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  1. I disagree that switching from heavy / light or fast / slow is always bad flow. Look at Hoodoo for example, quite a radical change but still works cohesively together. There's more to it.
  2. Could be for The Expanse.
  3. Agreed. The point in the track is it has a repetitive couple of layers from the start that are built on top of, increasing in complexity but keeping the hook as time goes on. Brilliant track.
  4. Hopix

    Best Album

    Only 10 year-olds have an issue with that line.
  5. I'd recommend seeing a doctor asap.
  6. I've decided this is a good track simply because of dat drum fill.
  7. I hate the end of Drones for that reason. It's just cover after cover. Just come up with your own stuff already.
  8. I guess. I just can't see why you'd intentionally fuck up the order. Seems really dumb.
  9. Seriously? I think stuff like "This means war with your creator" makes the music much more epic and powerful.
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