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  1. Interesting someone mentioned reverb on the drums. They sound cleaner to me? Took the reverb out of the cymbals in PiB, which I find quite nice! I actually adore the drum tone on all these remixes. THE STRINGS ON SPACE DEMENTIA THO
  2. Would be cool to match the tour aesthetic by working in some kind of tribute to great 80's movie soundtracks instead of MWAH as an intro. Like ET or Goonies or something.
  3. Well... It was a bit overwhelming at first. Reminded me of the first time I drove up next to one of those giant windmills. But it is up there for the whole medley and at times I forgot it was there. It is quite imposing. The outstretched hand takes up the whole stage and towered above our heads up to the upper bowl. I almost think being at the barrier would be better though because you can't really see exactly how big it is and what it is doing. It moves which is the worst part. Sorry Jess I wish I had better news.
  4. I caved. Yes salt lakes floor is notoriously small. They didn't even come close to selling this out. There's tons of empty seats, and we walked up to the box office and got lower bowl seats 8 rows up. Anyway. Not expecting much set wise. Just here for the spectacle. Jessica I will tell you how big Murph is, it scares me being that close to big things too.
  5. Oh look, it's your birthday again, lol! Have a good one!

  6. Ro! It was your birthday! Happy happy!

  7. Happy birthday Simon! Miss you around here :(

  8. Happy birthday!!

  9. Oh! It's your birthday! Have a good one.

  10. Happy Birthday :party:

  11. Happy birthday! Anything fun planned?

  12. Ha, no! I did not know that lol.

  13. So I've gotten through the whole thing and I love it. The only tracks I knew were the Gogol Bordello and the Son Lux ones, so it was super cool to hear all the new and different stuff :happy:

  14. Happy birthday Ciaran! :party:

  15. Happy Birthday! I <3 U!

  16. Happy bday! I <3 U!

  17. Thanks, Ciaran, for thinking of me. <3

  18. Woo hoo! I figure we'll be there all day, I am sure we have plenty of time to get to know each other! LOL! Happy queueing!

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