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    I've been a fan of Muse literally for as long as I can remember, and Chris has been a huge inspiration for my bass-playing.
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    South England, UK
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    Bass guitar, Fiction-based writing
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    Innerpartysystem, Eels, Amen Corner, but Muse tops everyone else for me :D
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    28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Predator, Alien: Resurrection
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    Luther, Misfits, How I Met Your Mother, Fear the Walking Dead
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    Dracula, Nightflyers, Summa Theologica
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    Hullabaloo CD, Rome Olympic Stadium DVD/CD, Simulation Theory Deluxe CD
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    London Stadium 1/6/2019... That's all so far sadly :(
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  1. Eternally Missed Animals Assassin (Grand Omega Bosses outro) Resistance The Small Print (obviously)
  2. Is it possible he'll do a bass series as well? I know Manson already made the odd signature bass, but last year for Chris' wedding/birthday his gift from Matt was a special CW-1 Manson bass.
  3. Same here. We were stuck at the top of the Westfield car park for 2 hours.
  4. Thank you for this! Eternally Missed is my favourite song.
  5. To everyone at the London gig, thank you for making such a warm feeling - I truly feltĀ invincibleĀ around all the other Musers. Seriously, it was just incredible for so many reasons!

  6. It was about time that I finally went to a Muse gig. In a way though, I'm glad - Because this was definitely a memorable first gig for me. For the first couple of songs I was worried that where I was in the crowd was a bad choice because nobody was getting up. But then Uprising came on, and loads more people got up; It was only such an amazing feeling, that unanimous sense of enjoyment. The same thing happened with SMBH. Then Bliss came on, and I literally sung my entire soul out. It was a brilliant night with a brilliant setlist.
  7. T2L isn't actually that bad to me. There are very few songs on it that I 'dislike' as such. There are some songs on it that I find emotional, being Explorers, Save Me, and Isolated System (in an obscure way). Just an opinion folks, don't flame me. I only enjoy half of the tracks of Showbiz however. Two of which being Fillip and Overdue. Spiral Static NOT being one of them, even if it's a B-side technically. Again, personal opinion. Absolutely love how there's no votes for the holy trinity of Absolution, OoS, and BH&R. There's three that we can all agree on. None of them could ever be the worst.
  8. Is the stream really laggy for anyone else? I get there's like 7000 people watching it, but no one else seems to be having a problem?
  9. I just looked at setlist.fm without realising the whole thing was already up. Dammit. Completely destroyed the whole point of surprise for myself.
  10. 5 stars. Good things about the album: Literally all of the songs. The fact that Muse weren't afraid to step into this genre/theme. Bad things about the album: Nothing bad about it really. Though if I had to pick something as a matter of life-or-death, it kind of lacks that classical Muse feel like the first four albums had - Subjectively could be a good thing too. Best track: Resistance, Guiding Light, or MK Ultra. Worst track: Exogenesis (Collectively. In my humble opinion, it's really quite boring for 15 minutes and doesn't strike me as interesting at all. Though I do not at all deny the fact that it is still a masterpiece, the band must've had a lot of dedication and determination to make these three tracks.) Favourite moment: "Love is our resistance...", "It's time to run...", "You were my guiding light", "Now we're falling, we are losing control", "I travelled half the world to say, I belong to you", "Let's push it beyond a peaceful protest".
  11. Instrumentally this would sound really good. The lyrics I felt were kind of stupid though. Words like "Woozy" and Harry Potter's "Death Eaters".
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