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  1. I've already spent so much money on travel recently it is physically painful to think of potentially having to spend more for an Origin of Muse tour.
  2. I still have some love for the BH&R arenas (even if it had less props).
  3. Really? I thought this production was amazing. Not Resistance level but way better than Drones.
  4. This was the venue but the one I really looked at was the second night. This video is from the first night. I do not know where to find the 2nd night on YouTube but I've seen it out there (it was takeabow19's edit). They were both fantastic shows but second night had the atmosphere I mentioned. The thing with the tours, and having personally experienced this, is that ST's low points haven't gotten nearly as low as Drones'. With my own personal experience both the best and worst Muse shows I have personally seen were from the Drones tour. I don't know if I want that kind of gamble to be a regular thing.
  5. I streamed Wembley 2010 again for /r/muse. It's such a fantastic show I haven't seen the footage in years. Even from the now dated DVD quality multi-cam the atmosphere still comes across strong. And it's a real shame there was never a full concert release of that date because it's a beautiful looking show. The stage may have been impractical for the audience but it did wonders for the camera.
  6. How does one acquire such optimism?
  7. lol we got Unsustainable.
  8. As much as I would like to see them throw in Stockholm here and there to close I can accept Knights as the staple ending. The buildup to the riffage at the end is always an exciting time to be in the crowd and let out all your remaining energy. It's just sad it went through more changes, both in its intro but also its style, from 2006-2008 than from 2008-now.
  9. I never had an issue with it as a song, or even as a closer. I have fond memories of how epic it felt in The Resistance Tour. It's just become predictable. Even more so when they can do other closers or at least mix up how they perform Knights. I've seen several others with the same stance.
  10. It's unfortunate cause I've not liked the look of the daylight shows for this setup.
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