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  4. I think Tab stays, with this skull - but it stayed in the Drones movie so yes, it might have to go this time. I‘d say songs without the dancers won‘t make it into the movie.
  5. TAB would be the most likely to me. Other than that, maybe The Void or even PIB if they feel that’s been on more than enough films at this point.
  6. I think yes, sadly. They’ve done it with the Drones movie, or Rome .. I guess with every released gig? They filmed different shows, who knows if they‘ll stick them together again, I guess yes which is a shame.
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  8. I‘d say sold out again 😳 btw, I have no track 0 on my CD 😭
  9. If they release the O2 shows, do you guys think they'll cut out any songs like with their previous DVDs? I lean towards no since the shows were all basically a story but who knowsssss
  10. Is this sold out everywhere now?
  11. I just found this, what do you think?
  12. Ok. Having a better Hifi-system now, hearing stuff on CD and vinyl I coudn‘t before .. a question: Newton Abbot demo ( it sounds a lot better now btw) , in the song Ashamed Matt is singing „Fuck you fuck you“, quite mumbled and drowned, at about 2:43 ? The vinyls sound better now as well, not excellent tough .. btw, parenting done right cause my 12 yrs old is loosing it over Dead Star 🤘😎
  13. I hail from the daark siiide ... it‘s like Matt read this thread and had to write a new dark song 😂 of course I know he never reads here ..
  14. Muse won the NME Award for best Reissue 😎
  15. can't believe i have never heard this. i don't suppose anyone would be able to PM a download of it cause i can't get any of the youtube to mp3 sites to work?
  16. Btw, I‘m still here, but there is really nothing musically to talk about. only personal Matt stuff I won‘t and don‘t like to talk about 😒
  17. Hi, I’m trying to change the e-mail address of my muse.mu account but it keeps giving the following message: "The e-mail address marinomozes@outlook.com is already taken.". Requesting a new password using my new e-mail address didn’t work either. I hope you can help, thanks! My old e-mail address is marmoz@home.nl and my new e-mail address is marinomozes@outlook.com.
  18. Hey guys. We've put a new song out: ''Wonder''. Hope you enjoy it.
  19. Out in summer, Matt said so 😍
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