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  1. Hey everyone i'm planning to do a multicam of the gig (i will first publish the medley , algorithm, showbiz and break it to me and then the full stuff latter). So if you have any good HD video you can send them to tritrimix@gmail.com (using wetransfer)
  2. apparently there is a new sale today 19th october at 11am (spain time). acess with a unique code, but it seems that it has been sent only to few people in spain only
  3. To be honest when the extract was played, we couln't heard very well with all the clapping (and it was not played very loudly). And it was not even teased before. Nagui didn't said "and now we are going to listen to propaganda", so it was very strange and the end of the extract seemed to be an heavy military drum when we listenned it We knew that it was an extract of propaganda after it was played.
  4. after Megalomania Matt could stay at the organ and play the beginning of Unnatural Selection and then playing the extended version riff while going back to the stage. Would be amazing (i know i'm dreaming ahah)
  5. okay i will wait for official announcement because in this page it doesn't says that it include access to showcase but it does on the about conference page i don't want to waste 20 hours driving for being not accepted into the venue ahahh
  6. okay , i was asking as in the website the "warner music night" is in the "conference" part of the festival if we focus on the URL but i can find the event both in the conference part and in the festival part so that why i'm confused about it.
  7. I think they will do stadium in’europe at summer 2019 as matt talked about the possibility for them to go back to stadiums in an Itw in February. Matt said recently it was very exhausting and difficult for family time to do arenas tour because of the number of gigs you had to make (6 Bercy = 1.5 stade de France) As they begin in North America maybe they Will try to start to do stadiums gigs in USA in very big cities like NY, LA, Chicago, Houston/Dallas, Toronto for Canada ; but don’t know if they are big enough yet.
  8. yeah but only like 1 or 2 hours before the official release hour
  9. if i remember well he was answering a brazilian fan about coming to "rock in rio in actual rio" so in Brazil. And he said at the end of the gig see you next year portugal refering to their next tour with the new album
  10. In their interview with Telehits. Telehits subtitltes said : "November 12" for the release date of the new album. But i'm not sure Matt said this, he seems to say something like "november time" ? English is not my mother tongue, i was wondering if someone could tell me what Matt say exactly a this moment of the interview ? (it's at 1min)
  11. oh sorry i completly forgot to attach the screenshot ahah. And sorry for the mistake about watch/look ^^ To go back to the topic i don't understand why they choose to put this kind of effect in the trailer. It almost look it has been exported in 8 bits - 256 colours ^^ it's a bit a shame for a 4k release
  12. the main thing i'm struggling to regarding the trailer is the "posterize effect" put on the video. If you watch closely there is not details on the skin for some bits. It look it's very flat visually speaking. I really hope that is just for the trailer
  13. do you have a link for this info ? maybe a premiere or a press exlusive screening ?
  14. Tecate Pa'l Norte prediction. 01. Thought Contagion 02. Interlude + Hysteria 03. Psycho 04. Map of The Problematique or Bliss 05. Plug in Baby 06. Isolated System 07. Showbiz (promissed by Dom) 08. Supermassive Black Holes 09. Take a Bow 10. Jam 11. Dig Down 12. Starlight 13. Madness 14. Time is Running Out 15. Mercy ENCORE 16. Uprising 17. Knights of Cydonia
  15. don't know how it's worth but i'm hightly interessed
  16. i was secretly hoping for a kind of psycho tour last minute announcement with this new single (maybe too optimistic), as like you said there is a big gap between next week and the next concert in end of april
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