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  1. Voting is open for 2018/ST. See first post for deets.
  2. I'll be down for a week. First time there, so may as well make something of it. Have a decent list of things to see/do already but still open to suggestions! I've also been told Bondi is the definition of a tourist trap. Yep, lining up early. Not traveling all this way and standing up the back! I might be convinced to go to Melbourne, but it will be a seats ticket and I'll only be there for the day and coming straight home. I should point out that the only capital city I've ever been to is Brisbane. I need to get out more.
  3. Not sure if it's international, but can be found on page 122 of the Australian Ikea catalogue. Pics attached below.
  4. Me also! First time to Sydney too, so any advice/places to check out while I'm there would be very much appreciated. EDIT: lol Muse have made a subtle appearance in the new Ikea catalogue
  5. TOUR TIME BITCHES!! But only to Sydney and Melbourne. :'( Chris said in an interview that they'll "definitely" do a full tour in the future, but I'd say that won't be til the next album release.
  6. Geez, been away from this thread for quite a while. I'm still holding a hand to my candle of hope, but if they give us the flick this time around, I question whether I could ever forgive them. Me and my Muser friend have been hanging out for an announcement since May (yes, maybe a bit early) and this is bordering on painful/irritating.
  7. I'm planning on doing the same in Brisbane, if we get a second date this time around like the Resistance tour. If I can lot these gigs and Matilda into the same weekend, that would be very convenient. Once upon a time, I dreamed of visiting all the Australian tour dates when I had a much better job than three years ago. That didn't work out well for me. Changed jobs twice since then as well. *le sigh* one day.
  8. A mate of mine has connections in Brisbane. I wish they would announce something soon just to confirm when I can get time off. I work with a few Musers, so have to get in early. Help Veronica and Lewis from triple j out in the OMazing Race the other day.
  9. A copy/paste from fb of the leaked tracks. After one listen each, this is what crossed my mind... Aftermath - This years new wedding song Revolt - QUEEN Defector - HILARIOUSLY QUEEN (yel-low) Globalist - Explorers and USoEs bastard child + brief heavy riffage
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