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  1. Just curious. Is anyone still listening to this album? I put some of my favorite songs on various Spotify playlists, so I still hear those songs, but I haven't listened to the whole thing in months.
  2. Which makes sense, if they were inspired by season 8.
  3. Cool, didn't realize it was directly from the show.
  4. Have any native High Valyrian speakers translated those bits yet?
  5. Pretty nice! I like the way he uses his voice in this one.
  6. Not in Isolated System so much, that's true. Exogenesis is written as a rock symphony though, if he were to do a film score, I'd say he doesn't need Dom and Chris' input or labor to write and perform not-rock symphonic music.
  7. Yeah same, for Matt's creative output. Not at all because Chris and Dom would be holding him back musically, but more that thinking within the constraints of a band might limit his artistic range. Not sure if that would be good for the band though.
  8. Matt posted a snippet of the studio version on IG. Can’t judge it yet cause I only listened on my phone speakers. With a vid of him pretending to be in GoT with a futuristic cubist glove.
  9. I see. So some sort of compilation album inspired by the show then, not music that’ll actually be featured in it.
  10. I just feel bad for alleged hit single Get Up and Fight. And Blockades and the Void, that’s really a shame, actually.
  11. I did a fart yesterday that sounded eerily similar to Stockholm Syndrome's opening bass slide. I immediately got the rest of the riff stuck in my head and been humming the song since. Have you ever farted (part of) a Muse song?
  12. People who see them more than once per tour must be big fans. And big fans must know by now that variety isn’t really part of their thing anymore, especially during the American leg of the tour. So I don’t think too much is lost. I just really hope we get to see the Void and Blockades make an appearance at some point. Would be a shame if they don’t get to see the light of day.
  13. Of course. I suppose that's why I was expecting them to rotate a bit more in the beginning to get a feel and some practice in for all potential songs they'll be performing this tour, including planned rotations. The fact that they're not makes me wonder if they plan to mix it up at all. But I suppose time will tell. Like I a said, I'm totally cool with it, I never see more than one show per tour anyway.
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