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  1. Dead Cuts have been played on some occasions and fits perfectly. Of course it's nice to hear bits some of the rare songs we wouldn't get otherwise, but not sure I'm fan of it anyway.
  2. "YEEHAAA!". Oh, the memories of the opening at SBE. Never thought I'd hear myself scream that loud.
  3. The clock on my phone recordings says Assassin started at 9.20 and the Knights outro was at 10.55.
  4. Think that'll only be the case for festivals. Stadiums will most likely get at least 6. A quick look on setlist.fm says the first couple of 2nd Law stadium shows had 9 songs from that.
  5. At 9.50 the map for Manchester showed a west and east golden circle. At 9.55 they were gone. Seriously, Ticketmaster ... how hard can it be? Anyway, got tickets nice and smoothly. Hopefully there'll be a second show too.
  6. Hamburg wasn't officially sold out, but only very few seats at the top of the arena were empty. On another note: Nijmegen, Cologne and Rock Werchter are in a radius of 100 km. Lucky us compared to Americans.
  7. Think I'm gonna go for the Manchester show (hopefully there'll be two). If it was Wembley and not the Olympic Stadium, I'd have been going for London again. Tempted to do one of the Rome or Madrid shows as well. Surprised not to see just one Scandinavian date. Lolla Stockholm and Tinderbox can be ruled out. They won't do four shows in a row. Roskilde on 4 July could work. London and Manchester as the only UK+Ireland cities also looks weird. Isle Of Wight seems ruled out, since that is the week of Latvia and Russia. TRNSMT on 14 July looks more likely, but not obvious.
  8. There are both pros and cons going for the opening show, yes. In this case I assume you mean Houston or Prague. Things most likely won't go completely smooth and there may be some technical issues. But on the other hand it's more exciting since it's premiere of everything, i.e. stage show and setlist.
  9. Roskilde's camping site opens the same weekend as Lolla and Werchter. The music starts on Wednesday. In Denmark, there's also Tinderbox from 27 to 29 June, so could be an opportunity as well. All my fingers are crossed for Roskilde though.
  10. Just a quick guess. Lolla Stockholm on Friday/Saturday 28/29 June (no Swedish date in the announcement). Rock Werchter on Sunday 30 June. Stadium show in Nijmigen or Cologne on Tuesday 2 July. Roskilde Festival on Thursday 4 July (no Danish date in the announcement). Open'er Festival on Friday 5 July (no Polish date in the announcement). Stadium show somewhere on Sunday 7 July.
  11. Roskilde Festival is announcing their 4th most request artist this year at noon. Gonna be hugely surprised if Muse are that popular, but we'll see. Can't think of any of the already announced acts around Europe being the 4th most popular and realistic to Roskilde, so gonna be interesting.
  12. Artists from all corners are announcing their own headline shows for next summer these weeks. Hopefully Muse announce theirs in this or next week. My eyes are on their UK gigs next summer and I'm noticing no one has announced anything for The Olympic Stadium yet. Metallica are at Twickenham, but Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, The Eagles and Pink are all at Wembley. The "dream" for me personally is they end their stadium tour at Wembley like in 2010. That place just has some magic to it from my non-UK point of view opposite to any other venue. Saw The Killers there in 2013 and should have Foo Fighters in 2015, but got cancelled. It's time to get back. If they play at Olympic or Twickenham (or Hyde Park?), I actually think I'm gonna go for the Manchester show just to try something new (never been there).
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