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  1. Time for a ‘Jeff’s Guitar’ EP. It would be blasphemous and tacky, but he’s passed that station anyway with Guiding light, so what the hell. Spiral Static Shine Falling Down Unintended FAWY Hoodoo Endlessly (maybe?) Animals (Doing a Knopfler on Buckley’s guitar, fuck it) Nishe And then a guitar version of Feeling Good to mirror Lilac Wine. Guiding Light (instrumental) Anything else? A completely reworked soulful version Uno, maybe?
  2. Nice! I think Pitchfork’s Sunday series of reviews of classics they’ve previously overlooked is (on their own scale) a bit skewed towards the positive. Probably because they are reviewed by people who already have an affinity for the albums, otherwise they wouldn’t consider them overlooked. And, of course, a contemporary review carries a lot of hindsight within it, with time and Muse’s consequent (Post Absolution) releases lifting OoS into a more favorable light over time. I’m sure they would have hated it back on the day.
  3. Damn. He does make that guitar sound more like Jeff Buckley’s sound than I imagined he would. He should record more on that thing. FAWY. Falling Down. New songs. TaB’s great too. I’d love an instrumental of that one.
  4. I’ll just wait for TaB and Guiding Light to show up on youtube.
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