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    2017-08-27 - Reading Festival, Reading, UK

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  1. Besides the occasional swearing (Psycho is played every night) it's fine. Plenty of families go to see Muse.
  2. It would be a site to see. Sadly the site rejected any credit card I tried, so I will have to attempt again in the general sale with a proxy buyer.
  3. First show in Perú of their career. I might try to go...
  4. Was The International a solo comp? He worked on it but from his own testimony as well credits it seems it was much more collaborative but he seems to have played a big role.
  5. It's an extended version of what we already heard from the live shows, but it's really nice. I love the melody of it and atmosphere. I wish it was on Simulation Theory.
  6. I don't think as rich high-living stadium-filling musicians approaching middle age they really have the capability to make youth-resonating music in the same way, no matter how analytically they approach it.
  7. I did not know this actually.
  8. I know it's a rock symphony but it was still pretty heavily symphonic, as far as having an outlet of that kind. He can do whatever though and I'm surprised neither he nor Muse have ever done a full score yet.
  9. Given things like Exogenesis and Isolated System I don't think the band setting is necessarily stopping him there.
  10. Vous pouvez annoncer vos tickets ici (mais les instructions sont en anglais).
  11. The Void really but that would mean they'd have to bring back a real piano section.
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