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  1. Probably in the same boat. I can skip past poor lyrics aslong as the song sounds good. Not bothered about guitar wankery or how good musically it is, probably why i have enjoyed Muse over the years. I like Matts Voice, and i do like the blend between Rock and pop. Can relate to thought contagion. From my POV, ive completely switched off from the news recently. Brexit has numbed me, it was a messy referendum and nothing has happened since. Goverment is in a stale chaos,opposition isnt up to much, the third parties are irrelevant. Nothing is happening and both parties are content with everything going tits up for thier own beliefs. Also the news is really grim, so id rather do something else than get angry at a screen. Everyone is carrying on as normal, and getting angry and upset is just a waste of time. Why put yourself under stress and worrying about the world, when all you can do is influence yourself to become better and happier.
  2. Aye, I can picture Ed Snowden or any whistle blower with this song. Finally releasing documents about NSA/ or Government abusers to the public. Relief, and at ease with his/her conscience. Think the solo captures that.
  3. If this was an easter egg on a live DVD, it would be cool. But meh as the album ending.
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