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  1. Here it is. I collect and update all the best Synthwave songs on this playlist fora long time now.:)

  2. Yeah that would be pretty cool. Haven't actually listened to it yet (only a couple of singles before release). Actually seen the vocalist a couple of times are he is in TesseracT

  3. You won't believe but I was just about to listen to Zeta's new record :D I listen to all Synthwave/New Retrowave releases as there are not too many. But thanks for the heads up. I have a New Retrowave playlist on Spotify if you are interested.

  4. Nice! :DD I expected more from Spurs to be honest.

  5. I just wondered how you'd react to the cup final, via your football thread persona, if you were a Spurs fan! In terms of direct post inspiration, I may have copied/adapted this one: http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=10476095&postcount=9342

  6. Which post of mine inspired you to take my personality?

  7. Overdrive? A few opinions on this board have been seriously pissing me off recently. Bashing great films without decent (or any) explanations.

  8. LiT

    Why ask something you already have the answer for...:/

  9. LiT

    Shame on you! :noey:

  10. Yeah I noticed it :D :D

  11. It's not very subtle, I guess it's always better to err on the side of caution. The board has a lot of people with long and very sensitive toes ;)

  12. Yeah, good one :) I got a warning for that, didn't know it's that much of a sin. But English is not my first language tbh.

  13. As a suggestion for replacement vocabulary I present you: :"wrecked" :happy:

    e.g.: "Madrid (CL winners) among other teams (+got) wrecked".

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