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  1. Would be cool to match the tour aesthetic by working in some kind of tribute to great 80's movie soundtracks instead of MWAH as an intro. Like ET or Goonies or something.
  2. Well... It was a bit overwhelming at first. Reminded me of the first time I drove up next to one of those giant windmills. But it is up there for the whole medley and at times I forgot it was there. It is quite imposing. The outstretched hand takes up the whole stage and towered above our heads up to the upper bowl. I almost think being at the barrier would be better though because you can't really see exactly how big it is and what it is doing. It moves which is the worst part. Sorry Jess I wish I had better news.
  3. I caved. Yes salt lakes floor is notoriously small. They didn't even come close to selling this out. There's tons of empty seats, and we walked up to the box office and got lower bowl seats 8 rows up. Anyway. Not expecting much set wise. Just here for the spectacle. Jessica I will tell you how big Murph is, it scares me being that close to big things too.
  4. But... But... I'm a favorite old person!
  5. Yep. There's air in front of me and a clear way out and no one can stand in front of me cause I'm short. I feel safer with a barrier to hang on to.
  6. I'm so glad CE stopped by to temper my excitement and love for this album I almost bought concert tickets! Phew. Nice save CE! My first take after listening to it by skipping around was pretty meh. Definite standouts were Algorithm (both versions), and Break It To Me. I HATED Get Up And Fight and The Void, and Propaganda. But ive listened to it twice now beginning to end and so far the only stinker is Something Human. Algorithm and the alternate version The Dark Side Break It To Me The Void Gospel Dig Down Propaganda acoustic Propagannda (though I hate the robot voice bit) Pressure (the marching band version is great) The Dark Side alternate version Blockades Thought Contagion Get Up And Fight Something Human acoustic Dig Down Something Human I dig it. But I dug Drones a lot too and I havent listened to it in like a year. So we'll see. Can't wait to see what alternate versions make the live show.
  7. I am legit shocked at how much I liked that version of Dig Down. Wow.
  8. That's kind of how I felt about the amphitheater show I saw. I mean the crowd was ok but most of them were there for 30stm. But the band, all of them not just Matt, were pretty bored. It was nice to see Take a Bow for the first time but it didn't make up for the lackluster performance. I promised myself I wouldn't get sucked into spending $ and traveling and taking time off work for another American Muse gig again.
  9. Me too. I was not all that impressed after the amphitheater tour. Just can't justify the expense and travel
  10. Okay half a dozen listens. I like it. Great attempt at Matt trying to write something we would hate but the sentiment is so uncontrived that it is the exact opposite. Add a cool hook, have Dom step up the drumming game again (He's been lazy so far with these singles imo) and now we have something decent. Looks like pressuring Matt works
  11. Pretty sure asking for leaked material is a vio that might get the thread shut down...
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