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  1. This is very poor representation of the tour so far. We've had some great songs make a return and yet we have one of the most bland setlists ever for the DVD and CD. Reminds me of the lack of Bliss, CE, CoD etc for HAAAAARP.
  2. Hi!

    We`re Muser in this forum.

    Please give me time!

    Unfortunately, I don`t have LINE.

  3. Sure! If you have LINE or anything similar please let me know your ID! ^^

  4. Thank you for coming!

    Yes, I know!

    Because I read your Japanese thread.

    Your Japanese is Great!!

    Share about talking eachother and welcome to me, thank you!

  5. You're welcome, hehe! :) I heard this song all the time when I stayed in Japan! XD

  6. I like your Signature!

    Anyway good.

  7. I didn't suggest that. Those are purely examples. However, considering the vast amount of decent songs in Muse's back-catalogue; hardly any making an appearance this tour or the last makes it disappointing.
  8. This thread should be named "songs that'll never return".
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