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  1. I honestly was remembering recently that there was a stadium tour. I had actually forgotten since it was still literally the same show and stage but with a bigger screen. There are more discussions happening on Reddit and Discord (mostly associated with /r/muse but there's some others too). But even on those tour discussion died down quickly since there was nothing new to discuss. You kind of realize how much of Main Muse's life was based around following the concerts.
  2. It is kind of difficult to find the info now.
  3. Your name got reset but you can still just change it back?
  4. The 2nd Law really fell out of favor didn't it? It's a mess of an album but it is very fun in the moment. That moment was over 7 years ago so all we have is hindsight. I guess its charm isn't enough anymore, but it still sticks around for me. Mind you, I'd probably still vote for it.
  5. I'd be blocking like half the forum though.
  6. Absolution and Black Holes were in the most need of a re-release. I hope it happens.
  7. A lot (if not all) of the 2003 people carried over from the last forum so in a way they're all kind of equally the oldest unless those join dates are remembered. The oldest date on a quick skim who is still posting seems to be @Caff
  8. I totally made sure to just try and tear that box in the most convoluted way I could. Also that first shot took me so long. I hanged my phone off of a mic stand.
  9. i'm gonna make a video about this but i'll have to watit until im sober and have slept then ill see what i can do
  10. I'm going to make an unboxing video when it arrives.
  11. Having dissected Hate This a bit in the past it's actually not that dense. It's a clever use of the basic instrumentation. Muscle Museum has stems also. Give me that Origin stuff.
  12. I kinda stopped thinking about this. Maybe for the best so I can get a nice surprise delivery. I'm still not counting on special shows or anything.
  13. I've seen Showbiz so I was fine, and a cruel part of me was hoping they'd play Bliss since I notoriously hadn't seen it. But I know the fans up in front were screaming their lungs out for Showbiz.
  14. I also felt kinda bad for those who had their chance to see Showbiz dangle in front of their eyes and then get snatched away.
  15. It could have been under better conditions. As said I would have really loved to have been part of that crowd cause they were going wild but I had to be way off to the side. It sounded wonderful though. The no falsetto came from the fact that being the last show of the tour Matt was noticeably tired by now.
  16. Not end of the year but end of the tour and chances are I'm not seeing another show this year. Time for update. Showbiz: Sunburn Showbiz Origin of Symmetry: New Born x3 Bliss Plug In Baby x11 Citizen Erased Feeling Good x2 Absolution: Time Is Running Out x11 Stockholm Syndrome x4 Interlude x11 Hysteria x11 Butterflies & Hurricanes x2 Black Holes & Revelations: Take a Bow x4 Starlight x11 Supermassive Black Hole x11 Map of the Problematique x2 Knights of Cydonia x11 The Resistance: Uprising x11 Resistance x6 Undisclosed Desires x6 United States of Eurasia x4 Guiding Light Unnatural Selection x2 MK Ultra Exogenesis Pt. 1 The 2nd Law: Supremacy Madness x8 Panic Station Prelude x6 Survival Follow Me Animals Liquid State The 2nd Law: Unsustainable x4 The 2nd Law: Isolated System x4 Drones: Dead Inside x3 Psycho x7 Mercy x7 The Handler x2 [JFK] x2 Revolt x2 The Globalist x2 Drones x2 (x4?) Simulation Theory Algorithm x3 The Dark Side x3 Pressure x3 Propaganda x3 Break It To Me x3 Thought Contagion x3 Dig Down x2 Algorithm (alt. reality version) x3 Dig Down (acoustic gospel version) x3 Other Nishe x2 Helsinki Jam x2 Montpelier Jam Munich Jam x4 We Are The Universe Stadium Sirens Back In Black New Kind of Kick Houston Jam x2 Metal Medley (Stockholm, Assassin, Reapers (solo), The Handler, New Born, riffs) x3 Few notes coming from this: - At 3 shows all in a year this is the most I've seen Muse in one year. - Second time being at a Muse show with a boardie (@jonisdead) for San Diego. - First time taking a personal friend to a Muse show (Oracle) and the only reason I went to said show. - Second time traveling out of the country to see Muse and it was for their first ever show in Lima which was special. - I got a stomach virus on the day of that show though which made it less special and I regret not being able to be in the crowd - I finally saw Bliss (but no falsetto) - I've seen one verse, the solo, and the outro of Reapers. I've almost seen the whole thing in pieces. - In 2010 at Oracle I saw Matt noodle about 2 seconds of Enter Sandman. In 2019 at Oracle I finally saw them properly jam it at the end of the Metal Medley. - The 11th of December of this year will be 10 years since my first time seeing the band.
  17. If the sets continue to be this static I might as well lock in my list for good. At least I managed to get one song crossed off since posting it.
  18. This kind of post comes up in every between-era and maybe one day it'll actually happen so we can stop asking. They always seem so close too, like all the songs mentioned, so it always gives up hope they'll flesh it out to its fullest next album but it always veers off.
  19. I also feel like they covered the stuff we wanted to hear. I'm not sure which one they'll go for, or even in what style. I was definitely not expecting a retro album after Drones (or ever).
  20. I've already spent so much money on travel recently it is physically painful to think of potentially having to spend more for an Origin of Muse tour.
  21. I still have some love for the BH&R arenas (even if it had less props).
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