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Muse – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium To Be Released On DVD & Blu-Ray


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Would love to hear the conversation between the people who chose the tracklist for the DVD when they discussed it.


I can't find one single decent reason to cut Stockholm and Unsustainable from the Rome part of the DVD, and I won't even start to comment on the CD tracklist.


It's incapability on the highest level and it's a shame when it's possible to be much better with a few changes.

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This is very poor representation of the tour so far.


This, the Rome gig was pure spectacle, a lot of hits and a stadium full of screaming fans, but they butchered it in production. And the CD could have something different from the film.(USoE, US, CE, B&H... for example)

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Although I'm disappointed with the crap set, I've still pre-ordered both hard copies to satisfy the collector in me. It'll still be an awesome show, but I don't see why it couldn't have included all tracks to make it even better. And nothing excuses the lack of Stockholm from the main bit of yet ANOTHER DVD release! It's an 'extra', which is just wrong. I still wanna see it in HD quality, but it coulda been way better, set wise.


Now they better make up for it real soon with the Zepp footage in its entirety!

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