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  1. I’m conflicted. I’m guessing that this is a pretty common opinion, but when the album is wacky and weird it’s pretty strong. There are a few songs that I think are genuinely fun and interesting (Propaganda, Break It To Me, etc) that I find myself going back to, and others that I’ll be skipping. The problem is that for all these interesting moments and songs, too many either feel like uninspired pastiches or retreads. Once again Muse aren’t great at writing straight pop songs, so why do they keep filling so much of the album with them? Acoustic Dig Down is surprisingly good tho.
  2. I was wondering when you’d show up.
  3. Damn, quite like this one. Aside from the obvious similarities to mid 2000’s Muse, I’m getting an IAMX vibe.
  4. I’m surprised how intimate it sounded, despite the millions of layers.
  5. That was pretty fun. The editing was a tad cheesy, but not overbearing and it did create some quite nice images. Also probably the coolest opening shot in any concert movie.
  6. I’m not sold on the sample either, but it was sooo brief that I’m reserving judgment. The melody and guitar was so sweet that I’m willing to give it a go.
  7. I’m actually feeling like this song might be decent.
  8. Sorry, I probably wasn't clear. I essentially agree with Serpent; DI is probably a personal song written about his own relationship/it's fallout. While it was messed with and rewritten to fit into the album's concept, at its core it retains this personal nature. I doubt that any other tracks on the album are so auto biographical, because even if they are still about a relationship, they're unlikely to be about his. This is all speculation, of course.
  9. TaB is nuts, but it's hard to beat the audience engagement during Knights. It's like when Biffy ends with Mountains or Modest Mouse on Float On; not my favourite tracks in either bands discography, but the vibe is a great way to go out on.
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