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  1. Afternoon guys, long time no speak Anyone fancy buying a Kemper Profiler PowerRack? Great condition, (embarassingly) little use, all LEDs good. Only selling because I like the look of the Profiler Stage. The PowerRack is a bit overkill for me now I don't have a cab plus I want footswitches £1350, preferably UK only If anyone wants to swap a Kemper Stage and a little cashfor it that'd be a bonus
  2. I feel like I'm looking at it on a phone. But my phone screen is 15" wide. Everything is HUGE
  3. Hi! Have you still got unsustainable midi file for whammy?

  4. Also high five for SE musers

  5. Soopah Sommy


    Worst mod 2k12 <3

  6. Dom Groon


    Best Muser 2k12



  7. Haha, cheers, I thought the space under my av looked a bit naked with nothing under there and that was the first thing I could think of

  8. 'Running from Shia LaBeouf' Best location I've seen. :LOL:

  9. A'ight. So, what are you up to, man?

  10. If you did then I forgot! I'm Dom...in case my username didn't give that away already

  11. Or I actually did? Iunno, haha.

  12. :yesey:

    Thanks, man. :LOL:


    I think I never actually introduced myself to you. The name's chris.

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