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  1. This song is amazing, I hope they actually perform it live unlike Revolt (which was also amazing btw) The chorus is great
  2. Yeah, no one really does agree with me. I'm used to it.
  3. Aftermath is good, The Globalist is the one that's bad
  4. Pressure is now the best Muse song, sorry Big Freeze
  5. Pressure > TC > SH > TDS > DD
  6. so i'm not the only one who has the thing where you can plug in your headphones in a certain way to only hear certain bits of the song
  7. I like Pressure now, chorus is great, TC and SH are still better tho
  8. Pressure sucks, the chorus is at least decent. TC is still the best. (TC>SH>TDS>DD)
  9. **What's He Building?** 1. Forced In+Take A Bow 2. Reapers 3. Thought Contagion 4. Dead Inside 5. Map Of The Problematique+Who Knows Who Riff 6. The Dark Side 7. Supermassive Black Hole 8. Plug In Baby 9. Isolated System+Ruled By Secrecy 10. Sunburn (Guitar+Piano) 11. Bliss (Extended) 12. Sing For Absolution 13. Stockholm Syndrome+Rats Outro+Vuilstamen Riff+Endless Nameless Riff 14. Time Is Running Out 15. Invincible 16. Revolt 17. Uprising 18. The Small Print+Micro Cuts Outro 19. Citizen Erased 20. Con-Science+Hate This And I'll Love You
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