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  1. I would've put it in there but at that point I thought The Handler would be the only Drones track. In hindsight I guess CE could be there instead.
  2. No promises that the flow of this would make any sense since it's one for each track number and I want to include each album at least once, but New Born Resistance Time is Running Out Falling Down Stockholm Syndrome The Handler Animals Defector Blackout Hoodoo Exogenesis 3 And I'll stop there because it'd just end up being the rest of Absolution.
  3. Quite a lot, really. I keep finding that the songs I like aren't very popular around here. Falling Down, Darkshines, The Small Print, Endlessly, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, Invincible, Exo-Politics, Resistance, Undisclosed Desires, Unnatural Selection, Madness, Explorers, Dead Inside.
  4. Just now listened to it all the way through, and my first impression is not bad at all. My expectations went up and down a bit before, and I was kinda dreading the last few tracks since I was getting the idea that that's where it would all go to shit. Honestly though it was still pretty good. The first half is strong, even if Dead Inside is an odd opener, Psycho is a bit repetitive and Mercy sounds a bit too much like Starlight. And after that it's still decent. Revolt is let down by the prechorus, but otherwise I enjoy it. Aftermath starts out well even if it turns into something not so good by the end. I like the individual parts of the Globalist, and I actually thought the shift from the first section to the second worked fine, but the shift into the final section happens far too abruptly, and the final section could do with being shorter. And the title track is interesting and works well as a closer, even if I laugh at every mention of "drones". I think they actually did a good job of toning things down and avoiding too much genre-hopping this time. Sure there are tracks of various kinds, but they've always done that to some extent. In a way it makes sense that this is what comes out when a band that's made T2L decides to have a crack at repeating OoS or something. Obviously it isn't the same, but I can see that's because things have changed in the meantime. How good is it compared to the others? Hard to say right now. The lyrics are a big letdown for me, since they distract from otherwise good songs more than ever. Musically I probably enjoy it more than T2L, but not as much as TR, which I liked more than a lot of people did anyway. It wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it could be, and it's a genuinely enjoyable album. I'll definitely be listening to it some more.
  5. I listened to this again for the first time in ages yesterday, and it wasn't so bad. The way it all comes together isn't so good though. Too many tracks with elements of great songs, and a lot that were much more enjoyable live. Explorers-Big Freeze-Save Me as one chain was a big mistake too, and honestly I think it would be a better album if they just took Follow Me out of it. Compared to my first impressions of some of the songs, it's a pretty good album. But it's messily put together and feels too much like it's capitalising on what people had come to expect after The Resistance (a far better album imo).
  6. I'm definitely happy with this one. A bit weird that the whole first half of the album has been made available already, but whatever, great song. The other tracks have grown on me more by now, but I loved this one immediately.
  7. I haven't been too impressed so far. I thought Reapers and Mercy both sounded good from live recordings, but not as great in the studio versions somehow. It probably doesn't help that the studio versions make the painful lyrics much more obvious. Like I've often stood up for Muse's lyrics in the past but this time they really aren't good. As for albums in order of preference... I guess I don't really see Drones being very high up there.
  8. I just wish those lyrics didn't make me think of this (from about 0:40): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6szE_qmzavQ
  9. Hmm... Falling Down Darkshines Invincible Neutron Star Collision Resistance (I know they play it all the time, but I get the impression a lot of fans don't like it)
  10. This should definitely be a single. It's so damn catchy and I keep re-listening to it. I'd say it's one of my favourites from The 2nd Law right now.
  11. The way that the guitar just disappears completely in the verses, after that big riff, will take some getting used to I think. It is good though! Possibly the most interesting track on the album.
  12. I'd agree with that. As much as I personally liked The Resistance, it was disappointing that so many of the songs flopped live and others just didn't get the chance at all. I can see a lot of these being pretty good live though.
  13. It's still early, but what I'm thinking right now is: Absolution>OoS>The Resistance>BHaR>2L>Showbiz So it's still decent, but far from their best for me.
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