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  1. Hey folks – I've sold a fair bit of my discography now, still many CDs left and I also still have tons of t-shirts, accessories etc. I've decided that because of the sheer volume of stuff, it's simply too much hassle to individually photograph, list, package and post 200+ t-shirts, CDs and other merch, so anything that doesn't sell in the next week or so will be donated. I've been trying to sell these things for nearly two years and they're taking up too much space, so it's time to part with them, even if I don't end up making much money. If you're interested in any of my things, I'll leave the links here below, send me a DM. Thanks! My Muse collection My ebay page
  2. Pretty sure it's for Stranger Things, what with the entire show basically being a rip off of the TV show and the setlist including two instrumentals of the theme song, I believe? lol. The show doesn't look as awful as I thought it would but then again maybe they're saving most of the dramatic dancing and performances for Europe, who knows. Pray is awesome though, getting such strong Abso vibes from interludes they played on that tour like TAB etc. The falsetto gave me chills
  3. Omg, I remember that! Phew, been a while since I’ve been on the boards but this thread reminded me why I both loved and hated it here, cheers Lyle
  4. Hi peeps, Just FYI, I'm now listing lots of my discography on ebay (hope I'm allowed to link to it here!) – click here: My ebay page As I've got so much stuff it seemed the easiest way. I'm slowly listing things, lots of vinyls are up and promos will be coming soon. Also got quite a lot of the merch that's listed below still going too, let me know if you're interested in anything specific. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, Not sure if I'm allowed to link to eBay here, but I've decided it's the easiest way to sell my discography, so I'm slowly but surely listing everything on there. Here's the link to my page, you can find quite a few vinyls and CDs on there now, and I'll be putting promos up soon as well: My ebay page I've also got tons of merch that I have yet to list – literally hundreds of t-shirts and other assorted things, I posted about them from my Flickr here: Entire collection [/url] Lots of stuff has gone already but as you can see there's quite a lot so let me know if you're interested in something specifically. OoS and Abso tees/hoodies are all gone. Thanks v much! Dalia
  6. Same. Some people are in but I'm getting nothing, it's already too similar to previous ticket experiences where it just crashes and only a handful of people actually get through ughhh :'(
  7. All sizes, from S to XL! But the majority are S or M.
  8. Heya! Haven't posted here in a long while, but FYI I'm selling the vast majority of my Muse collection – tons of t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and lots of discography as well. Took me about 12-13 years to collect all of this stuff, and as much as I love it, I simply don't have space any more and don't use it – most of it has been sitting in storage for ages, just seems like a waste – I'd rather it goes to fans! I still love Muse, ofc, I've just calmed down a bit with my crazy spending, haha. Here's the link to all my things: My Muse collection Drop me a message if you're interested in anything I've listed a few clothes on ebay from the Drones era that aren't on that link here as well: ebay listings Cheers! EDIT: Before anyone asks: All OoS and Showbiz era tees/hoodies have now gone, sorry [/url]
  9. I watched Ruled By Secrecy from Earl's Court the other night and nearly cried, that song is so underrated and beautiful :'( <33
  10. I'm sure this is missing Unintended from Wembley 07? It was a vid, I think we got it in 07 or 08 – I remember that and CoD were my fave presents for a long time But this year's, Futurism and Fury at RAH are standouts for me <33
  11. Being a bit of a tech noob but when I 'save page as' and add .mp3 extension on my mac the songs don't seem to play I'm probs missing something obvious, lol. Wanna add them to my iPod and listen to all the Muse Xmas presents we've had UPDATE: I just used Firefox instead of crappy Safari and it worked, lol.
  12. Thrilled with Glorious as a pres but SHOWBIZ as well omgoifjgoj One of the best gifts yet! Hope they actually release some pro footage of this gig, it was easily (lol) the best of my life <3333
  13. AYYY Hahaha, oh I totally get it, I would've been raging as well if I wasn't there… fucking band Thing is, I can't seem to access the ML community, it's like permanently broken when I try to go on there :'( I thought it was just temporarily down, but it's been like that for weeks on my screen. I need SYS!!
  14. Are there any bootlegs or recordings of the gig? Nothing on Muse Bootlegs that I can see, can't even access ML, lol. I wanna keep this in my memory for as long as possible, it still feels like a dream
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