always been rough around the edges in comparison to Jeff’s more silky smooth tendencies but Matt’s more than capable of capturing a hell of a lot of emotion and tenderness in his playing/singing if he lets himself.
  20. That's cool! I know he was a big influence on Matt back in the day. I'm not sure Matt can ever get out of that guitar what Buckley could though. Buckley had soul, and no matter how many times Matt uses the word 'soul' in his lyrics, that's something Muse just never had.
  21. Whoa! Totally missed that Matt was planning on actually using Buckley's Tele on the next album! (I have an aching feeling that the Pitchfork's of the world aren't going to take too kindly to this but ya boy is a-ok with it!) While I'm absolutely gutted by the idea of having to wait until 2022 for a new album but for whatever reason, this is really exciting to me. I would be very cool with the boys looking to Buckley for influence again!
  22. Tour hiatus is good. And isolation may be a creative impulse as well, even if Matt and Dom are done isolating and back in the hot tub together already. Maybe Chris can crank out a solo album in the mean time. Or a few mor kids.
  23. He bought Jeff Buckley's guitar? Or just the same make and model?
  24. I disagree that switching from heavy / light or fast / slow is always bad flow. Look at Hoodoo for example, quite a radical change but still works cohesively together. There's more to it.
  25. That’s it right now, I think. Still quite a way out from them starting work on the album so they don’t have much of a solid idea yet, exciting threads to build on though, especially with the extra time. Matt seems to suggest they won’t get back to it until a decent amount into next year, so I guess that almost solidifies a 2022 release. Plus him also mentioning that they weren’t planning to tour until then anyway.
  26. Ok, thank you! Yes, I ‚ve read about him buying this guitar and he‘s planning to use it! I‘m no big fan of the album Showbiz, it git great songs but as a whole .. no thanks. But if this means he intends to write more heartfelt and personal songs, or with anger, then count me in on the hype! what have we got so far? - making new sounds with the guitar - going back to the beginning/ with the Jeff Buckley-guitar in mind - no mellow ballads for Muse - Muse is more bombastic, heavy .. What else?
  27. I’ve listened to it. Nowt special tbh, we’ve heard the most interesting parts of it already. Most of the hour is just a selection of songs and Matt briefly explaining why he picked them. Little bit of chatter about Jaded Hearts. Y’know what IS interesting though??? Matt has recently bought the Telecaster Jeff Buckley used to record Grace and is planning to use it on the next Muse album. THIS MAN is fully back in 94-99 mode if you weren’t already a believer. (I was originally kinda joking about Showbiz 2 but 👀)
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