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  1. Gotta say I love how schizophrenic this album is.

  2. Yeah it's a good'n. I think I prefer Greg a bit less dramatic though.

  3. Still a few hours to go for me :p

  4. Sounds awesome. I'll check it out once I've got a chance.

  5. What kind of music?

  6. If you get the chance listen to their debut.

    I'll give them a listen :happy:

  7. Well that's certainly true. A middle ground might've been best. Keep the pristine production, but inject just a little Silver Mt. Zion into the mix.

  8. Liking the sound of this. Pretty intense. I like that the vocals stay understated, though. The production might've done with a bit more grit, though.

  9. Do we still have donuts in the future?

  10. You are now in the future.

  11. You should definitely listen to F#. So are you planning on making any more videos?


    I honestly don't listen to much metal anymore. It's a genre I've always liked in theory, but very few bands seem good to me.

  12. What Godspeed have you heard?


    Yeah, I haven't heard great things about them. Probably the most painful album that I actually made myself sit through was the latest Falling in Reverse album.

  13. Oh, that's rough. I used to work in a cafe where they played the biebs and Kesha on an endless loop. I'm still recovering.

    I love Takk <3 Oddly enough I only listened to it in full a few months ago. Have you heard the ( ) album?

  14. Solid album. I can't decide if I preferred it or Valtari.

  15. Golly. I always seem to forget about my own boat. I'll have a listen now :happy: And nope, I haven't heard much lately. I've been trying to catch up on albums I missed or didn't give a proper listen to last year.

  16. Welp, missed this. I can't read it right now (well I could, but my phone screen is cracked and I'm lazy), but remind me and I will once I get to a computer. :happy:

  17. Yeah, I heard that! Excite :awesome:

  18. Look, I'm not going to wait my time debating who said what and when, but in the future, why don't you just ignore Fabri? Let him say all the shit he wants to, it doesn't have to be your problem. Stop invading his boat to argue (I don't care if you think it's justified, all it does is feed the fire), and stop jumping on anything he says that you don't agree with.

  19. I was joking in this case. And to be fair, I tried to be friendly with you. I actually find that I can have decent conversations with you. My beef is with the fact that you just won't let this feud go. It's gotten to the point where you're just arguing about arguing. It's stupid, and no one wants to read it. It's not that I'm protective of Fabri, it's that you always seem to initiate the argument, or at the very least you blow it way out of proportion.

  20. I just don't care anymore. I seriously could not give a shit about your weekly tantrums. I'm not trying to bait you, I was joking about the fact that any mention of your name, no matter where it is, gets your attention. Which it does. Shocking, right? But sure, blow it out of proportion, just like you always do.

  21. Man, I tried hard to get along with you. I tried to intervene in your pointless arguments, for everyone's sake. Since none of that has prevented you from acting like a total asshat (and before you say anything, I'm not picking sides, you're both acting like idiots), why should I even bother? It's not hypocrisy, it's admitting defeat.

  22. Yeah, agreed. That being said, both were fantastic.

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