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  1. Funny how when you're young spending your entire life savings on something like that makes more sense than spending just a fraction of your income on it when you're older.
  2. I see this as a home recording, not really a single or official release, and in that context I find the voice and recording quality endearing. I don't see it as an attempt to change or improve the original song, but more like a social media post sharing what he's playing around with and what resonates with him emotionally at the moment.
  3. I see, yeah, I misread that. I too prefer the more fragile effortless falsetto in the original, but those days are gone and that's fine. I don't think this version sounds too forced, only the "had before" bit sounds like he's pushing it a bit. Overall, I prefer these vocals to his sound in a lot of Muse's recent work.
  4. It's harder to belt in your living room. Can't wake up the baby.
  5. Oh, I like it! I'm not bothered by his voice at all, for a change, sounds great! It doesn't have that constipated intensity he's giving his ballads in the last few years. The ooohs are a bit harsher than the original for sure, but I think it only stands out because I'm so used to the original. I like it!
  6. Is it weird that he's releasing this der his own name, considering that it's a Muse song? I suppose it would be weird to release is as Muse as well...
  7. I don't think Matt is incapable of expressing emotions in his music, but that doesn't constitute "soul", however subjective that term may be. He used to do anger pretty well, and a sense of alienation or angst. That certainly connected with me on an emotional level. But it's soul that made even Buckley's saddest songs have a hint of sexiness. He made his guitar sing. I'd say Falling Down is the song that comes closest to Matt successfully approximating that idea of soul. And I love the song, he almost pulls it off. I'd love it if using Buckley's guitar puts him back into a spot of trying to convey his emotions through good songwriting and honest three-piece playing. For me though, the question is if he can get close enough to his own emotions to do that, or if his current emotions are interesting enough to share, since his life and songwriting have gone a bit Hollywood.
  8. That's cool! I know he was a big influence on Matt back in the day. I'm not sure Matt can ever get out of that guitar what Buckley could though. Buckley had soul, and no matter how many times Matt uses the word 'soul' in his lyrics, that's something Muse just never had.
  9. Tour hiatus is good. And isolation may be a creative impulse as well, even if Matt and Dom are done isolating and back in the hot tub together already. Maybe Chris can crank out a solo album in the mean time. Or a few mor kids.
  10. He bought Jeff Buckley's guitar? Or just the same make and model?
  11. Good! It’s great. It’s really just the same singing style that has been bothering me now for every album since the Resistance. I think this song is mostly comparable to Blackout (which I love), lyrics-wise too. I just like that era more because of the more pinched, more untrained vocals, which somehow make it sound like he’s taking himself less seriously. Anyway, I’m grateful for a new piano song, and indeed, I’m ready for a Matt solo album (with some instrumental tracks).
  12. He is (at least) the 928th songwriter to rhyme tomorrow and sorrow. Well done. https://www.rhymezone.com/r/rhyme.cgi?Word=sorrow&typeofrhyme=exa&loc=gwicbar
  13. Since it was apparently released on some streaming services and not illegally leaked, I don't mind listening to it. It's... alright, I like the instrumentation. But it has that uncomfortable "Matt's sincerely whispering bad lyrics in my ear" feeling.
  14. Yup, it's Matt-by-numbers until the very end of the clip when he throws in some Twin-Peaksy curveballs. Which could turn out pretty cool.
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