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  1. I enjoy T2L more than Drones so I’d probably have said that anyway tbh, also yeah TR is my least favorite.. just like to add that every now and then to ruffle some feathers
  2. Was the “California punk” song in that French (?) interview talking abut Get up and fight? If it was i can totally get what they were trying to say lol but it’s moreso pop punk sounding then punk if it was close to either
  3. Sheesh the Muse Dronesposting Facebook page has a longer clip of the Get up and Fight chorus, as cliche as the chord progression and melody is Matt sounds great and I might be all in
  4. **DO NOT SHARE LEAKED MATERIAL! **mod edit** I don’t know if this gets me in trouble but if it does, I accidentally copied this link on reddit then slipped and fell and pasted it here
  5. I won’t be surprised at all if Mercy is played in every set on this tour
  6. Someone on the above mentioned Reddit post said he contacted the Instagram user who posted it asking to leak and said “he said he’ll do it” Hold onto your butts folks. Also I have no idea how to post links from reddit here so you’ll have to just go over to check it out
  7. Unfortunately when I saw them in Philly for the Drones tour people were pretty amped for the chorus, and I desperately want that song to be dead on this upcoming tour
  8. Yeah, they seem more concerned about not upsetting the casual fans by not playing Hysteria every show while meanwhile theyve been letting down more “hard core” fans the past few years but not dropping something as simple as a New Born or Bliss in the set
  9. Yeah I think Psycho has made its way into their Must Play No Matter what list, seems like Hysteria is pretty cemented there now too. Kinda wish they’d do a Hysteria/TIRO & SMBH/MoTP at this point, I’m sure it’ll just be the ST songs plus all the must plays you listed
  10. I don’t think so for the most part, it lines up with the rumor from that Japanese Warner Page (or whatever it was) that “something” is being released Thursday. Of course that could go back to your point they’re hopping on to that and acting like they know something, but the fact that it was deleted so quickly (either by themselves or Muse) was the part I thought was interesting
  11. Lol on the Instagram picture they just posted saying the album out on Friday November 9th the algorithm squad commented “Thursday.” And it’s already been deleted
  12. Lmao, yeah i’m All in on IBTY, that bass and drum groove in the verse though? Fire 🔥
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