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I don't think so. Even if they do, they are a lot more versatile thematically, and the theme is more subtle not so much in your face


They do ‘cos Matt openly talked about them in interviews from the time:


OOS - expanding technology + the effects

Abso - ‘endings’, loosely framed around different perspectives of an apocalypse scenario

BH&R - political conspiracies/unrest throughout history, again loosely framed around different perspectives


Drones is the only out-and-out concept album they’ve done so obvs none of them are as strict as that but I wouldn’t say any of those themes are less subtle than T2L’s tbh, or what we’ve heard of LP8 so far.

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Since they started to force themselves to make a themed album, the albums started to suck.


The Resistance - 1984

The 2nd Law - ecology bullshit

Drones - well...drones


And now... 80's vampire virtual reality bullshit


Eh, I’d be careful not to mix lyrical themes with video/ promo aesthetic themes, atleast I don’t think anything lyrically from the last two singles confirm an 80s vampire virtual reality theme

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