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  1. Perturbator, Dance With The Dead, Lazerhawk, Lost Years, Dynatron, GosT, Waveshaper, Sung, Daniel Deluxe, Makeup and Vanity Set, Wice, Carpenter Brut, Lueur Verte, etc. Or just check New Retrowave Youtube channel.
  2. Then get hooked on Synthwave immediately.
  3. Why do you suggest it was Tron that inspired them? They might have gotten into Synthwave/New Retrowave.
  4. Fuck yes! Love it! Perturbator is one of the best electronic artists recently.
  5. Blade Runner Not at all. It fits perfetly. The falsettos make it more epic.
  6. Can't believe how good Algorithym (both versions), The Void, Blockades and Propaganda are. Muse were in seriously good form when they wrote these. Never expected them to write a Synthwave song. Now we have even 3. Moreover The Void has classical piano outro. Seriously cool.
  7. I like the album! Break It To Me is awesome. Not to mention Algorythim which is a New Retrowave song. And I love that style. This was the least I expected from them to write a song in that style.
  8. It's the other way around. Even though their latests outputs (not even all of them) are poppier, if you consider their whole discography, pop songs are way in the minority.
  9. You don't want to discuss genres, trust me.
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