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  1. Afternoon guys, long time no speak Anyone fancy buying a Kemper Profiler PowerRack? Great condition, (embarassingly) little use, all LEDs good. Only selling because I like the look of the Profiler Stage. The PowerRack is a bit overkill for me now I don't have a cab plus I want footswitches £1350, preferably UK only If anyone wants to swap a Kemper Stage and a little cashfor it that'd be a bonus
  2. Because Origin of Symmetry wasn't released in the States
  3. Genuinely didn't realise it was a medley and thought it was just a shit stream
  4. I always used to believe each different Kemper was a profile of each amp he used to use (eg Vox, Marshall, Diesel etc) because you can then still apply effects to individual amp tones before blending the overall tone. Anyone know what the whole computer setup his tech was talking about on the last tour was again?
  5. I imagine he's doing what a lot of Kemper artists seem to do and using amps for most sounds then Kemper for a few specific effects. But all his tones sound so shit I can't see how they're the amps he has. They sound nothing like his studio or past tones
  6. Also bad I went back and watched a bunch of Reading 2011 videos. Supermassive Black Hole sounded fucking fab then. Just no punch or high end to most of his tones now. This was refreshing though rNm7zpbhilQ
  7. They are but only the 12th, which is when I'm away
  8. Bollocks, I'm away the week this is shown. Any rumours of it being released separately?
  9. Not gonna lie I don't think you can top Knights as a closer. It may be pretty standard but it's still pretty solid
  10. I reckon he used the Mirror Manson to record it. Sorta has that p90 MQ sound to it. Also I actually love that performance. When the riff kicks in it's massive. Would definitely have it with the tinny riff rather than the fuzzy octavey shit they've got going on recently Fucking fab
  11. What's not to understand? Not being funny I mean it's just straightforward no? That pickup in-particular sounds closer (to him at least) a regular humbucker rather than a regular p90 pickup (which it actually is). Is there any way to describe it clearer?
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