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I liked the acoustic preview, and don't really mind the final song, though it's not especially my thing, but it seems nice enough for what it is. On the other hand, I'm really not sure I can see myself listening to this new album based on the three songs we've got so far.

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I knew it. Damn acoustic guitar ruins everything. It sounds so generic and uninteresting. Acoustic guitars are the worst instruments ever.:(


‘Most Annoying Muser 2013’


Damn there really was a time when this worked huh

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Oh... oh, Christ...


Guys... I can't fucking believe I'm about to say this. I've always supported them regardless if I like their stylistic choices or not, mainly because I'm always curious to hear in which direction they'll go at every release, and it's always fascinating to see a band's progression.

But... this song... God, this song... I think it's UGLY. I like their pop songs, absolutely, but this the first time I'm not attuned with their choices about sound and production. If Madness, DI, or, heck, even Revolt retain a certain kind of unique feel to them that always made me feel I was listening to Muse, and not another common act from the radio, this, from my personal of view, doesn't. The pristine, pumping production feels taken from those "soft electro-country" songs that have been so popular on the radio (even a promising songwriter like James Blunt converted to that style), and makes it feel alien to me, in comparison to the majority of Muse production.

And the thing I'm most disappointed in is that this song, from a songwriting perspective, as Matt showed us with the acoustic alone, could have been one of greatest in their entire carrier just for the melody and lyrics. I wrongly expected a song with an atmosphere and sound similar to a sort of "Peter Gabriel doing FAWY" with a bit of Screenager thrown in because of the ethnic percussions. Instead, to me this feels their first song ever in which they're trying to chase the "cool kids" of pop (who can be very valuable nonetheless, make no mistake) by putting not very much of their tweak in there.

So, yeah... First Muse song in my life I don't really like (and the last, I hope).


That said, if many of you like it, or even love it, it's perfectly fine. Like I said, it's based on a stellar songwriting (and that comforts me about how LP8 may sound), but the big picture (no pun intended, lol) doesn't really click with me.


MSR out, for now!

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