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  1. CE remix sounds ass their idea of remixing is adding a ton of reverb to the drums
  2. Also, the artwork is lazy as fuck.
  3. There's a chance they didn't have a role in the remaster, they might have just let it be handled by someone else without listening to the final result even once
  4. also, the Showbiz remaster better be good. But I bet it'll be half-assed
  5. First decent Muse release in ages :)
  6. From best to worst:



    The Resistance

    The 2nd Law





    Then the other terrible four ones:



    Black Holes and Revelations


    Origin of Symmetry



  7. Yeah... But why a visitor message? :LOL:

  8. Yeah I was hoping for 65dos to be back there actually :( and for ASIWYFA to play an italian gig next month :indiff: oh well.

  9. Indeed, would be real fun. Could also be my only chance to see ASIWYFA live soon-ish :LOL: I don't know many bands from the lineup though, only like 7.

  10. Not at the moment but if I have money I might think about it! Do you think it will sell out soon?

  11. You know what, I was thinking about it (even though I barely know both artists...) but I'm 100% broke and I want to save money for 65dos on the 24th (same venue, too). :(

  12. Haha don't worry, it's ok. You don't have to feel sorry.

  13. I liked the gif.

  14. Just because. :cool: isn't that the best gif ever?

  15. Basically the tour manager tweeted this https://twitter.com/tourmanagerneil/status/327061313073328129. Now, Sigur Ros are headlining Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle, on the 26th of July. Which is a friday. :facemelt: It's not 100% sure but it's likely. Biffy and Sigur are both playing another festival on friday, the Open Air in St. Gallen (Switzerland) at the end of June. But that one is already sold-out and was announced weeks/months ago, would be weird for Neil to tweet that now, wouldn't it?

  16. Oh glad you enjoyed it a bit, at least! Yeah they're a bit same-y, that's probably why they do short albums :chuckle: now it's time you check Aucan :cool:

  17. :LOL: she's the singer of The Joy Formidable. Her name is Ritzy Bryan.
  18. :awesome: that was quite a good run.
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