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  2. Origin ——— Drones Resistance ——— Sim Theory Showbiz ——— Black Holes ——— The 2nd Law Absolution
  3. I agree with you, except I would exchange your third place for Absolution 😁 my fave album is still Oos, but lately I keep putting on Bh&r and enjoy it so much! The great opener Tab, then what you said 👍 but then I‘m so used to the live version of Koc now that the studio version seems a bit odd. I love the song, but live much more! Drones has a great flow, but not all the way through. Mercy, Revolt and Aftermath interrupt my flow 😅 Absolution has a great opener again and can hold the flow very well.
  4. Yeah this is definitely true. You could always get a file from someone else, but it will have to be played to match how it's written. Plus if you need to go in and fix something that doesn't sound quite right, it could become a bit tricky. I've learned so much about DAWs and MIDI from writing this file as well, so it's worth it in a way.
  5. I had no idea too tbh haha, just check 2-3 pages back in this topic, you’ll see that’s it’s my first time doing an automation too, I hadn’t an idea on how to even change the grids 😂
  6. oh awesome! fair i have no knowledge of this stuff lmao
  7. @james90 I’ll keep it in mind. Behringer UR22 is basically a Focusrite 2i4, but for much cheaper. Since I’m not going to be able to use it well (due to the computer being shitty) it won’t be necessary to get something too good I guess. @nightleld Thanks! I used Logic like I mentioned above. The file isn’t completely finished IMO, so I don’t think I’ll upload it in a near time 😕 However, it’s a pitch shifter, so it plays whatever you want it to, so the tabs depend on your file. Btw it’s a weird tip, but if you really want to play it good, I suggest you at least try to create your “custom” file, because 1)like I said above, since it’s a pitch shifter you’ve got infinite possibilities to play it. 2) and most importantly; I’m %100 sure if I already had found a midi file for this song before, I couldn’t play it this well.
  8. THAT AWAS WESOME like seriously fucking great what daw did you use? do you intend on releasing the file for it and tab? cool if not but awesome if u r also nice telecaster my man
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  10. In terms of flow - Would have BH&R as a first ( transition From TAB to Starlight to SMBH is So tight) OOS second ( love the flow from CE to Micro Cuts - then Drones due to the overall vibe and story
  11. vote for the best one and write down your top 3 😎
  12. Last week
  13. My thoughts since Knights finished on the 15th of September 😂 Feel sadder about leaving this era than the others I’ve been around for, ludicrously strict sets aside. I like that we’ve not had any real hints for their next direction yet though, would love it to stay that way right up until the first single.
  14. Only UK festivals they could realistically be playing next year would be Isle of Wight, TRNSMT, Belfast Vital or Glasgow Summer Sessions
  15. for what it's worth -- as of today, according to a source, muse will not be at any of the 4 major US festivals next year. but things can always change... i expect an extended break until anytime this winter/very early spring 2020, then studio, then a few random festivals late summer, and album release in early 2021 with a tour starting mid-to-late spring 2021.
  16. Ich kann dir jetzt nix zu Amsterdam sagen, aber ich fand ‚s super, dass sie in Mexiko ind den Gigs in Südamerika Showbiz spielten! Ich möchts auch gern mal live hören, aber ich glaub das wird schon, irgendwann 🤔 Dann haben sie das Publikum zwischen Bliss und Showbiz abstimmen lassen, find ich witzig! Ja, die Tour ist vorbei. Hab das von Matt gelesen, und er denkt schon an die nächste 🤪 jetzt kommt erstmal Origin of Muse! Es wird ja über mögliche Gigs oder eine Mini-Tour spekuliert , Daumen halten 🙃
  17. Lovely send off from Matt: ”Performing on stage isn’t just being in the now, it’s also my childhood dream visualised into reality and my life flashing before my eyes in old age, all transcending time and converging into the present moment, to the most important thing, to connect with you, you wonderful people. I’m so lucky to have shared so much with so many.” ❤️ So that’s it I guess...into the lonely void of silence while we wait for the next LP build up. Aside from that Global Citizen gig (which I’ll try and get to), wonder if they’ll maybe do stuff like Fuji Rock and Grass Is Greener to catch up with Japan and Australia as well.
  18. Ich kenne die Setlist von Amsterdam nicht. Welcher Song wurde für the void denn gestrichen? Ja, die ganze Bühnenshow war schon echt fantastisch. War so ziemlich das Beste was ich jemals gesehen habe. Jetzt ist die Tour ja zu Ende gegangen. Matt hat übrigens ganz süß auf Instagram geschrieben - unter dem Beitrag von Muse in Lima.
