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  1. Thank you very much!

  2. Im a bit late but happy birthday!

  3. Yeah, it's not too bad so far. Not played it alot though but I probably will play it more it seems like it's quite enjoyable

  4. I missed our lord & saviour Seaking, glad to see he's back

  5. Happy birthday! :party:

  6. When we moved house, we moved to a farm area for my mums horses :chuckle:

  7. OHh nice :awesome: Sounds great! Getting some cash moneyz for yer scotch :happy::chuckle:


    I've been alright, yeah! Yenow just getting on with work and whatnot! Our family moved house as well. (I dont think I told) So that was good, been here for a few months now, since time has flown! Almost November already :LOL:

  8. anxyoooooooooooooooooooous :love:


    Where you been? :awesome:

  9. Ooohh


    I only changed it :awesome:

  10. How was your cake yesterday?

  11. :yesey: How are you spending your birthday??
  12. Birthday = Cat gifs galore :awesome:

  13. Haha, can't help having a man crush on him :chuckle:





  14. Best simon picture ever?


  15. happy birthday dude :happy:

  16. Also, my profile picture here is the 1920x1080 wallpaper version

  17. I'd definitely replay Fallout 3 if I didn't sell it on Xbox (stupid idea) and the PC one constantly crashes :'(


    And I'm at a point in New Vegas which just depresses me every playthrough :LOL:

  18. Maybe :LOL: I might do so too


    I still want a new Fallout, but it probably won't happen :'(

  19. Also, Bethesda just posted a fallout 3 trailer on youtube for some reason... wonder what this could mean

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