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  3. Is there already a schedule available? At what time do the doors open?
  4. FRANCE Albums and Singles Charts Dated 12 July 2019 (Compiled by SNEP): Simulation Theory #14(+27) Digital Album Sales (Downloads) #60(+46) Physical Album Sales (CDs/Vinyl) #61(+51) Top 200 Albums (Physical + Downloads + Streaming) - 35 weeks on chart Top 200 Digital Song Sales (Downloads) #137 (Re-entry) - 'Uprising' MUSE (517 weeks on chart) #151 (Re-entry) - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Nirvana (405 weeks on chart) #154 (Re-entry) - 'Starlight' MUSE #168 (Re-entry) - 'Creep' Radiohead (476 weeks on chart) ITALY Top 100 Albums Chart for Week Ending 11 July 2019 (Compiled by FIMI) Simulation Theory #67 (Re-entry) - 17 weeks on chart
  5. Well, I don't know if this is relevant, but I am looking to get rid of some of t-shirts (bought at tours from 2006 onwards), so PM me if interested.
  6. Adore it ❀️ one of my absolute fave setups, criminal how little pro-shot material there is of it
  7. Last week
  8. Hello Musers! It's an urgent cause! Mirror of Venus is a campaign that seeks to empower victms to speak up against sexual violence. We know the consequences of these crimes can often silence us but you are not alone! We know that talking is one of the most important things to the trauma overcoming and to the confronting of violence against woman. Get more information, follow us on social media and visit our website. Together we are stronger! πŸ™Œ Thank You :) Website mirrorofvenuscampaign.com Facebook Comunity Mirror of Venus Instagram @mirrorofvenus.campaign
  9. I still have some love for the BH&R arenas (even if it had less props).
  10. Hello matthijs, Thanks for your answer and the indications! I thought the website would translate my mail in English 😊 So I'll contact the shop for my question! Thank you!
  11. I'm sorry but we cannot offer support in other language than English; however, I assume that such questions need to be directed to the shop and not to the forum. Use https://store.muse.mu/eu/faqcontact/
  12. Number of Tickets: 1 Type of Ticket: Seated (it's a good seat not far from the stage) Date of Show: Tuesday September 10th, 2019 Venue/City: Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin Price for all Tickets: 109 (original price of the ticket € 109,90), but we can negotiate Postage Options: eTicket, Postage via e-Mail Payment Options: I accept Paypal or bank transfer
  13. Is it because of Matthew's vocal chords, that he can sing high? I can sign that high but only until Plug In Baby high notes. Showbiz is Matthew's highest note, if I am not mistaken. If I cannot reach Matthew's vocal chords high notes, does that mean it is just impossible to reach the high notes even though with much practice and training?
  14. The most downloaded and streamed songs and albums [Peak Positions] following the two concerts at Stadio San Siro [100 mila spettatori a Milano e altri 40 mila a Roma il 20 luglio.] Italia iTunes: 96. Starlight 98. Time Is Running Out 104. Pressure 117. Uprising 143. Psycho 154. Mercy 184. Hysteria 199. The Dark Side 228. Resistance 229. Plug In Baby 230. Madness 232. Supermassive Black Hole 237. Something Human 274. Dead Inside 310. Undisclosed Desires 329. Knights of Cydonia 348. Neutron Star Collision Apple Music: 475. Uprising iTunes Albums: 11. Simulation Theory (Deluxe) 18. Drones 20. Simulation Theory (Standard) 21. Absolution 22. Black Holes and Revelations 123. The 2nd Law 132.Showbiz 142. Live at Rome Olympic Stadium Apple Music Albums: 26. Simulation Theory 162. Black Holes and Revelations 176. The Resistance 189. Drones 189. The 2nd Law 229. Origin of Symmetry 245. Absolution 408. Live At Rome Olympic Stadium
  15. Yeah it’s defo better than Drones. Of arena productions to make a film of, this might be the best? Certainly from a theatric standpoint with the set pieces.
  16. Ok, I admit, it has gone too far, buy I can't stop it: I am a collector of Muse official merchandise (T-shirts and hoodies). My goal was to be able to wear a different piece every day of the month. I succeeded. I want to know if there are other Musers around who have the same addiction. And maybe we can swap or exchange tips for finding gems.
  17. Really? I thought this production was amazing. Not Resistance level but way better than Drones.
  18. They said they were filming the O2 shows, no? Tbh, I really hope they don't go big on a release for this tour. It's been hugely underwhelming. Any of the previous tours - Drones, T2L or The Resistance - had much better productions. In fact, I would have loved to have seen the Resistance towers show given the full DVD treatment. That was an amazing set up.
  19. Iβ€˜d love if they would release a double-Dvd and Blu-ray of Drones and ST 😎
  20. Right then, what does everyone think the boys will do. Its been 2 albums since the last one so i assume we're due another proper live release.
  21. Simulation Theory - Effect of Tour on Sales #26(+3) Netherlands Top 100 Albums #36(Re-entry) Switzerland Top 100 Albums #41(+5) France Digital Albums #100(Re-entry) Spain Top 100 Albums #112(+33) France Top 200 Albums (Impact of France tour dates will be reflected on next week's charts) MUSE are on target to generate about $38 million in ticket sales turnover from over 450K concert-goers in the month of July 2019 at 10 shows in France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal (See June 2019 concert tour stats below) while Ed Sheeran will generate over $700 million in ticket revenue from over 8 million tickets sold at around 260 shows when his almost 3-year Γ· Tour concludes in August 2019. Also, of the projected 1.2 million tickets sold for the MUSE Simulation Theory World Tour in 2019, about 75% or 900K are from concerts taking place in Europe. TOP CONCERT TOURS - MONTH OF JUNE 2019 Ranked by Attendance (Est): 597K - Ed Sheeran - 10 shows in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal 530K - Phil Collins - 17 shows in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, and the Czech Republic 500K - Bon Jovi - 11 shows in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, and Russia (31 May at Luzhniki Stadium) 472K - Spice Girls - 9 shows in the United Kingdom and Ireland 450K - P!nk - 8 shows in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands 375K - Metallica - 6 shows in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium 350K - Dead & Company - 15 shows in the United States 300K - MUSE - 9 shows in the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Finland, and Latvia 275K - twenty one pilots - 21 shows in the United States 230K - Hugh Jackman - 17 shows in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada 222K - BTS - 4 shows in the United Kingdom and France 220K - Ariana Grande - 16 shows in the United States and Canada 200K - Take That - 16 shows in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, and Belgium 175K - Elton John - 13 shows in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Spain 160K - Paul McCartney - 10 shows in the United States 155K - Shawn Mendes - 12 shows in the United States and Canada 98K - The Rolling Stones - 2 shows in the United States Ranked by Gross (Est): $63 million - P!nk $60 million - Phil Collins $55 million - Spice Girls $50 million - Bon Jovi $48 million - Ed Sheeran $40 million - Metallica $28 million - Dead & Company $27 million - BTS $26 million - Ariana Grande $25 million - MUSE $24 million - Paul McCartney $23 million - Take That $22 million - The Rolling Stones $21 million - Elton John $20 million - twenty one pilots $18 million - Hugh Jackman $12 million - Shawn Mendes
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  23. Have some early Cds for sale on my discogs. (www.discogs.com/seller/blue405/profile) Pm if interested. Will sell the whole lot for Β£75. If you live in London, will hand deliver. Cheers.
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