  19. Yeah that's definitely true. I stopped using my MacBook (same amount of ram) for these projects. Can't simply add more either, since it requires a completely different board. But yes, if you have several MIDI tracks with their own instruments and plugins going at the same time, it's going to slow things down a bit. So it does make sense to convert them into a single .wav file and re-import it into the project, just so you have that and the whammy control. I haven't checked if the Focusrite stuff is having any issues, but I don't think those actually require their own drivers like Steinberg does. I did re-install the driver and it seems fine so far. I think it was just the 1st gen Focusrite interfaces that had clipping issues. I had the 2i2 1st gen and I always had to keep the gain super low on it, but the 2i4 2nd gen that replaced it seemed fine. I recall it also had switches on the front to pad the inputs, which helped. I've not tried the 3rd gen models though. The one I have is the UR-RT2. Not familiar with the UR22, but this one is pretty decent. Main issue besides the driver is that some of the features that would normally be on the interface itself (such as the input/playback control on the Focusrite) have to be adjusted separately through the included software. I can't say I find their software particularly intuitive, though I've only used Cubase. It does appear to be easier on the computer, and is a little more flexible with drawing automation
  20. Boxscore from Billboard MUSE O2 Arena, London (14-15 September 2019) 30,600 Attendance / Tickets Sold $3,032,640 Gross Sales SJM Concerts (Promoter) Box Office Report from Pollstar MUSE Foro Sol, Mexico City (2-3 October 2019) 94,400 Attendance / Tickets Sold $4,968,447 / 97,958,335 pesos Gross Sales OCESA-CIE (Promoter) Most streamed MUSE albums following the concert date in Santiago and the first-ever gig in Lima and the last stop of the ST World Tour: Chile Apple Music Albums: 7. Simulation Theory 55. Absolution 61. Origin of Symmetry 69. Drones 72. Black Holes and Revelations 103. The 2nd Law Peru Apple Music Albums: 8. Simulation Theory 25. Absolution 29. The 2nd Law 33. Drones 38. Black Holes and Revelations 40. Origin of Symmetry 79. The Resistance 96. Live at Rome Olympic Stadium 143. Showbiz
  21. Thanks! Well I’ve used as little data as possible, didn’t used midi datas for the backing track, just made them wav files since my macbook air is not so good for making music (8gb ram). In soundcheck, I always checked the midi file for Whammy, and thank god I did It didn’t do the program changes and automation at first, I restarted the computer and created a new plugin for it a several times, since the problem probably may have been caused with the other audio interface we were using. Unfortunately this week I had to update to latest software, it may be a part of the problem too I guess, I don’t know (the audio interface we were using was Focusrite 2i2). Maybe try creating a new midi external instrument plugin and put the file on that and try again. Also out of topic, which Steinberg interface are you using? I was thinking about getting a simple Focusrite but I heard they have some clipping problems. I was thinking about getting a Steinberg Ur22 since it has also got midi, which I always use, for nearly half price of Focusrite.
  22. Sounds great - you're certainly brave for attempting that live, especially when Matt seems to have things go wrong with the MIDI stuff at times. Though I guess there's a lot more that could go wrong with the amount of stuff he uses. The one time I played that in front of others (just to demo the track) I didn't have the box ticked. Didn't go too well. Also, unrelated, but if you're using a mac - I'd take caution if you plan to update to the new OS. I just did, and it doesn't recognize my audio/MIDI interface anymore. I gather it's more because steinberg didn't update their driver, but it does apply to other brands as well.
  23. Well, yesterday we had a little show and I requested Unsustainable a lot, so we decided to play it! In the backing track we only used the reporter, robot, and the orchestra sounds. Unfortunately the sound engineer decreased the sound of the backing track and my guitar in the middle of the song but it felt SO good to play it live.. Here are some clips! @james90 I had problems with external instrument plugin before, because I didn't select that box when I was creating that midi external midi file in the first place Anyway I changed it before the show. IMG_3355 2 copy.mp4 IMG_3355 copy.mp4
  24. Where I live (Italy), the rock in rio concert was in morning, so it started in like 6-6:30 and ended in 7.30-8.00 and my school was in 8:30, so it was the perfect timing haha, Metal Medley was AMAZING with those proshots of Murph..
  25. Please move it to songs&releases, thx!
  26. Had a feeling it might get developed into a full song for a while now, not sure why. Could just see Matt go from initially messing about with it to something clicking and him increasingly enjoying it, trying to get the band/fans involved etc. My only thing is it’s a bit Psycho/Uprising but hopefully they’d try and do something different with it if they do flesh it out.
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