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  1. Hey folks – I've sold a fair bit of my discography now, still many CDs left and I also still have tons of t-shirts, accessories etc. I've decided that because of the sheer volume of stuff, it's simply too much hassle to individually photograph, list, package and post 200+ t-shirts, CDs and other merch, so anything that doesn't sell in the next week or so will be donated. I've been trying to sell these things for nearly two years and they're taking up too much space, so it's time to part with them, even if I don't end up making much money. If you're interested in any of my things, I'll leave the links here below, send me a DM. Thanks! My Muse collection My ebay page
  2. Pretty sure it's for Stranger Things, what with the entire show basically being a rip off of the TV show and the setlist including two instrumentals of the theme song, I believe? lol. The show doesn't look as awful as I thought it would but then again maybe they're saving most of the dramatic dancing and performances for Europe, who knows. Pray is awesome though, getting such strong Abso vibes from interludes they played on that tour like TAB etc. The falsetto gave me chills
  3. (This is hella creepy. It's like you from 9 years ago messaging me, wtf is happening LOL :D)

  4. Sammeh, I missed yoooooouuu :( I looked out for you too but I got there quite late (around 6.30ish) so you may have been way ahead in the queue. Fanfuckingtastic show, though! :D :D I'm still buzzing from it, and I also went to the BRITs to see Supremacy, which was epicness personified! Can't wait for the stadium shows. Will you be going to any? Hope to bump into you at one of those shows. Hope you're loving the UK with our horribly cold weather :p x

  5. You're going? Noooo way! That's awesome :happy: I'm fecking EXCITED for Mon and Weds :D

  6. Sounds cryptic! Is it anything to do with your moddeh status?


    Wooooo, can't believe you're really finally coming over to the UK! That's mega exciting! :D How long will you be over for? Apart from shite weather, I think you'll like it ;)


    I'm allreet, thanks. Ate way too much today, but that's a given, hehe. Life in general's okay but a few changes at work are a bit sucky: lots of our roles are being made redundant next year, so having to re-apply for jobs or just look for new ones elsewhere. In better news, also might be finally moving out with my sister: we've got our eyes on a place, so fingers crossed we'll be living out before the summer. It's all change! Otherwise, same ol' :p

  7. Hey Liam! :D Sorry mate, haven't been on the boards in ages. Merry ChristMuse to you too ;) Have a fab few days. I plan to over-eat, as always :p

  8. HELLO! :D So sorry, I haven't been on here in a while :( How is Sammmmmmeh? x

  9. Hullo! :D Working loads! :( So much so that I've spent a solid 24 hours away from the boards :eek: - haha, I know I'm a loser! What about you? x

  10. Cool - sounds ace. Not sure yet, to be honest. I might be headed down the path of redundancy myself soon, cos my department's 'under review'. It sucks but at least it'll get me moving onto other things quicker. I think I'd rather head for magazines, or even books. Gotta have a thorough think about it soon, though, before I end up jobless!

  11. Hi, yes I am. I've worked for various newspapers and my last job was at PA, where I worked for 10 years. I took redundancy a couple of years ago. Where you you hope to end up? The national papers? Bigger magazines?

  12. Hi dear! Thought I'd answer you here so as not to veer hugely off topic in the thread. I'm the assistant editor of an in-house magazine for the oh-so glamorous John Lewis :p. It's not bad and more of a stepping-stone to more journo or publishing work. I've heard you mention in a few threads that you're a journo, too, oui?

  13. Yay, glad you agree! :D It's soooo addictive. Who cares, indeed! Screw the haters, I loves it! :happy:

  14. Indeed I have! At first I was like "Teh fuk?" but now it's growing on me. As I suspected, most people I know hate it :p But hey! Who cares? :D

  15. Soo sorry mate, I didn't see your reply! :( I didn't get a notification about it otherwise I would have responded... d'oh! Anyways, hope you're doing good! Have you heard the craziness that is Survival yet? I'm hooked, hehe.

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