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  1. Sure! If you have LINE or anything similar please let me know your ID! ^^

  2. You're welcome, hehe! :) I heard this song all the time when I stayed in Japan! XD

  3. Haha. They'd reject your photo for being too awesome. You know what they're like... grumpy wumpies only plz.


    Fone it is! bILLOO shall send you number! Please hold... *presses buttons and stuff*

  4. Unfortunately, the former age. We're on the road to 30. Have you taken your bus pass photo yet?


    MSN doesn't like this laptop, so it had to be deleted. Only Skype works on it, big grrr!!! Would it cost to send mobile fone messages (haha, sounds like what an old person would call text messaging)?

  5. It said that same thing... I haven't used this for a while so of course, confusion kicked in. ARGHHH!!!!!!!!! So apologises to you, lovely bones.


    25 going on 21, muahaha! Hope it isn't a disappointment. :D

  6. Only after visiting Carpet Right during a sale.


    Tea and cakes? See you soon!

  7. Nobody loves bILLOO. He smells like pledge, lemon pledge.


    We should talk more? YES. Yabba yabba!!

  8. はじめまして!私の名前はビリーです!元気?


    Sorry, I'm a Muse learning Japanese, so thought I would drop in and say hello! :D

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