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  1. Why the fuck is Melon so late with the review? He reviewed Origins before ST wtf... And why does the background pic is still Something Human? Asking the real questions.
  2. Wtf Dig Down is actually decent this way Also Matt's delivery on Pressure was...weird (but not bad). I was expecting more enthusiastic and bombastic performance. It was the opposite of the music video.
  3. Anthony Fantano shared Pressure on Twitter. Wtf is happening with the melon?
  4. Btw something reminds me of Exo Politics
  5. Sucks balls. How can you like this lazy songwriting?
  6. That robotic voice effect on the "something human, humaaan" part doesn't fit to the mood of the rest of the song at all... From gentle acoustic and organic sounds they suddenly shift to artificial sounding effects, it's like I'm listening to e completely different song. It would be a lot better if the chorus sounded closer to the acoustic version.
  7. It's true, Matt apparently confirmed it in the interview after the premier on the radio.
  8. They are actually doing a double album lol 11 songs + 8 acoustic songs
  9. I don't think so. Even if they do, they are a lot more versatile thematically, and the theme is more subtle not so much in your face
  10. Since they started to force themselves to make a themed album, the albums started to suck. The Resistance - 1984 The 2nd Law - ecology bullshit Drones - well...drones And now... 80's vampire virtual reality bullshit
  11. The teaser image and Matt "turning" makes me thing that there is going to be a heavier or more intense part in the song
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