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  1. Also, the artwork is lazy as fuck.
  2. There's a chance they didn't have a role in the remaster, they might have just let it be handled by someone else without listening to the final result even once
  3. also, the Showbiz remaster better be good. But I bet it'll be half-assed
  4. First decent Muse release in ages :)
  5. OoS Abso BH&R Showbiz ST TR T2L Drones
  6. Wait, the 5 songs after the medley on setlist.fm actually were the medley? fucking idiotic
  7. What songs did they play in the medley? Also, still closing with Knights
  8. album tracks only because i can't be arsed Explorers Aftermath Revolt Something Human Get up and Fight Dig Down Overdue, IBTY and Big Freeze I'd put them on the same level edit: forgot two
  9. I'd love the alternate version as an instrumental. Matt's voice is very out of place
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