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  2. Yay I love those threads! Let‘s get this started! I’d say possible release late 2021 or early 2022 ? Good things take time ! Breaking the 3-years album circle this time?
  3. So we’ve had our first crumb of news! ...buuuut unfortunately it makes this thread likely redundant for a good while since work on LP9 is apparently gonna start towards the end of this year, meaning we probably won’t see a release until mid-late 2021 💔 Anyway, let’s get this in early to quell the absolute torrent of posts I’m sure are just around the corner. Other than that, seems like we’ll be returning to the traditional album release format as opposed to the staggered one for ST but that’s all we know so far. No hint of a direction yet. I’m excited at least 😁
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  5. Yeah, March/April is usually when the TCT shows happen. Would make sense I guess, been a long time since they’ve done it and a charity show is worth stepping off a break for as a one off. Doubt they’ll do a ton of rehearsal for it though so wouldn’t expect much special. Maybe organ Meg as a throwback at most.
  6. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Teenage Cancer Trust 20th? (also v cute about the 2nd baby)
  7. New interview! https://alt987fm.iheart.com/content/2020-01-19-matt-bellamy-says-hes-definitely-having-a-baby/ Ok ... err ... Global Citizen gig and MAYBE something at Royal Albert Hall but apart from that, a year off and some other personal things going on ...
  8. No, I don‘t think this clip will be in the movie. It just reminded me of the tour and then I thought about the movie. Matt said it will be in the cinema, and maybe on-demand-DVD/Bluray. But we all know Matt .. 😅 couldn‘t find his post about the on-demand DVD .. he answered somebody in the comments in a post ..
  9. Don't know what he's said about it but that looks more like a VR experience to me, more so than cinema
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  11. He was at the NAMM-show in Anaheim, California, 2 days ago presenting them 😁 😅
  12. I just browsed through Matts old Instagram-posts and found one from Paris last year, amazing! When will they show this film in the cinemas? Summer? https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzx9RoDDbDF/?igshid=o7dbz0j7jskg
  13. 1. Isolated System 2. Dead Inside 3. The Dark Side 4. Eternally Missed 5. New Born+Microphone Fiend Riff 6. Interlude+Hysteria 7. Psycho 8. Supremacy 9. Citizen Erased 10. Unsustainable 11. Break It To Me 12. Propaganda 13. Supermassive Black Hole+Endless Nameless Riff 14. Plug In Baby 15. Something Human 16. Pressure 17. Algorithm 18. Take A Bow 19. Starlight 20. Knights Of Cydonia 21. MK Ultra+School Riff 22. Reapers 23. Stockholm Syndrome+Negative Creep Riff+Township Rebellion Riff+Execution Commentary Riff
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  15. Hi again everyone. Here's my latest one man band cover. Knights of Cydonia. Again I created the bass, synths, trumpet and drums on Cubase then added the guitars and vocals afterwards. (Obviously I used the intro effects from the original) Hope you enjoy!
  16. 1. MK Ultra+School Riff 2. Interlude+Hysteria 3. Resistance 4. Break It To Me 5. Uprising 6. Propaganda 7. Supremacy 8. The Dark Side 9. Sing For Absolution 10. Unsustainable 11. Fury 12. Thought Contagion 13. Supermassive Black Hole 14. Map Of The Problematique+Assassin Riff+Who Knows Who Riff+Maggie's Farm Riff 15. Citizen Erased 16. Space Dementia 17. The Void 18. Dead Inside 19. Plug In Baby 20. Showbiz 21. Algorithm 22. Reapers 23. Pressure 24. Stockholm Syndrome+Township Rebellion Riff+Execution Commentary Riff+Endless Nameless Riff
  17. It‘s a strange situation for me as this album brought me back to Muse, hearing Supremacy on the radio, watching Live at Rome on TV .. I loved it when I purchased it! But then Drones was released. Imo so much better. Now my ranks are now: Drones ST T2l 😐
  18. The 2nd Law really fell out of favor didn't it? It's a mess of an album but it is very fun in the moment. That moment was over 7 years ago so all we have is hindsight. I guess its charm isn't enough anymore, but it still sticks around for me. Mind you, I'd probably still vote for it.
  19. True. But there are no 100+ ppl here anymore ..
  20. Eh, 10 people voted. I think T2L might win out with a larger sample size.
  21. Ok ... I thought T2l would win ...
  22. Ikwym and thought that myself but when I say ‘good enough to make the album’, I sorta mean ‘an’ album, if that makes sense. B-sides have a kinda distinct ‘yeah we’re kinda throwaway/inconsequential’ vibe to me, even if they’re not bad. So while Showbiz isn’t as strong as Origin, I’d still only take the same few of its b-sides on the album ‘cos they’re the only ones that feel like they should be on an album.
  23. I agree that Showbiz has more b-sides that could have made the album, but that's partly because Showbiz is a worse album than OoS. The good OoS b-sides are still way better songs imo.
  24. HCM and Futurism are fantastic, true, forgot. Nature_1 pretty average though, and that’s still only a really select few you could argue are good enough to make the album, compared to Showbiz’s long list. The rest aren’t bad for the most part, just definitely ‘b-sides’ if that makes sense.
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