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  1. Vương Lâm hiểu rằng thân thể mình quyết không thể di động ở phạm vi lớn, bằng không tất nhiên sẽ gây trở ngại cho truyền tống. Nhưng nếu là phạm

    trung tâm kế toán tại nghệ an học kế toán tại bắc ninh học kế toán tại bắc giang công ty làm dịch vụ kế toán trung tâm kế toán chung cư hà nội


    vi nhỏ thì với tốc độ của những sợi tơ đen này lại quá nhanh khó có thể


    né tránh.


    Hết thảy đã được Vương Lâm tính toán trước, lúc này sắc mặt hắn sa sầm


    xuống, tại mi tâm cấp tốc lóe sáng từng bộ trận pháp kết thành bởi từng

  2. Hi. Ich möchte Tix für Köln kaufen. Wo versteckt sich der Code ? Danke Shana

  3. Hey, Tom! Could you tell us when the new music video will be released?


  4. Please make the band play Map of the Problematique at Rock Werchter in Belgium this year. Cheers.

  5. Truy cập vào kho game mien phi để tải về cho điện thoại những game hay như tai game vo lam 3, tai game audition ….. rất nhiều game để bạn lựa chọn cho mình game miễn phí ưng ý nhất!

  6. happy birthday Tom (troll) Kirk ;) cheers and xxx de Paris, à bientôt!

  7. hi again Tom,

    we started a twitition with fans to have Dead Star at Stade de France this year, can you think about it please?

    it just would be a real dream for many fans!


    this is the link: http://twitition.com/pztvy

  8. hi Tom,

    just a message to tell you my admiration, I talked to you just after "Le grand journal" in december in Paris, and I loved our discussion!

    it's always a real pleasure to see you! I hope to see you again in june ;)

    Love from Paris dear, Emmy

  9. Where do I apply for a job at Banoffee Sky?

  10. Why did you never call me back like you promised? You lying cow.

  11. Finland loves you, Kirk ;) Hope we see in Helsinki and Riga!

  12. Mr Kirk, hope you're well. I have a big question to ask- but it's not to you I'm afraid. However, I'm hoping you can help me make it unforgettable. If you think you may be able to help, please message me or email me at the address on my profile. Thanks :-)

  13. Hey man and greetings from Finland, we're waiting for you!! Welcome back to Finland, you know where's the most fanatic fans in Skandinavia ;) See you there, hopefully we see before gig on sunday somewhere in Helsinki!

  14. Tom, my man, I doubt you will read this, or if you will be influenced by this, and I know you must get these all the time, but I have a request. I would really really love and appreciate it if it could be arranged for Muse to play in SOuth Africa again. They did not come here for the Resistance tour, and I was extremely dissapointed and upset. I do not have the money to fly over to Europe or the UK to see my role models play. I love music, most importantly I love Muse. I apologise for the request, but I thought you would be the best person to get the word to. Thanks man, Tim.

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