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  1. Iiiiiii - Can handle the truuuth - I am red fur what herb you're old and buuuck - No need to shoo that cooaat - Jest... BREAKING TIMMY BREAKING TIMMY BREAKING TIM-, BREAKING TIMMY Happy 2019, everyone. EDIT: By the way, my favourite track on ST might be The Void atm. BITM, TDS, Pressure and Algorithm are other serious contenders, though. I'd add Propaganda, but it's a bit too short, although its sound is slick as heck.
  2. The breaks came naturally for me after a couple of days of intense non-stop listening. I felt the urge of listening to other artists and music genres and I've even discovered a lot of good shit (past and present alike). After "enriching" myself this way, I listened to ST again, and I loved it even more than ever (minus GUAF) to the point I almost couldn't believe it. I've never felt this way with Drones.
  3. In the studio version he sings right that, though. EDIT: No, wait... I've listened to the studio version just now, and I'm starting to get confused about what Matt really sings at the end of each chorus. It sounds like "Is that so easily?"... or is it "It's not so easy on me", or similar?
  4. OK, time for one of the possible ideal setlists for me, updated to ST. Algorithm Sunburn The Dark Side Hysteria Hyper Music Assassin (GOB) Propaganda SMBH Space Dementia New Born Helsinki Jam Uno Showbiz BITM Pressure Panic Station Micro Cuts + Dead Star medley Reapers Screenager (acoustic) Something Human (acoustic) Blackout The Void Bliss Plug In Baby Take A Bow
  5. They really should give it a go about bringing Easily back. It fits the sound of ST suprisingly well.
  6. C'mon, TDS is probably one the best "Musest" songs made by them in recent times. It has melodies and progressions that hark back to their Showbiz/OOS days without sounding like a tired rehash or shameless fan-service, but giving a new twist to their traditional sound. Which isn't quite the case with Blockades, IMO. It's a good song that tries to follow the aforementioned philosophy of TDS, but to me it ends up being a bit "by-the-numbers", like a Muse song that tries too hard to be such.
  7. I personally extend it to SH, which I am a sucker for, now. Also, I really think TC would have benefitted from being positioned right between TDS and Pressure. ATM to listen to the album in this way: Algorithm TDS Thought Contagion Pressure Propaganda BITM SH Blockades The Void Dig Down (Yes, no GUAF. I can't really digest it)
  8. I'd say it's rated higher from those who absolutely love BHAR, since it's sonically quite closer to that album in terms of experimentation. The Dark Side? The Void? Pressure?
  9. After a month, I decided that if it wasn't for GUAF and TC (and Blockades, which I find good overall, but still a "Muse-by-number" track), I'd give this album a full 9/9,5, instead it's just a sort of 8. It's better than the last three albums mainly because there are a lot of great songs that neatly balance those two (three) ones out. Agree, Reapers is better for me.
  10. Me too, without the on-and-off (I love BHAR).
  11. I was recently listening to Depeche Mode's album Ultra (1997) and a good part of its sound has reminded me of Propaganda, even though it's much more brooding and bleaker. Needless to say it made me love this song even more.
  12. I'd say their "proggiest" album to date is TR, instead. I hear a lot of Pink Floyd-ish and 80s prog sounds in there, and there's also that monster called Exogenesis Symphony.
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