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  1. - SPOILERS IN GENERAL - Finally watched it. It was actually a pretty enjoyable little cheesy movie. I enjoyed the rather ridiculous narrative to complement the actual snippets of narrative that I saw on the stage. The editing, as far as the band shots were concerned, were fine. I didn't like the slow motion but for the most part it was straightfoward edits which is welcome after Rome's constant showing-off for a non-existent 4k release and Drones' need to make artificial shakes on every kick drum. It helps the stage design was just beautiful and a little color correcting makes the stage pop even more. Makes me regret even more we never got a film for the Resistance stadium tour. How might it have looked with the same filming... The narrative intercuts during the songs were a hit or miss for me. Personally, I would have liked to just have seen the band play but I also knew this wasn't just a concert recording and was also finishing up their whole Simulation Theory narrative. When it was present but not too intrusive it was fine, like during Thought Contagion. Some other times I could have done with less of it. Maybe the biggest offender was during Supermassive Black Hole where there's a long panning shot of a CGI arcade machine with the actual footage you want to see in the display window, reduced to only 5% of the screen. But anyways, the benefit of them playing (almost) the same show everywhere is that I can always go to the Rock in Rio or Argentina show recordings if I want no narrative. I wish they didn't chop up the metal medley since it's a collection of chopped up songs already. It is mostly on digital release so I don't think a bit of extra time wouldn't hurt (same with Knights). The whole final showdown against Murph was good fun though. The whole conflict also created a wonderfully unintentionally comic moment after Take A Bow where the narrator asks something like "who will the challenger be" and it's Matt standing awkwardly in his light up suit. Like I was half hoping she'd say "nah, can't be this guy".
  2. I do hope they can do screenings again some later time. Doing this while the pandemic is still ongoing is not something I'm happy about.
  3. Honestly I'd probably opt for a simpler, cheaper fuzz if I were to start from scratch not influenced by the Muse, just because the Fuzz Factory is very hard to control. But, I have it, and it's still an excellent fuzz when you can dial it in. So I will keep showing it love.
  4. Kind of hard to explain but it was the nature of their melody. I'd heard big chorus stadium filling rock but there was something a lot more direct and powerful and soaring in Muse's theatrics. At least from the earlier albums. It was pretty mesmerizing on a first exposure.
  5. I've redone my peddle board! The stomp boxes haven't really changed since my GAS died long before this forum did. But I do have the new Atomic modeling amp to the left. Mostly since I work full time now and can't crank tubes late at night with wall-to-wall neighbors. It's super convenient though and sounds pretty good. The board itself is a templeboard which happened to be just the right size to fit everything. The repetitiveness of making patch cables was actually cathartic. Lockdown is getting to me clearly.
  6. I mean that's kinda the thing though right? He's not a robot but he, sometimes literally, acts like one when it comes to the records. This is especially there in more recent albums such as seeing the acoustic Something Human compared to how it ended up on album. I'm not using this as criticizing though, Muse to both its casual and hardcore fans is known and loved for just being extra. There's times when Matt does strip things back but it usually ends up in a kind of playful (or sad) awkwardness. It's very endearing but it's not the 70s style deep emotion from Buckley that we call "soul". But at some point it doesn't really matter. You're not obligated to play a guitar the same way it was played before. But then also why else would you go to such lengths to buy that guitar? I don't really know what he'll pull off. I don't even really know where he is in life right now besides content and with land.
  7. What were the other ones?
  8. The chords are lovely. It kinda reminds me of Soaked. It's got that feel to it from that era.
  9. The forum was breaking when I tried to log in so here I am. I'm going to wait until the proper premiere. It's not long now anyways. I already imagine it's something kinda thrown together but that's ok everyone's doing it nowadays.
  10. I honestly was remembering recently that there was a stadium tour. I had actually forgotten since it was still literally the same show and stage but with a bigger screen. There are more discussions happening on Reddit and Discord (mostly associated with /r/muse but there's some others too). But even on those tour discussion died down quickly since there was nothing new to discuss. You kind of realize how much of Main Muse's life was based around following the concerts.
  11. It is kind of difficult to find the info now.
  12. Your name got reset but you can still just change it back?
  13. The 2nd Law really fell out of favor didn't it? It's a mess of an album but it is very fun in the moment. That moment was over 7 years ago so all we have is hindsight. I guess its charm isn't enough anymore, but it still sticks around for me. Mind you, I'd probably still vote for it.
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